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: I just want Middlesticks to be a thing again, miss playing him at mid. :( {{sticker:cass-cry}}
It still is a thing lol. Especially nowadays with the serious reduction of vision and wards in the game.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Question: With the new minion health buffs, does this mean that farming under tower will be completely different now? (i.e. melee minions were two tower shots and a champion auto, and ranged minions were one tower shot and two champion autos)
: Thanks for testing Nexus Blitz!
Oh, I forgot to mention this in the feedback, although it will probably be changed anyway, but the two triangular pieces of terrain that separate the two lanes in the middle have an indentation on their northern side which seems like walk-able terrain when in fact it is not.
: Patch 8.13 notes
Can we have a fix for the bug where we can't see our allies' ultimate cooldowns?
: Learn more: VS 2018 Event
Can we just take a moment to congratulate Helmet Bro on getting his own emote?
: Wall of text about "fixing" an ability that's fine and does its job wtf?
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I knew the first comment would be something like this. I will direct you, my good sir, to the "Why Does This Need A Fix?" section of my post.
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: ***
literally says, "Total champions played: 81"
: Can we talk about how there hasn't been One for All in way too long
New client probably doesn't have the technology for it yet. Same with other modes that don't appear in rotating game mode queue.
: Patch 7.19 notes
So with the change to spellshields, does this mean that they no longer block multiple Heimer rockets or Ashe volley arrows? (effectively making them useless against those abilities)
Jern3o (NA)
: Mad disrespect to Ruler... If KT had made it to worlds, both Deft and Mata would of made top 20. Ruler goes off against KT and doesn't even make the list.
: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
For "more meaningful and interesting decisions," I think it would be an interesting mechanic if, when Xin has attacked twice with his Q but hasn't yet landed the third attack knockup, it could instead be triggered using the Thrust portion of his W.
: poppy
Poppy is oozing with confidence. She is the type that would say, "I'll find the hero of Demacia someday." This archetype would be the type that says, "I'll try my best!" whilst trembling in fear.
La Bello (NA)
: 1.**THE OLD BADASS** A wizened, veteran warrior who is also an Old grumpy knight/mercenary who knows the in's and outs of battle and a tongue in cheek parody of the complaining,judgmental baby boomer who talks down on millennials vibe. A sort of "kids these days with their fancy bombs and cosmic magic... what happened to the good ol sword and board eh?" Even while fighting his opponents he will compliment them on their form or give them tips "Anything over 9 feet always has a blindspot" "A weapon is only as good as its wielder" "Heavy armor is useless against a mage . Travel light and travel fast. "If you wont learn to respect your elder than maybe youll learn to respect your better" 2.**THE HIGURASHI** One side is very calming and affable then the other personality is a complete maniacal psycho your typical Dr.Jekyll/Mr Hyde combo but taken to the extreme. or you could take it one step farther and a "We are LEGION" esque character who has at least a dozen different personalities who all bicker and acknowledge each other. Maybe this would good for a Hydra champion. 3. **THE HELMET BRO ** A humble fighter who see's himself as a sort of expendable name and rank soldier. the "Im not the strongest of the bunch but I try my best" kind of guy. the guy who has to assure himself "okay you can do this.Get in , get what we came for and get out ". A much more grounded kind of attitude like a guy who knows hes utterly outclassed as a normal human in a world of demigods and ancient powers yet he is confident enough to set foot in the battlefield for the sake of others perhaps inspired by the feats of other normal humans . A true Helmet bro through and through! 4.**THE FABIO** There is also of course the Stereotypical Cleft-chinned roguishly handsome Rose-between-teeth womanizer personality. someone who looks right out of a romance novel. Every other quote mentioning how he would much rather be making love not war. You could even give him special quotes just for females . At the of the day of course he just a shallow flirtatious dimwit with a fancy blade and footwork. *
I think Kled is League's resident "Old Badass" that you're thinking of. "Looks like I killed you on the border of my land, AND MORE OF MY LAND."
: I would like to see a personality like a Shounen protagonist. Maybe someone who has an either uncontrollable power or no special powers at all, but is able to succeed thanks to endless tenacity? Midoriya, Naruto, Simon from Gurren Lagann, Gon from Hunter X Hunter, etc. I think the closest we have is Super Galaxy Rumble. I guess Ekko is kind of close to what I'm describing. I really like him as well, but he's more mellow and chill than a shounen protag.
The difference between Ekko and Shounen protags is that Ekko fights for survival, rather than for some noble cause like saving the world (TTGL/BNHA), and it really shows in their personalities.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
How about a "Clumsy Girl" archetype? A champion who isn't confident with their abilities and is still learning to fully harness their powers. The closest league has to this archetype at the moment is Taliyah, but she doesn't quite hit the mark. Taliyah is a bit more of the adventurous/curious type, whereas this archetype is more "innocent but determined to improve." Think of someone who would trip and fall over nothing and spill all their belongings onto the floor before frantically collecting them all back up in a flurry of apologies at no one. To reflect her clumsy nature, she could be a mage with a kit in which each of her basic abilities has two forms (i.e. Q is both a Fireball and a Lightning Bolt), and the abilities automatically switch between the two each time she casts them. (After casting Fireball, her next Q will be Lightning Bolt, and vice versa) Her voicelines would also all be a jumbled mess. Whenever she casts a spell she would call out some random spell name like shouting "Ice bolt!" and instead shoot out a fireball.
: This isn't a bug, Twitch's venom cask applies a slow to enemies in the area and spell shields like Banshee's stop the slow. Morgana's W and Nasus' E do not apply slows or similar effects and thus do not proc spell shields.
The slow applies immediately after popping the spell shield. The spell shield does not block anything.
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Broporo (NA)
: Hmmmm you make a compelling argument here! I'm not actually quite 100% sure if this is intended or not, but you should definitely post this over in [**Report a Bug**]( to make sure the devs catch it!
: Having issues Patching 7.13? Click Here!
I don't know if this is intentional or not but one thing I've noticed is that Twitch's W (Venomous Cask) will proc spell shields on-hit, even though it has no on-hit effect. It simply creates an AoE that continuously applies damage (and a slow), like Morgana W or Nasus E (which do not proc spell shields). Even if your spell shield blocks it, the slow and stacks start applying immediately after. Rito plz fix for consistency?
: Is this new system going to get rid of current keystone masteries? More specifically I'm talking about stormraiders surge which is by far my favorite keystone and removing it will significantly hurt a lot of champions that rely on it like Talon and Diana.
The keystone system we have now is actually a prototype to test the mechanic in the game and pave the way for this newer, better version that's coming out. If stormraider's is healthy for the game, then I don't see why they would want to remove it.
TheNegaV (NA)
: I actually kind of liked Rengar's global kill lines, it added clarity to his passive stacking. I thought it was a feature...
I think what would be cool would be global voice-lines for when First Blood and Ace are scored. They wouldn't even need to introduce new voice-lines, they could just recycle old ones. For example, Draven's FB would be, "Welcome to the League of Draven!" and his Ace quote would be, "Draven does it all... with style."
: Patch 7.13 notes
Ready for the clown fiestas where everyone on the team is shot-calling to get that honor reward when in reality, no one actually knows what they are doing.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
A way to nerf his lane bullying/playmaking potential without destroying his damage numbers would be to increase the delay between when a soldier spawns and when it can be interacted with (think gangplank barrels). Azir can still do Azir things, but he needs to plan in advance and place soldiers down preemptively before fights start.
: looking around, I noticed you mentioning at the start that you go into game with 6 runes, and lter explain that a path provides only 4 (A Keystone, Major, and 2 Minors). However i also saw in one image something titled a Lorem Ipsum, with two runes underneath it. Is this another major secret regarding runes, did you forget to mention it in this article, or are you wanting people to start asking questions?
Lorem Ipsum is placeholder text used by designers who don't have actual text to fill that content. It actually means absolutely nothing. My guess is that that particular "Lorem Ipsum" is just an example of what the rune page would look like with a rune in place (the other ones look like empty slots).
: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
I had an idea where Kindred would be a unique transform champion: Each half of Kindred has their own set of abilities, but when you cast an ability for one, you automatically 'transform,' and the next ability you cast will be from the other half's kit (i.e. when you cast Lamb's Dance of Arrows, your abilities would switch to some sort of kit revolving around Wolf). Wolf will have a kit similar to Orianna's ball, and together, Kindred will do this sort of dance of death around their prey.
: Ah well, you should put more side detail or note like that to better explain stuff like that! Because now I understand. I'm not exactly sure what i'd change personally, but usually riot likes to keep their mechanics in check. Such as trap mechanics, the difference like teemos, jhins, and shaco, and then you have nids, jinxs, and caits. Each are traps, but go into a category, combining them makes your traps seem like a whole new mechanic they'd have to work around. You could just keep it in there, just to make it a high skill type playstyle instead though :p Yeah, wacker in the UK/AUS has some different definitions, some are insults, and in US they also can mean some insults, but are used in other words too. Such as weed-wacker, for the lawn, or wacker, which is old mobster killer lol.
Wow, multi-cultural landmines. XD I'm sure Riot also has to think about what the name means in every language the game is played in before they final-pass a champion. Well, after taking yours and RLVER KLNG's feedback into consideration, I've made some pretty radical adjustments to his E and R. I think his balance will just keep oscillating until I find a good point. Again, thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. :)
: Champion Concept- Ria the soul stolen
I really like her E. It's a really cool ability. I do agree with ScrubWaffles, though. Silence is an extremely strong CC, and Riot has all but removed it from the game. The AP ratio and damage on her Q is insane. It's higher than Malzahar's Malefic Visions. Is there some way to dodge that effect? If not, it is seriously OP. Actualy, the damage and AP ratios of all her abilities seem extremely high. If all 4 waves hit on her R, that's 800 magic damage at level 1, which is higher than Fiddlestick's Crowstorm (625). The ratio on the E is a whopping 80%, although that's after a 3 second tether. I would suggest lowering those values.
: Man o man, you're just throwing riots stuff outta the window :P [ I'll get to that } First of all, I do agree, Wacker, not the best name. I do like his Q and W, not so much E and R. His E seems, eh, i mean, does it have no health? If so, then you can just trap people, even if they can see it, if it does have health, too long of a time to go camo/invis, why does it go camo/invis in the first place? And it can't be disabled? Why make it invis inthe first place? Like I mention before, you're throwing out the mechanic of invis/traps stuff, by making it more complex than it needs to be :P If you're trying to synergize the trap mechanics you have, you gotta take something out of it, cause it seems too much like jhin, caitylns, nids, and teemo traps all in one, but with "wacky" mechanics. I saw you comment on the hitbox thing, I don't think it's that op of an idea, but you need to mask it, instead of "making hitbox bigger" At first I thought "uh no" But until I read the cho gath part, then you gotta come up with something, that shows and explains why the enemy's hitbox gets bigger. Like, the enemy gets encased in magic sand, acting like their skins, increasing X amount of units, and taking additional damage too because of it. Ya know, something like that. Overall, seems like a nice champ concept :]
Hi, thanks for your feedback! The traps are most similar to Zyra's seeds, except he needs to AA in order to activate them. They can be disabled simply by stepping on them. The idea behind the traps is based off of old Nidalee's playstyle: She pokes from afar and uses the traps for vision. However, in the old Nidalee kit, there wasn't much incentive to get close for the kill. So I made these traps in a way that forced Wacker to get close and endanger himself if he wanted to fully utilize his Q's potential. Stun followed by two volleys of Q and possibly a third, if the player is good. The stealth mechanic is simply for mind games. Obviously, an enemy won't chase Wacker into three traps if they can see them in plain sight. However, the opponents may see only one trap when there may actually be three in that area. What do you think I could remove to reduce the complexity? Any suggestions? The idea behind the ultimate was for an ability that enhanced the precision of his weapons. The hitbox size increase allows him to AA from farther away, and also allows his traps to activate from farther away, and also makes it easier to land his Q. Basically, he turns the tables and becomes the "hunter" for 6 seconds. It may fit thematically and be more balanced if the hitbox increase and damage amp only worked for Wacker, and not his teammates. I do think RLVER KLNG has a point, though. The hitbox increase is very big, and would be annoying to play against. My god, so many complaints about the name >.< I just google translated some German words. Wacker means "brave", and is pronounced Vah-ker. But in the end, the name doesn't matter too much to me. I just don't want to change it at this point because the thread has already been posted.
: Champion Concept ~ Xen'Gor , The Bloodborn Demon
Wow, those are some insane ability costs. He could probably kill himself faster than his enemies do. Maybe make those % current health instead? His abilities are nothing to laugh at either. 800 range charge and a 1 second fear that comes off cooldown every 3 seconds. I think you were trying to balance those abilities with incredibly high health costs, but I feel that that would just encourage an assassin-esque playstyle. Go in, kill them before they kill you, and then become invincible with your ultimate and proceed to CC everyone on the enemy team. I think he is too weak without his ultimate and too strong with it.
: Juggo -The marksman juggernaut CHAMPION CONCEPT
Hi, I'd like to give some feedback on this concept. Thematically, Rumble has already stolen the show for "Yordle Pilots Mech", so I think you would want to really differentiate this mech from his. Urgot was Riot's idea for an ADC Juggernaut. He wasn't very successful, mainly because he lacked range and survivability. I see that you've implemented both in this kit, but I feel that the passive may be too clunky. 350 is *very short*, and 800 is *very far*. With such a polarizing effect, this ability will be very hard to use and play against. In lane, his last two shots will be nigh impossible to avoid. He essentially gets free poke. With a passive like this, I see one of two things happening: Either he gets bullied out of lane, or he bullies his opponent out of lane. There is no in-between. I like the Q and the E. They're both cool abilities, but it feels like they don't belong on the same champion. The Q provides burst while E provides sustained damage. Juggernauts and ADC's aren't bursty champions. His general playstyle also doesn't seem clear to me, probably because he's a mix of two roles. Is he supposed to start a fight as an ADC and then switch to juggernaut form with his ultimate? If so, it would be very hard to do so with a measly 350 attack range.
: This champion shares a startling amount of thematic overlap with Sivir. Flat movement speed on auto-attacks for passive (except only when running away so this guy is encouraged to be an uncatcheable little shit), spell shield, team-wide utility ultimate - he's even Shuriman. His Q is fairly bland and does a pretty unfair amount of damage at lower levels, boasting a 225% AD ratio at level one, which can reset as long as he keeps hitting the same target. His traps require a ludicrous amount of set-up and perfect timing to be anywhere near useful. Caitlyn does his job better twice as fast. His ultimate sounds super cancerous. Increasing hitbox radius? Do you have any idea how big 150 units actually is? That's the entire auto-attack radius for a lot of melee champions, who usually have larger hitboxes in the first place. Whoever gets targeted by the ult will be hit by every skillshot that happens to be fired in their general direction. Cue level 16 when he makes an enemy champion 50 units bigger than Tahm Kench's old AA range - the largest melee AA range in the game's history. Plus damage amp, and a reveal, so good luck trying to duck into a bush to dodge a skillshot, as if you could do that in the first place. Plus, don't name him Wacker. That's just _begging_ for people to call him Wanker.
Well, of course, this is what theory-crafting is for. All those numbers are just a first pass. I based the ultimate's hitbox increase size off of Cho'gath's ultimate. In a much earlier version, I had 100/125/150, although I thought that was a bit tame. Yeah, I definitely had qualms about the Q. The reason I made the ratio so high was to dissuade the potential tank builds that may arise from a kit such as this. The idea is that it is hard to land all three, but rewarding. It does less damage than Taliyah's Threaded Volley and he can't move while casting it. Of course, there's still the level 1 cheese with Morgana bind. Perhaps I should increase its mana cost at earlier levels. Lol, I thought the traps were too powerful, and so I nerfed them down to the state they are in now. Do you have any suggestions for making them more viable? Name is w/e.
: So a male jinx?
lol I didn't even notice when I was designing him but yeah, now I can definitely see the similarities. I was going for a less-psychotic more-mischievous feel though. I guess I didn't push that idea enough.
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Porocles (NA)
: They usually don't auto populate in previews, but should after you make your post. Also check out the [Boards Formatting 101]( post for some more comprehensive formatting methods! Test complete. :D
Thanks! I'm just used to showcasing in HTML, and I find this API a little limiting. That link will provide great help though! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Pyro (EUNE)
: I'd like to know how the hell did this thing get 12 upvotes. Smurfs?
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