: can i please be unbanned its been like 7 years.
7 years! That's a long time. Hope for an unban experiment again or just play on a new account. Its tough getting the old one back, no reason for them to unban people they have banned for toxicity. That would be like, giving themselves a huge workload if those unbanned accounts got out of hand again.
Revech (NA)
: Bring back harsher punishments for afks and dcs in ranked UPVOTE
> [{quoted}](name=Revech,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4W8OYLVQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-10T14:26:01.080+0000) > > Upvote this if you want to implement a progressive (up to) 2-week ban for consecutive dcs & afks in ranked, over a brief period of time. > > "Consecutive DC / AFK ban" How many times in a short time do you have to afk or dc before it's not ok? How many games do you have to ruin for people? Why do the majority of afks/ dcs occur mid-late game after a player dies allot or starts losing? > > Dcing or afking ruins the game and takes up 30 minutes of 4 other peoples time, which is wrong and unfair to those people. I get it some people have poor / unreliable internet but if your dcing multiple times over a short period then there should be a punishment for that. > > As my friend says most of the time people DC/AFK mid-late game, after they start losing. There's already a system in place to allow re-make from dcs at the start of the game. Because some AFK's and DC's can be out of your hand. Could be a storm, mouse stopped working, wifi issues.. etc. Could be anything, if you re-phrased it to - Punishing people who repeatedly do this without a good reason then that's different.
: I was recently chat banned and lost my rewards a couple weeks back
> [{quoted}](name=ResetRina,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=TlX3Qj2L,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-10T12:17:46.338+0000) > > Game 1 > In-Game > > > Mahou JoJo Rem: guess your new to league > Mahou JoJo Rem: we cant > Mahou JoJo Rem: cause they will 1 shot > Mahou JoJo Rem: you must be knew to league > Mahou JoJo Rem: and dont know how to play safe > Mahou JoJo Rem: alright > Mahou JoJo Rem: well shyv reported > Mahou JoJo Rem: and senna > Mahou JoJo Rem: GG > Mahou JoJo Rem: shyv and senna inting > Mahou JoJo Rem: cause they dont get that yas and nami are fed > Mahou JoJo Rem: and rushing in > Mahou JoJo Rem: and shyv is stealing farm > Mahou JoJo Rem: nah > Mahou JoJo Rem: you're good > Mahou JoJo Rem: and shit on jhin > Mahou JoJo Rem: hes not op or his win rate would be above 40% > Mahou JoJo Rem: nah > Mahou JoJo Rem: just stroke your epeen > Mahou JoJo Rem: yeah senna kept trying to go in > Mahou JoJo Rem: and shyv as ad > Mahou JoJo Rem: we tried > Mahou JoJo Rem: but 2 people said no > Mahou JoJo Rem: see > Mahou JoJo Rem: exactly > Mahou JoJo Rem: i need to stop playing blind to many trolls > Mahou JoJo Rem: lmfao > Mahou JoJo Rem: liss has 0 wards > Mahou JoJo Rem: its been gg > Mahou JoJo Rem: you guys are just to slow > Mahou JoJo Rem: to end it > Mahou JoJo Rem: thats not right > Mahou JoJo Rem: senna and shyv are inting > Mahou JoJo Rem: but you want to be a dick > Mahou JoJo Rem: nah > Mahou JoJo Rem: not as bad as them > Mahou JoJo Rem: i know how to play safe > Mahou JoJo Rem: you have 5 deaths as well > Mahou JoJo Rem: just shut up > Mahou JoJo Rem: thats not inting > Mahou JoJo Rem: 2/8 > Mahou JoJo Rem: 7/7 > Mahou JoJo Rem: 2/7 > > > > I was getting harrassed all game for being 2/4 and playing safe by the other players. I didn't flame anybody just explained why i couldn't do much to go in. I'm sad that i lost everything for typing in chat for the year but constantly get stuck in games were people are being derogatory, flaming calling each other racists names etc... I really wish riot would fix their system I already tried to appeal and no such luck I was basically told to post here to bring awareness to how unfair the chat bans can be. I don't play with all chat or enemy emotes cause i just want to play and have fun and learn champs but apperently typing in chat is to much and can get everything stripped away. This was 2 days before end of season. I really hope riot fixes stuff instead of just jumping the gun on everyone. Meanwhile get called names and ridiculed people go unpunished. I say this cause I've had people recently tell me to kill myself and say the n word be reported and straight up they are in my next game on my team again. OP, the problem is that you are not aware of how Riot implements its punishment system. A few things to note based on your logs. You shouldn't argue or even talk to flamers/griefers if you aren't able to steer _your_ conversation in a positive direction. Riot wants you to mute and report. You didn't do that but you also sat there arguing with the people, who _may_ or may not have been griefing/trolling/inting your match. The issue is - Riot looks at _your_ logs. That's the reason they give for not posting the logs of the other person. The comparison on who started it, who was retaliating, who the aggressor was; something that the Tribunal dealt with. This new system doesn't. It focuses on what _you_ said. And if your logs are even the slightest bit negative, forget being toxic. Then you're going to be punished for it. Its as simple as that. Now, if you look at your logs. A lot of statements you made can be categorized under the term 'Negative'. What's done is done. Take what you learned from this and try avoiding future punishments. You can mute chat completely. If you feel like saying something to someone trolling/griefing you, then you can say it out loud instead of typing. Remember, screaming at your screen to get rid of the frustration is okay! Typing in chat to the others isn't. Don't tell them that you will report them or even ask for reports even if they are obviously flaming/griefing. That's another thing to watch out for. You can mute and report them at the end of the match. As for the people who told you such, you can check their accounts and see if they are still playing or not. That's all I can say. Good luck with your future games, OP.
: Got permabanned 4 years ago
OP, I feel bad for you. And all those several people who keep coming back, trying to login to their accounts after 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.. 9 years. Hoping that they are magically unbanned. They make threads, wondering if Riot will ever unban them. Talking about how they have matured over time and grown to be more respectful to others. It makes me sad when people do that because I can relate to how important that first account you personally leveled up, went through with making new friends on league and had awesome moments on, _is_. Unfortunately, Riot doesn't unban permanently banned accounts. Unless, they do another reforming experiment. But having read that thread of the guy who did it, he expended a lot of resources on it. And it didn't quite pan out the way that they had hoped. So it looks pretty bleak in my opinion. But there's always a _possibility_. I can only suggest that you keep a lookout for this. Because when they did the last experiment, a lot of people who had quit after being banned missed out on it.
: Apparently me asking people over and over to not be toxic is perma-bannable. Plat Account gone
> [{quoted}](name=Dalshabet LuIu,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=WpQqwowV,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-10T04:12:44.975+0000) > > I guess it's time to uninstall and forget this game. Gotten ridiculous. This is the only game referenced in the ban. Plat account with a ton of skins gone for no reason. > > Was playing Yuumi in ARAM, and 2 people on my team weren't happy with how I was playing her. > > ``` > Game 1 > In-Game > Dalshabet LuIu: i refuse to go inside anyone > Dalshabet LuIu: if you don't follow up on that kill > Dalshabet LuIu: no i don't > Dalshabet LuIu: i don't have to do anything > Dalshabet LuIu: lol > Dalshabet LuIu: for playing how i want to play? > Dalshabet LuIu: muting all of you, you're toxic > Dalshabet LuIu: for playign how i want? > Dalshabet LuIu: you're toxic > Dalshabet LuIu: i've used them all > Dalshabet LuIu: i'll play my champ you play yours > Dalshabet LuIu: i am > Dalshabet LuIu: that's your opinion > Dalshabet LuIu: and how you wouldn't play it > Dalshabet LuIu: doesn't mean i can;t > Dalshabet LuIu: you harassing me the whole game is reportable > Dalshabet LuIu: w/e, just going to report both of you and mute > Dalshabet LuIu: i need to buy, you're literally the most salty toxic clown i've ever seen lol > Dalshabet LuIu: i can play my champion however i want > Dalshabet LuIu: hard to enjoy when yi and swain are the most toxic ppl i've ever seen > Dalshabet LuIu: telling me i can't play my champ a certain way > Dalshabet LuIu: in aram lmfao > Dalshabet LuIu: ? > Dalshabet LuIu: i'm playing how i want to play > Dalshabet LuIu: stop being toxic > Dalshabet LuIu: ? they're literally so toxic lol > Dalshabet LuIu: you're right, i didn't full team stun them with my ult before.... > Dalshabet LuIu: xD > Dalshabet LuIu: dude it's aram, i don't understand why you're so toxic > Dalshabet LuIu: karma means i did somethign wrong > Dalshabet LuIu: and i haven't > Dalshabet LuIu: lol i'm just going to mute u > > ``` OP, I don't think that you should be punished for this. But I should also point out that telling a toxic person that they are toxic is just going to increase their level of obscenity. You're adding fuel to the fire by telling them that you will report them. If this is just one time thing that this has happened, then its okay. But if you have been doing it often then that's a little bit off. Good luck with your ticket.
Cõmega (NA)
: https://i.imgur.com/hHamtmk.png[] https://i.imgur.com/d6qbnqn.png[]
> [{quoted}](name=Cõmega,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sEHZBUbb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-09T03:27:17.868+0000) > > https://i.imgur.com/hHamtmk.png[] > https://i.imgur.com/d6qbnqn.png[] What is going on with this? OP, how do you explain this. I'd believe this to be an uninformed decision with regards to runes and items. But you're in gold.
Cõmega (NA)
: How was i insulting?
> [{quoted}](name=Cõmega,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nt9Ve02H,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-09T22:10:00.059+0000) > > Just going to leave this here > https://i.imgur.com/XA8vIGu.png[] > > https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/EdEPmEmQ-mods-are-you-ok Yikes. OP, the difference is probably that one guy reported you while the other one brushed it off.
: hell yeah. Fuck this game. Always worth getting banned from Riot. Just make a new account.
> [{quoted}](name=Prestige Vayne,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EEauG01X,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-09T21:48:56.293+0000) > > hell yeah. Fuck this game. Always worth getting banned from Riot. Just make a new account. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
> [{quoted}](name=jng dif victim,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lh8Gk5Fl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-09T03:10:23.213+0000) > > https://res.cloudinary.com/dolstrmxz/image/upload/v1575860278/troll.jpg > > Look at this Lee . i had very good team and we started the game with very good attitude instead of lee. and he after his red started to just walking into lanes and inting every lane and ruining game for everyone by himself > think about it a psychopath I beg to differ. There's a _major_ difference between a _psychopath_ and a _blind_ person. From personal experience! When a Lee Sin feeds, you _must_ know _where_ the issue lies. I've had Lee Sin's feed my games. For a long time, I couldn't understand _where_ the ambiguity of him missing his _Sonic Waves_ lay. Until one day, I listened closely after he **landed** it spot on, did a [roundhouse kick](https://media1.giphy.com/media/s2p6iXjWv1CHm/giphy.gif) and smacked the enemy Tahm Kench in the butt who ended up [planted face down](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/017/301/top_10_most_painful_faceplants_1_.jpg) with his legs up in the air. "Blindness is no impairment to a smelly enemy." _Sigh_. This is the secret to his success and at the same time, lack of ability. He can't help it if someone's taken a bath before getting to the Rift. So from then on, I _knew_ it. I could usually tell who was stinking and who wasn't, based on how often Lee Sin _whooped_ their asses on the Rift.
: Who's at fault
> [{quoted}](name=Kydaf4ll3n,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Xuqsli6h,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-07T09:53:54.228+0000) > > Played a game in aram just to take my mind off ranks for a bit. Just to chill when I get this azir for some reason calling me out how bad I am with shen. Now I don't play all the champs but when in Adam it's a great way to figure out what the deal with champ does aside from practice tools or bots. Here I am minding my own business till the point he became repetitive. So I took a jab since he wanted to go at it. And ignored it. He came back saying I'm brain dead and such took another jab and muted this time. Now at first I admit missed a couple taunts here and there but by late game we had the entire enemy team running for the hills especially when I showed up. Game ends on enemy team favor. Then this donkey mutt continued with his flame. Calling me a child. Braindead and so on apologizing my team im bad. Looking at score board I did had lots of deaths but my score was better than his all around. Told him off that his mother regrets adopting him from the pound. So if I were to get reported and get suspended is that ticketable to reverse it or do I deserve the punishment? Unfortunately, it isn't reversible. Once they punish you for something, its very rare to undo the punishment unless they realize that it was a mistake for _some_ reason. The bot probably won't get the context for what you said unless a Player Specialist looks through the logs. So it'd be mutually beneficial for both of you to walk away from this. Level 199, looks like you put a lot of game time on this! Good luck, I hope that you aren't punished.
Rewt (NA)
: we should be able to see who is queued together and report entire stacks
> [{quoted}](name=Rewt,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GoAGMswf,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-09T00:15:16.596+0000) > > The stereotype of the toxic 4 stack exists because it's like 90% accurate. > > When you play with a 4 stack you become the pariah. They can do no wrong and refuse to admit to any mistakes, Instead they blame you for everything. > - They didn't pay attention to the dragon timer or your pings of it, (and when you go in for the 1v5 smite duel you miss it because like that shit is hard) Blame your jungler say he is shit and completely ignore the fact that you weren't paying attention to the timer and getting in position. > - Flame your random, And when he stops moving to type back, Spam missing ping and scream in all chat to report them for being afk. > > Like..... this is every game that you are in this situation. if a stack gets reported too many times they are locked out from playing with each other for X Games. (like 3 is what I am figuring) And give them a chat ban. There was a thread where someone wanted a toggle to agree Q'ing with premades or not. And depending on when they did, being rewarded for it. Because they were complaining about toxic premades as well. The best way to approach this (according to Riot's policy); which also protects you from being punished- would be to simply mute and report them at the end of it. While the game doesn't offer you info. on whether someone is a premade or not, you can go to OP.GG and see who they've had their recent games with. You can also manually browse through their recent games to see if you can spot the others grouped with them. Good luck on the rift, OP!
neckcap (NA)
: 14 Day Ban No Warning
OP, you shouldn't be punished if that's all there was to it. Like someone stated earlier, please submit a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Although things look optimistic, I should warn you that there have been times when the remaining half of the report was not sent. For example, someone posted a topic where the his logs only showed the word 'GG' and nothing else. Later, the rest of his logs were posted and he did deserve his punishment. Just saying this to let you know that it isn't over until they check everything through! Personally, I hope that its an error and your punishment is revoked. Good luck!
: Guy called me the "n" word in game (with 3 g's) And is still actively playing a game right now
> [{quoted}](name=Ctrl Alt Xerath,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HE6lloOj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-09T00:14:49.357+0000) > > So... good ban system. Because its only a CR for calling someone the n-word. I've had this happen and noticed it as well. Unfortunate but that's how it is.
Ulanopo (NA)
: * I don't understand why I can't be the worst version of myself. * I'm going to [sea lion](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/873/260/a5b.png) my way through life. * It doesn't affect me, so I don't think it's a problem. * I'm an edgelord. No, really. * The Boards are supposed to be my own private clubhouse. * I don't understand Freedom of Speech or the First Amendment, but I'm still going to talk about them. * I just want to play the fucking game. What is wrong with you people? * I think poor play should be considered feeding. * [FILL IN THE BLANK] is broken/OP!!!!!!!1111oneoneone * I want to be able to call people stupid. That's my thing. * I said really offensive things. Why is Rito mad? I could go on...
> [{quoted}](name=Ulanopo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4qNlbXRH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-09T02:38:02.779+0000) > > * I'm going to [sea lion](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/873/260/a5b.png) my way through life. They're all really spot-on but this one is simply epic! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: isnt it funny how every champion that discovers a muramana build becomes broken?
OP, you definitely have a point. Time to {{item:3042}} my {{champion:44}}
: New Email scam (Beware)
Good thing I never check my Riot emails. Unless I was specifically expecting something! {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Suspended permanently but not sure why.
[Submit](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) a ticket. Good luck, I hope that you get it back.
Admeia (NA)
: What is this man saying
> [{quoted}](name=Admeia,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=wdvrEdQA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-12-08T04:22:24.500+0000) > > What is this man saying Here is a quick [30 second tutorial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXGP4Sez_Us) to figure this out!
: Possible ban mistake, and issue with ban ticket
I've seen worse than what you posted there and it was a 10-game CR. It should likely be a restriction. Good luck, I hope that you get it back.
: Getting banned for bad internet
No, you're fine. Post the logs for us to see. If you didn't say anything bad, it should be okay. Best approach for next time, don't type, don't talk. And if you can, just mute everyone. Honestly, if you pinged your ping, maybe Riot can see it. Tell them about it in a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
> [{quoted}](name=Oldschoolhockey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=kUAgAYHP,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-08T00:43:50.233+0000) > > How the hell does someone not get banned with this? Ok that makes no sense let me give you a little context. I was in a game with 2 friends. I was adc. My friend was queued as sup but got his secondary jg. Anyways I quickly realize this support is trolling. I have an awful game. I couldnt do anything. He would sit in a bush and wait til I died then bang come out of the bush and fight. He then blames me for inting. I insult him a total of 4 times. I get a two week suspension. I did have a chat restriction before but it skipped two. HOW? I have no clue. > > Anyways I decided to check his op.gg. He had a 17% win rate with too many games for me to count. It was well over 100. HOW IN THE HELL WAS HE NOT BANNED? Also it's not just him getting insanely unlucky with teams. He is trolling. Constantly 0-13, 2-13. 0-10. Not only this his runes were interesting. One example he played thresh multiple games in a row. First two he had aftershock, somewhat normal thresh runes. But the game after, still thresh, during the same day, he had electrocute. > > How the fuck. Im so confused. He didnt even have a suspension. There was no week break/two week break. This person has been playing for nearly two months and nothing has happened. Yet somehow I flame him for his trolling, and I get a two week suspension. > > So I leave you with this > > WHAT THE FUCK RIOT > > > > Edit: My initial estimation of 4 insults was wrong. The official riot employee could only state 3. Those of which being "Garbage." This was isolated from the rest of the message. "Dumbass." It was a pyke and he waited til I died to ult and make sure only he got the gold. I had said in a previous message "Do that before." The last insult is "Idiot." He was blaming me. I said "Idiot you're the problem." > > You know but he gets away for 2 months saying people are "R--arded" Multiple times in one game while he ints. I just dont get it. How do people get away with this shit. Reading this reminds me of [this](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/Nj1Ekb1E-personal-research-about-inting-people) thread.
: and then this Bias Hypocritical board people say, " if you cant carry 1v9 you dont deserve to win" and with the same Breath say, " its a team game" {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> [{quoted}](name=Skeleton Matrix,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Nj1Ekb1E,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-12-08T03:53:06.835+0000) > > and then this Bias Hypocritical board people say, " if you cant carry 1v9 you dont deserve to win" and with the same Breath say, " its a team game" {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} True. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Okraki (NA)
: Fake cheating
> [{quoted}](name=Okraki,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=NUpKcxo6,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-05T19:49:58.628+0000) > > Recently, i played a few games quiet well, and i come across this a few time before as well, sometimes salty players on the enemy team, will say in /all that i was cheating, which never have, or would ever. It at the most recent time when a player i played against, accused me of doing this, he was duo with someone else in the enemy team and they both started to accuse me of hacking, he even went on to say that, i was his room mate, for some reason (Idk why) but anyhow they telling everyone to report me for hacking, and because i was in there team or something (not sure what they where trying with that really). Now i am not at all concerned i will get banned for hacking, since never did, and i assume these where just two kids, based on how they spoke, though it brings up the question, is this actions displayed by these two kids (people) punishable? I did sent a simple report after game, about them, however doubt anything will be done about, though i don't really care if anything does/ or does not. Yes. You may report them for griefing by submitting a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Its one thing to genuinely wonder if someone is cheating. Despicable, lying to everyone else into believing them that they _know_ that you _are_ cheating for sure because you are_ roommates_. This means that they just wanted to get you into trouble with false reports. _Bullying_ is the word that comes to mind here seeing as they were a duo who were doing this to one person. Riot can check IP's, ISP's so it'd be pretty obvious to them that you aren't roommates unless there's some sort of a strange coincidence. Good luck, OP!
: Toxic teammates
> [{quoted}](name=Viz Auditore,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A2TXkMc0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-06T05:13:45.406+0000) > > There is a problem that some trolling and toxic teammates always intentionally ban their teammates' champions {{sticker:sg-janna}} > Is that also common for you?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} > Does someone have a good idea to help Riot to reduce or control the happening of similar events? Those players are too annoying...(Just cannot endure that why we have to waste our time for their impolite behavior?) {{sticker:sg-shisa}} > > (No offense for everyone, just be a little mean to those intentional toxic guys) Could do it two ways. If someone bans a champion that someone had picked before P&B, it auto registers this. Then punishes them accordingly _if_ the game launches. Some people may accidentally do this. In which case, they just need to dodge and the game won't register this offence. Another method would be manual control. Once someone bans a champion their teammate picked. They could manually click the button to register the offence or choose not to in case they are a premade/friends. Or forgive it on grounds of a valid reason. Honestly, the ideal way to avoid this from happening is not to show your pick at all. Or just show a pick that you'd like banned. If they are trolling, they'd end up banning a champion you didn't want in the game. And, you get an additional ban!
: The only thing Riot can do that would nearly end boting for good, is to make league a Pay to Play game. Obviously that will never happen for multiple reasons.
> [{quoted}](name=Delightful Mango,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OqRZIv29,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-12-05T13:44:47.492+0000) > > What exactly stops me to buy a level 30 account from riot games and give it to my new friend who never played this game ever before, doesn't even know how to move his character, or cast spells, so he can ruin a game for new players? > Don't get me wrong, there is nothing to stop me now either, even give'em a diamond account to fuck around with. So rather than Riot having stains on their name for "promoting" smurfing, they'd rather leave the bots doing their thing, and just ban the obv ones. Your friend would not enjoy the game at all if you were to do that. Thinking about it, technically, its always best for newbies to start from 1-30. That's how they learn. Assuming that Riot implements this. So if you're having him play Ranked, not knowing anything at all! He'd be getting multiple reports for griefing. It'd probably be a quick ban since no one would believe that they are new. And if they are, then they'd all ask him _why_ he was on a level 30 bought account as a Newbie, doing Ranked! I don't see them selling level 30 accounts though which is why I'm interested in seeing what they'd do! I'm sure that there are better ideas than what I suggested out there. > [{quoted}](name=2Charmnot2Charm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OqRZIv29,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-12-05T14:16:04.026+0000) > > The only thing Riot can do that would nearly end boting for good, is to make league a Pay to Play game. > > Obviously that will never happen for multiple reasons. Yeah, I don't see that happening either.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yin Yang Taoist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yjKAqmBV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-05T13:40:43.466+0000) > > Does he have the e-mail address for the other account which he cannot access? If he does, he should open a ticket directly to Riot support with that particular email address. he can't, you need to be logged in on that account to send a report ticket in if he can't log in well
> [{quoted}](name=MordridtheBlack,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yjKAqmBV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-05T14:37:16.722+0000) > > he can't, you need to be logged in on that account to send a report ticket in > if he can't log in well No, you can open a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) without being logged in on any account. And you give them your email address of your lost account. Pick the "Recover my account" option, it will guide you after that.
Wolity (EUW)
: Hey friend :) i have few accounts . The account that i played that game was on EUNE , it was a normal draft pick , i usually test things there since it was my very first account and i have all of the champions :) . Here im playing ranked mostly for fun. I have another account that is plat 3 currently there im trying to climb ^^ No im not playing RIven jungle , never did , this game was toplane with a book :) so we can double smite late game since the objectives are important and honestly it worked pretty well , i stole 1 baron and 1 dragon haha ^^
> [{quoted}](name=Wolity,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=U7168oIc,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-12-05T14:40:34.106+0000) > > Hey friend :) i have few accounts . The account that i played that game was on EUNE , it was a normal draft pick , i usually test things there since it was my very first account and i have all of the champions :) . Here im playing ranked mostly for fun. I have another account that is plat 3 currently there im trying to climb ^^ No im not playing RIven jungle , never did , this game was toplane with a book :) so we can double smite late game since the objectives are important and honestly it worked pretty well , i stole 1 baron and 1 dragon haha ^^ You're right. Vi had smite as well. Good luck climbing the ladder as a jungle, OP.
Saezio (EUNE)
: > . Yes, ideology and the people you grown up around have a major influence on you. But inherently, the choice is always yours. Not really, if the alternative is death/ Family death. The choice isn't fucking yours. You mean every North Korean person just CHOOSES to support Kim Jong Un? You are talking from a very privileged position of being raised in a 1st world country in the 21st century. What percentage of the planet can say the same do you think? 10% maybe. Let that sink in for a bit.
> [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fVzaEjHP,comment-id=000400020000,timestamp=2019-12-05T14:41:25.643+0000) > > Not really, if the alternative is death/ Family death. The choice isn't fucking yours. You mean every North Korean person just CHOOSES to support Kim Jong Un? > > You are talking from a very privileged position of being raised in a 1st world country in the 21st century. What percentage of the planet can say the same do you think? 10% maybe. Let that sink in for a bit. Then you do what you _can_. What I said or what anyone says is not like an omnipotent phrase which is applicable to every situation in life/every Human in this World. There are always places or situations where you may not be able to stick to what you _believe_ in. We'll go with the North Korean example since you brought that up. Now what I said was that not every ethnic group is absolutely good or absolutely evil. Not every North Korean is Kim Jong Un. I'm sure that they have the good people in there as well. But the good people are not the ones in power. Or the ones who advocate peace are not the ones controlling the country. Another contradiction to what I said might be brain washing. Something, some nefarious countries indulge in. Now if someone is brain washed into believing that they _are_ right or what they are doing _is_ correct, its difficult to even have a choice because they are unaware that there _is_ one. Countries that prevent their people from knowing whats going on around the World. They don't really give you a lot of choices or options to work with, do they? So inherently, you can only choose to do what is good based on the limits that you can stretch this goodwill into. Today, information and knowledge provided by the internet is revolutionary. Its easier to be aware of what is wrong and what is right, but if you don't even know what is wrong and what is right then its a different story. So now for the civilians in North Korea. The choice isn't their own regarding certain situations. But that doesn't stop them from sharing what they are able with the poor and the hungry. You do what you can. If someone is holding you or your family at gun-point, of-course. Life is still more important. You're right. I am privileged. We all are. And that's all the more reason why we should help or try to help those who aren't. This doesn't mean selling all your belongings, throwing away all the money that you earn to feed the poor in Africa. But, you do what you _can_ afford to. And that's encouraging the good in you. Inherently, the choice is ours. We all do what we're _able_ to do. Whether we choose to help someone helpless or not. This is what I was saying.
CyberPhobic (EUNE)
: My friend cant login into his account since the username change
Does he have the e-mail address for the other account which he cannot access? If he does, he should open a ticket directly to Riot support with that particular email address.
: Co-op vs AI matches are being overwhelmed with scripted accounts
> [{quoted}](name=Arammus,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OqRZIv29,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-05T12:53:02.841+0000) > > what measures CAN they take? I really don't want to do the thinking for them. Honestly, I actually did post something on the measures that they could take in one of the zillion _AI games are rampant with bots on player side_ threads. But I'm a little lazy to salvage it and re-post. I'd also be embarrassed if my ideas were not quite upto par. If you're asking me, there are options available. For example, going to the root of the problem and fixing it. Supply & Demand. Remove the demand and the supply will wane down on its own. Offering level 30 accounts at a moderately high price. However, put some restrictions on a bought level 30 account and give some advantages to one that was leveled from 1-30. Stricter punishments which are applicable to the main accounts (if they exist) for the people who buy these botted accounts. Even if you don't punish their main accounts, you can throw in a red text visible to everyone which says what they were punished for on a different account. A lot of these bought accounts (I noticed) in Ranked are people buying them for themselves and then _higher elo_ friends to help boost them out of their divisions. Or smurfs doing ranked on bot leveled accounts. If you punish their main accounts as well, make an example out of it. People will automatically be hesitant to buy these unless they have no main accounts. In which case, you're left with mostly Toxic players who lost their mains, still want to play league but have no time to level up accounts. If they have enough money to fork out on a level 30 account sold by Riot for rankeds, let them. The advantage of this is that these toxic players will not mess up with the newbies who recently started out. And Riot can supervise them _better_. Punishments for these should be an immediate perma. ban for a single infarction. If you're wondering like me, I'm really interested in what they do compared to what I proposed.
Arammus (EUW)
: dw the rule makes no sense anyways as you can "avoid" it easily. i just wanted to tell you before the mods delete the entire post.
> [{quoted}](name=Arammus,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OqRZIv29,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-12-05T11:56:21.586+0000) > > dw the rule makes no sense anyways as you can "avoid" it easily. i just wanted to tell you before the mods delete the entire post. Although the naming & shaming is probably applicable. I'd be very happy to see an actual bot account run up to the forums and post his thoughts on the matter. OP, I'd be happy to add you for some Co-Op's. Although recently, I've toned down on doing those but I always do them once in a while when I'm able to! Regarding the actual situation at hand regarding AI bots vs. bots in SR. This has been ongoing for a while now since TT was removed. I wonder what Riot will do to fix this. What measures will they take?
Wolity (EUW)
: The BEST feeling ever
> [{quoted}](name=Wolity,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=U7168oIc,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-05T07:58:27.502+0000) > >Told me to dodge etc. I was like dude chill i just want to practice , if you really want to dodge go ahead. > During the game i got invaded by enemy jungler a lot and enemy support. I got bullied a lot by them in my jungle and since im new to jungle i didnt know how to handle it. While I do agree that he shouldn't be toxic to you or asking for reports. I still disagree with you practicing jungle in _ranked games_ even if its pre-season. There are Normals where you can practice jungle on. Although you were being honest about this, its basically telling others that they are going in with a handicap and not going to receive much help because their jungle is new. And if you're new, why are you playing [Riven jungle](https://i.imgur.com/AaZ0MsH.jpg)?
: ARAM dodge
I think that 15 minutes is pretty reasonable. There have been times where I got champs I wanted to play and then someone dodged. Next time, I got a terrible one. But it balances things out in the long run. People have also dodged games where I got champs I didn't want to play. I think that things need to be done in moderation. You put it at one hour and you're basically telling them. Q for an ARAM game, you cannot leave unless you really have to go out and do something else. One might be discouraged with this and likely not bother with ARAMs, go along with SR instead. Random champs are fun to play short games with but not if you are given an hour long wait time for dodging because of a random champ you ended up with which no one wanted and with 0 rerolls. What annoys me more is when I get more than 3-4 declines for an ARAM match! Why are these people Q'ing if they didn't want to go in. There was a good 10-15 second window to opt out!
: I play bot games when normals make me upset. Much more relaxing and much less frustrating since you always win.
> [{quoted}](name=WoollyWitch,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pGIhYqGr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-05T11:03:41.120+0000) > > I play bot games when normals make me upset. Much more relaxing and much less frustrating since you always win. I noticed a few complaining threads about losing AI games because they ended up with 4 bots on their side as well. Good advice, OP!
: Welp i guess this thread was pointless, i just was desperate. Sorry for wasting time i just was really hoping that i could get it back.
> [{quoted}](name=ICE SpinnAttack,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zjfs0TWJ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-04T22:07:50.578+0000) > > Welp i guess this thread was pointless, i just was desperate. Sorry for wasting time i just was really hoping that i could get it back. Getting your account back is impossible. If they make an exception for you today, there's going to be 10, 000 guys out there knocking on the boards _tomorrow_. Although I can't help you get back your banned account, I can offer you a possible solution as far as your parents and friends go. If your parents are unhappy about the banned account, do something that'd make them _happy_ or cheer them up. Pick some flowers for your Mom, help Dad out with some car washing. I don't know! Just, do stuff that'd make them smile! I'm sure that they'll forgive you for it. As for your friend, tell him that you're sorry and you've learned your lesson. No one comes down knowing everything, we all make mistakes. He may be angry for a while but you just need to make it up to him. Ps : Don't ask for money for your new account anytime soon. Haha! Or that'd get you in trouble again. Good luck OP! I hope that things work out for you.
: mistakenly Banned
> [{quoted}](name=TrulyBland,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pcInTYKw,comment-id=000900060000,timestamp=2019-12-05T03:33:27.035+0000) > > I don't think moving into hook range of a Nautilus and starting to dance qualifies as a "bad decision". Personally, I think that he was just being cocky there. But lets hear it out from the OP. Everyone's getting unnerved about this but let me realistically sum this up. Hotaru had an excellent point about the mobi boots. I'd like to hear why the OP was using {{item:3117}} when he usually buys {{item:3047}} And the only time, according to Hotaru - when he bought {{item:3117}} on {{champion:203}} was his first penalty for griefing. The videos, I'd like to watch the full thing to get an idea of what everyone _else_ was doing before I comment further on it. As well as the OP's thoughts on those instances.
: mistakenly Banned
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pcInTYKw,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-12-05T03:06:38.555+0000) > > At first I was pretty skeptical, the games didn't look _too_ bad, but I did some more digging and I'm leaning towards this ban being warranted. Let me explain. > > ________ > > ##First and foremost: You never buy mobis on Kindred. Doesn't seem like that big a deal on the surface, but here is why it's important: > > The only other time you've done this was [**in this game right here**](https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3201824740/246169660?tab=overview), which I assume was the first time you got punished for intentionally feeding. That game was played on 11/10/19, the next game you played was on 11/24/19. A 14 day gap inbetween these games, I don't think it's a coincidence that the first punishment for intentionally feeding is a 14-day suspension. > > I just think that's very important to note. Buying mobis does not automatically mean someone is intentionally feeding, but when you're punished two times in a row and the first one also had them built, it makes me skeptical and maybe you built them for a reason. > > In almost every one of your games you go tabi and it's **VERY** interesting to me that in a game with a fed Katarina, a fed Miss Fortune, a fed Nidalee, and a strong Riven/Nautilus, defensive boots didn't cross your mind. > > ______________ > > ##Secondly: here's the video evidence of the Kindred game _**(I will edit this comment when I finish the Volibear game)**_ if anyone else wants to follow along and see what I saw. > > https://streamable.com/4tlaq > > [_(Here's the direct link if you want to fullscreen it.)_](https://streamable.com/j68wk) > > Now, in order of the shown clips: > > - **Q'ed into entire enemy team** - Yeah, I think this one is pretty bad. You walked up, underleveled, Q'ed into the entire enemy team, and then died instantly. This was towards the end of the game, so you should have been playing much more defensively and/or, at the very least, not jumping directly into the entire team. > > > - **Walked directly into a fed Nautilus + MF** - Honestly, at first glance this looked like an honest mistake. Maybe you didn't realize they were strong, but either way it seemed a bit fishy and I began to rethink it for various reasons. More on that below. > > > - **Walked directly into a fed Nautilus + MF X2** - This is what made me rethink the above point. The area was warded, your team was not around you, you just walked directly into Nautilus and Miss Fortune again. **(EDIT: And while there's no sound in this video, throughout the majority of this game I can hear your team pinging you to back off.) ** > > - **Walked directly into a fed Nautilus + MF, danced, then walked back in and died.**- Same as the first point, this one is really bad. You walked up into lane, danced, got caught in a combo, flashed out, then kind of half-walked into the enemy team. Something that _everyone_ should be taking into consideration: OP is Plat+ and [**is a 673k mastery point Kindred main. **](https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=AZUL+1v9&region=NA) These just don't look right to me knowing all of that, even if I were to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you weren't intentionally feeding, you clearly weren't trying here. It shows. > > __________ > > #Will edit when I finish reviewing the Volibear game. That was well-made. OP, I didn't watch your entire game but I watched this. I'd like to hear more on the OP's defense to get a complete idea of what he was thinking while doing all of this.
: Why was I permabanned?
> [{quoted}](name=BnanaOreo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=90ophafB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-05T02:47:02.911+0000) > > I would like some insight as to what exactly I said to get permabanned > I would understand a chat restriction at MOST but to be Permanently banned for this seems excessive. > Game 1 > In-Game >**> BnanaOreo: and ii will j kill** Not sure if this was a bot or a human error. But it looks like they may have misunderstood this. Submit a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and let them know. You were talking about killing the enemy players. It wasn't a RL threat. Assuming that you haven't been punished before. It goes by 10-game CR, 25, 2-week penalty and finally a permanent ban. Good luck, OP!
Rokuroú (EUW)
: Can we get a report button outside of lobby?
It'd be nice to put the report options in the match history. Its rare but it happens! Often times when you just want to leave the post-lobby to avoid all that flaming as well. Don't want to sit there and hit report while getting cussed at. Speaking of which, a mute button in post lobby would be great as well but I dunno if that will happen.
: Look i deserve the ban but can Riot understand that against toxic gameplay you cant do nothing?
Griefing is definitely not acceptable. Just [submit](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) a ticket with timestamps of _what_ they did and _when_ they did it.
: I like how "The order of the shadows" is a now a small travelling task force
I read this and a strange idea came to mind. What if the 1000 masked ninja's removed their masks and they were all some variant's of Poppy's in a part cyber genetically controlled android? Better yet. Zed removing his mask after drinking some sake and its. Poppy. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: A random lore bit I found a while ago
: Bronze, Silver & Gold all in same ranked game? Why???
Its MMR. OP, if you haven't had this happen before. Wait until you hit promos for major divisions and get all the _rookie_ players trying out ranked thrown straight in! That's more infuriating than anything else because they are just _starting_ out and Riot's trying to _figure_ out their MMR in your promo. games. Hah!
: Nothing new :)
The problem here is that we don't know what he typed because he we can't see his logs. So its difficult to judge. But I'll take your word for it. And I'll say this - [Submit](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) a ticket for all those games in which he was toxic. Hopefully, he gets what he deserves! Lets' see what the Riot PSS says if you already submitted a ticket. Although they won't tell you the results but maybe they can post the logs so that we can see them as well.
Lęmon (NA)
: lmao riot, your client never fucking works :)
The earlier one was just fine. It feels a lot more clunky with the new one. I dislike the 'loading' screen for one.
: pregame chat is the saddest time before the game starts.
: New juggernaut rumored to play like darius
I thought that Master Yi was the _Juggernaut. Or maybe Naut_ ilus.
I think that you should get it back, OP. Good luck!
: Came across this horrible bug in-game
Its either the Alien or Predator in your jungle. Caution : Immediately cover your computer screen with a black cloth for the rest of the game. If you don't then there's a **high** chance of them breaking through the jungle, into your room. Predator is fine, it'd be awful if the Alien (or a _Facehugger_ french kisses you) and you end up indirectly _murdering_ us all. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: The question that could worth asking on the Korean forums
The Assassin's creed shall rise again. The early game meta mainly benefits the Chinese squads who always excelled at early game and fighting non-stop. I don't think that it will change or shift back at all.
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