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: "thanks Riot" Was it really Riot's fault though? Why does Ashe have a Spirit Visage What the fuck?
She has Spirit Visage to defend against the 2 AP champions on the enemy team. Spirit Visage works on adc's because the passive bonus healing on it applies to life steal as well. Generally this is a build used if you spot someone building thornmail to counter you and it is viable on almost every adc save a few. That said, no one built thornmail, so she probably built it so she could survive team fighting a little bit easier. Since the AP on their team (Kayle and Fizz) is more DPS than burst, and the low amount of CC on the team, this is also a better option than building BV or QSS/MS.
: Random people in game getting the kill
This happened to me when I had a support Lux. Enemy Shyvana and Lucian tower dove us and the two of us split. Lux fought Shyv under the tower and I fought Lucian. The tower last hit both enemy champions, but even though Lux never attacked Lucian, she was given the kill for him. About a game or two later, I was playing with my friend who did support Lulu. He had backed away from enemy specifically to let me have a kill on the enemy Darius, but even though he had ended any and all damage output on the enemy, the game still chose to give the kill to him after I landed the last hit.


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