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: Well if you can find 2 more friends then you can go against bots 3vs3 and end the game after 7:00 minute and spam games. This is the most time efficient. If you combine it with 30 days XP boost then you can get the most out of it. OR you can log in to play for the first win of the day that gives 400 exp bonus. In the first route you can possibly get a lv 30 account within a month playing alot each day but you wont get the first win of the day only once every 22 hours. Alternative you can log in once a day and do it only with first win of the day bonus. This will take less games to reach lv 30 but you will need a lot of time like 2-4 months ( i havent made the math to see how many days it will take you).
Thanks for the detailed reply, i appreciate it. I already had a dusty old account sitting at level 20 (thank god), but do 3v3 and 5v5 give the same experience? would it be worth playing 3v3 just because the games end sooner, pre-made or not?
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Broporo (NA)
: Make sure that you're playing a game in all the queues that could be decaying. You might be playing Solo matches when it's your Flex rank that's getting ready to decay!
Yeah that was the problem. Thanks for responding so quickly.
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Weø (NA)
: I see it as a doorway to {{champion:6}} -.-
i think that {{champion:126}} could benefit to the extreme off this instead of getting a tear and waiting for late game muramana, this is a very reasonable alternative


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