EKamii (NA)
: The other guy stating her counters is pretty much correct, but another counter to Yuumi is Soraka because of her Silence/Root, preventing you from W'ing back to your lane partner. I wish I could give the advice I COULD have been able to give if Riot didn't butcher her into the ground, but she can still be useful. Because of the nerfs, you're solely at the mercy of whoever you are on, because hopping off your teammates is just too risky due to the 5 second CD on W if you get hard CC'd. In Early game, you should atleast look for a suitable time to hop off your partner for a short second and use your passive to get mana back and hop back in as fast as possible. Make sure the enemy doesn't have or already used their hard CC before making the decision, because if you get caught, you're 99% dead. Once you're in team fights, it's very risky to switch between teammates because if you get CC'd, you're 100% dead this time, so make sure you stick to someone you believe can dish out the most damage and carry the game. Don't even bother trying to use your passive AT ALL in team fights unless you're 100% confident you can make it back to your partner ALIVE. So in these cases, stick to someone you know will carry and win the fight, and keep them alive at all costs. It is OK to try to keep other teammates alive, just make the decisions wisely. Because of the nerfs, it is much harder to be successful in lane, especially at the mercy of your lane partner. If they suck, you suck, it doesn't matter how good you are with Yuumi. Either communicate with your teammate and work around each other and the enemy, or pray that one of your other teammates starts carrying and stick to them instead. On to roaming... NEVER EVER roam alone, because if you do, you are just a walking snacc waiting to be eaten by the enemy jungler. It's not a matter of WILL the enemy jungler kill you, it's a matter of WHEN. Don't take chances, stick with your teammates. It's OK to hop off and float alittle to ward a brush, but you must ALWAYS be in range of a teammate with your W, because you know what will happen if an enemy sees a tasty floating bag of gold. Roam ONLY with your teammates. Make sure to use your ult when it can guaruntee a kill or a win in a fight, I'm not going to tell you exactly when or how, just follow your gut, just don't be an idiot like me. Just always use it in a teamfight for sure, it is Yuumi's strongest ability. Builds? Rush {{item:3174}} , then go in this order: {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} The last two items can be whatever you want I guess, I don't know the latest Yuumi builds these days, but this is what I've been following for a while now. Oh yeah, and take {{summoner:3}} and{{summoner:14}} . You don't need flash or even heal anymore, since you can't teleport with your teammates now T_T That's about all I got to give now I think. Been maining Yuumi since Day 2. Don't like at all how Riot has been treating her, but that's just what happens when you main 2018/2019/2020 Reworks and Champions, because more often than not, Riot WILL kill them as a champion. But anyway, have fun and good luck out there. Have fun with any champion you want. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: I'm a Yuumi main since she came to the PBE. I have plenty of experience to share with her! Some things you should know about the cat: -She is always not gonna be great in solo q. You're team and adc reliant. Keep it in mind, there are better champs to climb with than Yuumi. But since you say you're a casual I assume you're looking for a fun support to play, in which case you're completely in the right place. -You might get flame for picking her. It hasn't happened to me since her release when she had a 29% winrate but it still happens on ocassion - people don't like Yuumi on their team because she's seen as afk or useless. 1. Builds: Athenes is always your first item, Yuumi is good at stacking it and it makes your healing crazy. It also gives Yuumi all the early stats she wants - AP, CDR, and mana regen. Second item is situational - if I'm ahead or I have an adc like Twitch, Kai'Sa, Kog'Maw, Jinx, etc then I'll go Ardent Censer. If I'm behind or my adc is something like an Ezreal or Jhin that doesn't benefit much from Ardent's attack speed then I'll build Redemption, or something like Crucible if their team is super CC heavy. After that, it's pretty situational. You can go Rabadons - it's expensive but it lets you give crazy AD/AP to whoever you attach to - Twin Shadows for pick potential, or Shurelyas to let your team engage. 2. Lane strategy: Yuumi used to be able to dominate lane phase pretty well, since she had a passive shield, and if you poke her down it didn't matter much because as long as Yuumi's hp isn't 0 it doesn't really matter. Plus she could easily dodge skillshots with her W, when it didn't have a channel time. That isn't the case anymore, her passive shield and Q damage has been heavily nerfed, so you'll be forfeiting a lot of lane priority and trying to scale as best you can. How you play is dependant on both your ADC and the enemy botlane. If the enemy botlane is something weak like a Kog/Twitch paired with a Janna/Lulu and your adc is Draven/Lucian/Tristana then you can go pretty ham, you can try and get in constant poke with autos and Q's. However if the enemy botlane is something like Lucian/Braum and your adc is Jinx you need to play safe, get passive procs when it's safe to do so, and use the mana you restore to keep your ADC topped up. 3. Team fights: Now this is tricky - Yuumi's latest changes aimed at encouraging her to attach to her ADC more, rather than a bruiser/juggernaut/assassin. Her E now grants attack speed, meaning staying on your ADC is beneficial, but at the same time, staying on your Malphite or Sejuani to speed up the engage with ult is great too. What I do is I usually hop onto a frontliner, so I can get an ult off to lock down the enemy team, then I'll hop to my ADC (Summon Aery procs Ardent, then my E attack speed stacks it and it results in some pretty insane stuff, especially if I've got a Kaisa or Jinx.) Teamfighting as Yuumi is kinda tricky because it's easy to misclick and attach to the wrong person or accidentally detach, you should try and hop onto people who are being jumped on and heal them up. Also, unless you're certain that enemy CC is down, don't detach to get a passive shield, it isn't worth it basically ever. 4. Roaming: Generally, Yuumi isn't too good at roaming. Reason being - she rarely builds boots, so if she's caught by the enemy jungler or mid, she's dead since she only really has her E movespeed to get away. Couple this with the fact that she doesn't take flash and you won't get away if the enemy jungler or mid finds you. Especially if they're mobile. If yuumi does roam it'll be with someone, i.e her jungler or adc. 5.Synergies and counters: Yuumi goes well with: {{champion:236}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:875}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:51}} Yuumi counters: (She doesn't really counter anybody, but these are her easiest lanes: {{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:25}} Yuumi gets countered: {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:16}} (Before the next changes come with pach 10.2, Soraka's a hard counter since her silence disables your W) {{champion:119}} plus any champ that can burst down her adc before she can heal them. When to pick yuumi: -When your team has good engage -When your team has a slippery, high-damage assassin like Kayn, you can make him immortal -Your ADC has decent self-peel (Ezreal, Lucian, Xayah, Sivir) -The enemy team doesn't have too much hard cc or pick potential relying on hard cc When not to pick yuumi: -Aggressive, hard-engage supports (your adc will be 1v2) -Your adc is reliant on an enchanter support to help them through laning phase (Kog, Jinx) -Your team isn't really looking to hard engage (think {{champion:518}} top, {{champion:13}} mid, {{champion:203}} jungle, and {{champion:21}} adc I might have missed out some things but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. If you're looking to main Yuumi, do be prepared for the insane flame that comes with it, not only in-game but on places like the boards and reddit too. People hate Yuumi players.
wow thank you!!! this is exactly what i was looking for, great break down! yeah, ill be thinking of some questions forsure after i let this info sink in
Nixzilla (NA)
: Riot DESTROYED her, unless you really like playing her I would get someone new to try. She use to be one of the most fluid champs to play with a fun albeit busted kit. Now she's super clunky and garbage at everything. RIP Yuumi
I rarely play her anyways. just looking for ways to impov my yuumi play for when i do pick her.
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Terozu (NA)
: I have! I was feeling sick so i played a game, kept having to go afk to throw up, glad my team was understanding about that. XD
In a weird way being sick and nauseous kinda made me play better lol
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Tech demands most likely; depending on how the queue and the tech's set up it might be impossible to have two maps in rotation. Remember When Butcher's Bridge was around, the Howling Abyss was inaccessible. Right now they probably just don't have the prepared tech, server capacity or something else that would be necessary to bring the map in to circulation again.
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: Anyone main out of meta/unpopular champions?
Anivia Mid and Sup Mordekaiser Mid and Top Maokai Jungle and sup I get a lot of crap in Ranked but fuck em, i feel like i play better with these champs than any other.
: Things we wish Riot would do. (a.k.a. The Daily Reminder List/Meanwhile in Bot Lane...)
Yes i really want another 5v5 map. that magma chamber is so fucking epic
: Did anyone actually buy the Chroma Packs?
they didnt make one for anivia, so no
Meªt (NA)
: Why aren't Chromas being pumped out?
they don't have any chromas for champs i play so im not buying em. as soon as they make some for anivia maokai or mordekaiser im buying for sure!
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: oh my they're making a completely optional product for their fans to buy how horrible a free to play game is trying to make a profit this is new and exciting how about if it's so easy to make chromas you get off your lazy ass and make some yourself and save the $2?
> [{quoted}](name=The Vi Guy,realm=EUNE,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=owdIgnsW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-21T22:09:54.675+0000) > > oh my > they're making a completely optional product for their fans to buy > how horrible > a free to play game is trying to make a profit > this is new and exciting > > > how about > if it's so easy to make chromas > you get off your lazy ass and make some yourself and save the $2? ^^
: summoner's rift map skins
Since riot seems to mostly just want us to play just one game mode on One map endlessly, i think they should shuffle through random map skins each game. like Demacia/Noxus/Shurima/Bandle City/Bilgewater/Piltover/Zaun/Shadow Isles /Freljord /Icathia or just shuffle through regular SR with different weather or seasons.
: What are some hard champions?
Anivia is pretty easy to get the hang of but mastering her combos takes some time. for example using her E and before it hits throw your ult down on the enemy (frosting them) so E takes its full dmg Another one is Using your Q before it hits cast E and detonate your Q to get the extra dmg as E also hits for full dmg. and of course using her wall correctly takes a lot of practice and intuition as to not fk yourself or your team over.
Tìe (NA)
: I think its about damn time Anivia gets a Visual Update
YES! as an anivia main, i want a good VU, that new splash art to finally come out!, and more skins!
Umritesvi (EUNE)
This is pretty much one of the game modes i mentioned a few weeks ago lol http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/summoners-rift/yaVyNYN8-a-few-game-modes-that-i-think-would-be-very-fun
: rubber chicken anivia
+ 1 for riot to make any new anivia skins! i have them all and i want more
: A few Game Modes that I think would be Very Fun!
Equifox (EUW)
: ZYRA - sakura skin concept + particles and splash
: Not having mobility in this metagame won't kill you
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Jamaree (NA)
: 1. Nasus is now not viable...period. APCs and ADCs are now god. 2. That could work, could be like dominion in a sense. Would be fun as hell to play Hide and Seek on. 3. Also could work.
yeah those slow start champions would be in hell on that mode lol. And a jungle dominion actually sounds pretty cool now that ya mention it.
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: The voice in the video sort of reminds me of this guys voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcbj8BBsWSA
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: Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower, revealed
wile this champion looks super epic and i'm forsure going to get her. why make another void jg? why not make a void support to complete the voidborn team!?
: Pls tell me fizz is getting a nerf sometime soon?
mordekaiser counters the hell out of him! all his spells hit him before he even thinks about toll-polling he pushes wave his shield if timed right can negate most of his dmg and win trades. i love when someone first picks fizz <3
: What's Your Season 2015 Resolution?
Luuma (NA)
: If they implemented a bigger map. I wouldn't play it unless it was 7v7. Games would take around an hour to an hour and a half. That being the AVERAGE time. If the map gets bigger, EVERYTHING else should be increased as well. i.e. Not two but FOUR buff camps.Maybe adding a Poison Adder camp with a new effect? Maybe a Mage Camp or Elemental camp. While Baron and Dragon still there but slightly stronger, they create a a Basilisk or Lion (some type of beast, use your imagination) camp. Add smaller but new jungle camps and divide them evenly. Maybe you can have TWO junglers now? What about the triple bot lane? Quad jungle with all solo lanes? Making everything bigger just increases the versatility and would really push people towards a meta they didn't even know existed. Cool idea though!
thats a really good idea actually lol
: I love the laning phase. The problem with new maps is that no one uses them.
I thinks its just dominion. aram has lots of people and TTs got a pretty good following. but yeah, probably wouldnt have the traffic SR does
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: Haunting Nocturne needs a texture update too!
yes it does seem a bit dated. pls riut!
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: OP's right, we need a true native of the Void. A lady one!
: You have Kass and malz. put vel in the support role. Or you can go with the battlecast theme and take skaner in the jungle and Khz mid with support vel.
Kass and malz arn't void-born. what i want is more like an actual support void. not really something like vel going sup
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: So let's discuss the topside HUD fail
zooming is a bad fix for this. just let me lock my camera WHEREVER i want and were gooood
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: Practice Mode
id like a never ending lane where you can practice cs for as long as you want. give options to not gain exp too


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