Eosotre (NA)
: "A critical error has occurred"
This exact same thing just happen to me, causing me to lose my promo game. To me this truly is not fair in any way shape or form since this is event was no way in my controlling.
Seen (NA)
: Why is Vayne allowed to be meta when Tanks aren't meta?
The reason that vayne is still meta and always will be meta is because when a player gets decent at her they can easily win games, but at the same time if they are not good at using her and her mechanics or even if she gets targeted in fights then she is useless. Making her a balanced champ with and without rageblade. I believe that kalista is much more unbalanced than vayne is.
Heraimish (EUW)
: If you want balanced 3v3 teams in high MMR you have to wait 1+ hour for each game. Hardly anyone plays it and it has 0 priority for balance sadly.
I would honestly rather wait, then have to play with people who don't have a slight clue what they are doing against players who have been at the top for a while. Because at least in one game i stand a chance of winning where as the other its a waste of time when i could just dodge and lose the same amount if not less lp.
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