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: > Historically, chat bans, account suspensions, and perma bans were the only way to miss out on end of season rewards after ranking up the ladder all season. They still are the only way to miss out on end of season rewards. Before, there was just an arbitrary "cut-off" day (I believe 1 month from end of season) that will cause you to lose your rewards. Now there is no "cut-off" day before end of season.
The cut off day existed sure but you had an exact measurement of what you needed to do. The requirements of the honor system are not clear at all.
: Because it's about being accountable for your own actions. Responsibilities. You don't like the idea that you're not supposed to retaliate against people in a video game because general idea of this game is to play it, not to harass, retaliate, insult, be inflammatory, and not to be a complete utter douchebag because other people pisses you off. You came here wanting to play Riot's game. Riot granted you permission to access their account by one condition and that is to abide by their rules. You agreed to them, regardless if you didn't read it not, you are hereby on those agreed terms. Riot isn't going to change something just because you don't want to be responsible for your own actions. Grow up.
Submission to big brother who is the protector of us all. you assume everyone who is chat banned is verbally assaulting innocent children. Your stance is toxic.
: No, they will not change it and it isn't unfair, because toxic players need to learn the consequences of their words. It's unfair for players having to tolerate any of these toxicity or ruined game experiences. And these players should know, that other people are not there for them to torture for their own amusement or their own lack of empathy, compassion, or self-control. We're all equal, we all agreed to the same terms, and we're all abiding by it to remain in Riot's service. Toxic players should learn and be aware that there are consequences for their ignorance. We're here to have fun, but not by other players expense. No, Riot should not, and they will certainly make it more strict if they do change it.
No ones getting tortured. People load into games and grief you. They spew bullshit out of their greasy fingers at other players. And some of the recipients tell them the fuck off and fight fire with fire. Bring it to all chat then the bully and the bullied get banned. Riot punishes everyone the same just because they said trigger words. Its ironic that you aren’t allowed to see other player chats when you are chat banned. They take your words out of context.
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: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
Am i the only one who sees {{champion:43}} ...? Because im pretty sure its Karma lol
: LoL Design Values: In-depth with Mastery
Are you saying only playing {{champion:134}} to Diamond is not mastering the game?
: Atlantean Syndra rises from the depths
I have waited a long time for this. Finally a Syndra skin! By the way... is it too much to ask for a Volleyball Syndra skin sometime? :)


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