Durooooo (NA)
: I want to keep this simple since people like to dilute things with complication. Bans should not exist. Censorship should not exist. It's a game. If you don't like something somebody says you can mute somebody or leave. It should never come to this.
Yeah everyone acts like a white knight on forums and reddit like they never got frustrated in this game and lashed out. If your game has a toxic community, there is 2 answers. 1: your game is super frustrating and pisses people to the point where being toxic is more enjoyable than the game, 2: The game itself is the source of the toxicity, not the players. Its like what Dunkey said, talking shit in video games is fun, if you don't like it, turn off chat, play with friends, or stop being so sensitive.
: lol they arent giving you money back...I wouldn't hold my breath.
rujitra (NA)
: Regardless of your opinion, this is credit card fraud, and given that it's very likely that the transaction crossed state lines in some way (be it Riot, the OP, the processor, the bank, etc) that is a federal felony of wire fraud. The RP was provided, OP simply got banned from the service before they could use it. Furthermore, given that the agreement the OP agreed to states no refunds, any refund Riot chooses to provide is a **courtesy**, not a requirement, nor are they obligated to do so. Please do not encourage people to commit what could land them in jail for 20+ years. Is it likely that the feds would go after someone for a $50 false chargeback? No. But all it takes is them to decide to do it once and you've ruined someone's life. That's not to mention the fact that the penalties for a false chargeback can range from immediate payment of all credit card balance, closing of accounts, etc - which affect someone's finances and credit scores.
In term's of service, its like paying for food at a restaurant, being delivered the food then being told to leave before you had a chance to take a bite. While the reason in which you are asked to leave is totally fair, you still didn't get to enjoy/use the product you paid for.
: if it's rp you purchased just before getting banned and didn't spend, open a ticket and riot will refund it
Kei143 (NA)
: Naw, the reform card only shows you 1-5 recent games as examples of unacceptable behavior, doesn't mean you were punished for 2 game alone. Riot has found that showing games past recent memory just ends up confusing the player, so they opt to not show the rest. You can talk to support and ask them how many games you were recently validly reported. Their answer would typically suprise you. But that's not the main point; if you purchase was done after the ban, they might refund you. No promises though, as your case (RP purchase after punishment) isn't something we see often here.
If its 1-5 recent games, then why did it only post 2 games? Is that all it has or those 2 games are the best examples it can come up with. Like I said, I play 50 games a week and they can only post 2 games, I've seen accounts with less games played and 4 games showed in the reform card.
: was it a 14-day or perma ban? You can try submit a support ticket and ask for a refund
Its was a perma, I think it was warranted but still, the client should close before allowing you to purchases items. Game 1 Pre-Game YTmustangcody: nite In-Game YTmustangcody: shen will have f at 841 YTmustangcody: shen is over extened yi YTmustangcody: look YTmustangcody: stop farming YTmustangcody: ur a moron YTmustangcody: 5 top YTmustangcody: okay YTmustangcody: U do realize when you come top eveyone comes top YTmustangcody: I need to learn to stop following the stupid fucking support players YTmustangcody: ward drag YTmustangcody: theyre coming top YTmustangcody: only if you guys built mr YTmustangcody: he wouldnt be 8/0 YTmustangcody: nah im good YTmustangcody: u can do what you want ashe YTmustangcody: since youre carrying YTmustangcody: you can do anything you want ashe YTmustangcody: 5/1 carry YTmustangcody: u talking is rude YTmustangcody: keep your mouth shut YTmustangcody: why are you focusing the tank shen, YTmustangcody: stop YTmustangcody: focusint YTmustangcody: the tank YTmustangcody: ashe u moron YTmustangcody: focus the damage dealers YTmustangcody: not the tank YTmustangcody: I flame tho who are being dumb and feeding YTmustangcody: aka ashe YTmustangcody: get in the pit YTmustangcody: why are all of you in jg YTmustangcody: you couldnt engage since you were in jg and not in river YTmustangcody: get in the river to help fight YTmustangcody: not at red buff YTmustangcody: again ashe YTmustangcody: youre focusing the tank YTmustangcody: stop YTmustangcody: ff YTmustangcody: cant do it with this adc Post-Game YTmustangcody: I'd play 100$ for ashe to stop focusing the tank shen Game 2 Pre-Game YTmustangcody: They also call you silver 2 YTmustangcody: lmao In-Game YTmustangcody: ward blue YTmustangcody: wut? YTmustangcody: he has to be trolling YTmustangcody: wards YTmustangcody: dark af YTmustangcody: u guys suck YTmustangcody: I ping the gank draven YTmustangcody: and ur slow to react YTmustangcody: draven YTmustangcody: COME YTmustangcody: STOP FARMING BOT YTmustangcody: u waited to the last fucking second to come YTmustangcody: u didnt helpt take drag YTmustangcody: u did 0 damage to it YTmustangcody: if you helped, we wouldve taken it before they came YTmustangcody: garbage adc YTmustangcody: 0 map awareness YTmustangcody: Draven is the highest damage adc early on and u fuckin lose early YTmustangcody: and u wont make it to plat playing the way you do YTmustangcody: ur silver 2 in 50 games YTmustangcody: Draven with 0 awareness YTmustangcody: I bet he plays on locked screen YTmustangcody: and we lose 2 towers top YTmustangcody: since no ones paying attetnion YTmustangcody: go mid YTmustangcody: 0 awareness draven I play about 50 games a week, and riot can only find 2 games where I have a negative reaction to the players I play with? That's 4% of my games where I am negative and the other 96% I am positive.
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rujitra (NA)
: > Kat XD: i am going to quit my job, cash my last paycheck, buy a longneck rifle > Kat XD: and snipe the ceo of comcast You are exceedingly lucky that you did not receive a permanent ban and police/FBI at your door for this sort of threat. Absolutely not okay. **** On a more general note, why are you posting this sort of "this system sucks" post (and don't lie, that's what your title means) when you understand fully why you were punished?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'll never understand why people don't understand this
Because private company's in the U.S. have to follow the laws of the Constitution but they can deny rights in game. **Riot is a privately owned company. It's not part of the government.** Really doesn't mean anything, it only matters if you accept their tos to play the game which you forfeit your rights.
Audhulma (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=slatswrx34,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wiV7kaK6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-30T00:13:25.922+0000) > > I was thinking to transfer my LAN acc to NA but that's even more expensive so idk xd Yeah but if you've hit the 14 day ban on this account, you're already almost guaranteed a permanent ban in the near future. Literally any slip up from now on that you get reported for is enough to get the ban. It's wasted money even if you do get the tokens.
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wiV7kaK6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-30T00:20:55.755+0000) > > Yeah but if you've hit the 14 day ban on this account, you're already almost guaranteed a permanent ban in the near future. Literally any slip up from now on that you get reported for is enough to get the ban. It's wasted money even if you do get the tokens. Yep, Hes near the edge. My last account I bought a pass and a skin, then played a game where I said literally nothing at all, then was banned after the game for something I said 4 games ago. I should've called my bank and claimed fraud.
: ***
You don't have to be a top tier player to have fun with the game, I have fun every game and I'm not a egotistical douche like you are.
: The higher I climb the more toxic people get.
Buddy, Im not going read that whole run off sentence. You have negative winrate with bad MMR, you're not going to climb unless you get better. You need to stop blaming others and focus on yourself to improve. Also I looked at your Op.gg, you do a lot of troll builds that cost you the game. Rylai's and spellbinder on Katarina? Stick to meta builds, meta champs, and a small champ pool. Its a team game, some games you will have a bad team that you need to carry, some games you are the bad player that the team needs to carry. Your op.gg states that you can be the bad player. I think Gold 3/4 is right where you need to be.
: You sound like one of those "we can win we have late" dudes that actually believes that shit even when the game is like 2-22. I think those kind of people should be banned.
"we can win we have late", yeah and they don't realize the enemy isn't so fucking stupid to let the us go late.
: I would have left the game silently. No reason you should put up with idiots that hardcore feed and won't surrender. Leaving is the only valid option. But you must not say anything.
I started doing that, I found out you can leave like 30+ games before you get a 5 min leaver busted. Which is way better for my health.
: But then how do I communicate? Then im gonna get reported for not helping the team.
Pings are a thing and there is plenty of them, some that you have to manually bind to key. That being said, I have played and won hundreds of games with mute all enabled or chat off. What do you need to say that is so important that a ping can't communicate?
: Nope I kept everything
Can you take screen shots of the in game client?
Morit (NA)
: Can I get back to honor lvl 2 before the end of this season?
If play 6 hours a day, 12 games a day, you could maybe get honor lvl 2 before the season ends in 40 days.
: I had to do somthing in real life that was importent before the game.. real life is always more immportent
Yeah if it was so important, then leave the game, your teammates can remake and you wouldn't have gotten your 2 week vacation. And no you cannot get leaverbusted for leaving one game, its like 15+ games. But you chose to feed.
Hotarµ (NA)
: I'm very skeptical as well, but I'm leaning more towards this being a rightfully placed punishment. It's just _**so**_ many deaths in _such_ a small amount of time all centralized in one lane and to one person. Maybe they weren't walking into lane and stopping all movement (as evidenced by their damage + CS) but they definitely weren't making any effort to actually play the game out. I can understand making a few bad decisions, but 18 deaths in 21 minutes is just ridiculous.
I don't under stand how some players can die 2-3 times before they realize the cannot fight anymore and should farm under turret, and play defensively?
Tele II (NA)
: Idk man, your first death was 2 minutes in. So in the next 19 minutes you died 17 times? Seems a bit suspect. Plus Riot doesn't ban people for inting based on their death count. They ban for it based on your intent. Considering how safe they are about not banning feeders because they may have been having a bad game, Im gonna assume you deserved it. Inting is the worst offense in league. Always glad to see someone banned for it.
Also, Riot doesn't ban for inting one game (I think), you have to have a history of inting. This guy has been going negative kda almost every game, getting banned for inting is too far off.
: Something I'll never really fully understand about the community.
Its a take what you can but give nothing back motto, but mid lane is taking more gold and setting a higher gold lead than shes giving back. Lets say each kill is worth exactly 300g, 300x10=3000g; mid has 8 deaths, 8x300=2400g. So mid had set a gold lead of 600 gold. While the top is going 0/5, 5x300 is 1500g deficit, hes giving the enemy a gold lead without doing much in return. However, there is no excuse for flamming someone over kda, kda doesnt mean everything, you can easily win games without killing anyone.
: I agree. If my teammate who wants Zed gets to pick last, I ban him. I don't want to risk having to fight him
I did the same thing when they reworked morde, shit was so risky and unfun to play against. Unless you had fp, I wasnt going to risk it having it unbanned.
: Keep the downvotes coming, love it
Thats the nature of Player Behavior, to farm downvotes, evey one sees everyone as a bad person and deserves to be punished. Which is dumb, since the system has major flaws.
: > Hilarious how this dude will probably never get punished Leaverbuster is a separate punishment system. Nobody gets banned for one AFK.
I probably shouldn't mention this but I just got leaver busted for a 5 min extra time on queue, but that was after I left like 30 games ( I get paged back to work most days). So leaver buster from a game play standpoint is a bad system that does nothing unless the leaving is extreme.
: You call people "bronzies," announce that you've given up, and spam the chat with nonsense. The reform card just shows you examples of the inappropriate chat that you need to fix; it's not an exhaustive list of every match in which you were reported. When a mild punishment like a chat restriction proves ineffective, the system ramps it up, which is why you can receive a 14-day suspension for behaving like this. If you return after your suspension and continue behaving like this, your next punishment will be a permaban.
It looks like he edited out some of the stuff he said, Because I doubt he got a 2 week susp for this, their has to be more that he deleted.
: LMAO how was nasus inting your game ?
Kei143 (NA)
: Neither is aggravating. Inters happen like .. < 2% of my games and I quickly forget and move on from them. Feeders just mean you need to play the game differently with a slight challenge. It's part of the experience.
I can't agree with that, I just made a video with footage and screenshots of a nasus inting my game. Also reported him in game and sent a ticket to live support. Intenting feeding, inting, or feeding. Whatever you call it, I will make sure you get banned if you ruin ranked games. Just my opinion.
Kei143 (NA)
: ya. being a Lord DGAF is not very sportsmanlike.
Some games you just cannot win. People look at the scoreboard, see that they're down a few levels and the enemy has 30+ more kills and think "yeah we can win that." I do care about winning, but trying to win a clearly lost match is a huge waste of time for all parties involved.
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