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tseihei (NA)
: Hi, do you have a different keyboard around that you could use just to see if the same occurs. You could test it out in a custom game against a bot or something.
I don't have another keyboard handy, but given that I can't replicate it outside league no matter how much I try, doesn't that suggest it's not a hardware issue?
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: Not really, Ryze needs to stack mana but he doesn't need regen. You get your archangel and your roa and that's it. The thing that makes this item strong is that you can do your burst combo sooner (you're less reliant on the 10-20-30 CDR you get from your ulti), and he also synergises well with the spellvamp, which makes his early laning phase (his weakest point) slightly easier.
It would at least be interesting to see it play out!
Crett (NA)
: {{champion:8}} {{champion:238}}
I hadn't considered Vladimir. Jeeessus that would be brutal!
: This would make Ryze strong AF.
Hey thanks for the reply! I don't know how strong it would be on Ryze to be honest- it doesn't give any Mana regen which, from what I understand, Ryze very much needs.
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: Champion Reveal: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
Chronobreak is really underwhelming... I was hoping for something with a little more strategic value than 'turn invincible, gain health, deal damage'. Overly generic compared to what they could have done.


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