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: An in-depth analysis of Syndra's Q duration and her R's "windows of power" by a 950k Syndra main
I feel like this formula doesn't even include practical situations that arise with play, such as latency, bad ping, random spikes in internet connection, etc. There are probably a lot of players out there who are playing with average computers and internet that isn't Verizon fios and will get "locked out" from landing an additional spheres, making the window of power almost unobtainable.
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: Why Ornn seems busted as heck.
His passive for late game will be sweet for solo q since games tend to go pretty long imo compared to competitive, but you can still snowball the game before 37 minutes where an extra 1000 gold cap on inventory really matters. Unless that rushing the big ticket item upgrade (e.g. rabadon deathcap+) is so effective it's OP no matter what, than he will be 100% pick ban priority. I wouldn't say that brittle completely eliminate tenacity builds. Tenacity would then take what would be a 4 second extended stun and reset it back to 3 seconds, which is still helpful. We also don't know the details on how tenacity works with brittle numbers, like if it reduces its duration to apply or lowers the extended cc duration.
Xeref (NA)
: Kayn what is his counter play
excessive amounts of crowd control
: Ornn's Upgrades: Let's Guesstimate the Stats!
Rabadon's already takes forever to build. I'd want at least 25 bonus flat ap for 1000 gold and maybe they won't finagle with the bonus % ratio. Honestly it really depends how gold efficient they want to increase the gold cap. For IE, it will probably be around +25 ad since a pickaxe costs 875
: Looks like Gragas's E hitbox is buggy again.
You know Syndra's passive gives her E more spell width on max rank? Gragas gets that as soon as he gets it rank 1.
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nairuzu (NA)
: Mid Lane
Annie is probably the simplest because she has point and click stuns and generous aoe hit boxes. Imho the ad melee assassins are the hardest to learn and master since not only are the high mobility dash moves and kit combos more difficult to use properly, the play style requires much more thought and precise execution. Ahri is always a solid pick for any skill level. If you can land a straight line skill shot charm you can score kills easily and her ult can be both offensive and defensive to kill enemy adcs or get out of ganks.
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: Ask Riot: Summoner spells, 4K support, and Reddit
Would you be willing to add new summoner spells to the game? Maybe spells that have passive effects like the ancient Fortify?
: What’s your story?
This is personal and probably doesn't sound true but my Mom died when I was in high school from lung cancer years ago, so instead of trying to deal with people at school, study for classes, handle awkwardness and infinite sympathy, all the while mourning, I would just skip school and play League so I could figure my life out.


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