Zixxii (NA)
: AP Qiyana bug with Liandry's
[Here's another clip of the bug in an actual game](https://youtu.be/Ez7b0JIHPaY) enemy basically did around 2k damage with a single Q without even having full build.
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: Ranked dominion?
This is the best idea since Ryze perma snare. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
We did it boys, New {{champion:154}} Skin.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I am probably extremely BM :D I got chat restriction like 4 times this season or something.
: Riot Kayle on patrol for Gamescom 2014!
"Join the force with Riot Kayle and her fellow squad mates Riot Blitzcrank, Riot graves and Riot K-9 Nasus" Umm riot? I think you're forgetting someone. {{champion:27}} {{item:3070}}
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
Lol now we have a beautiful summoners rift where all the champs look like minecraft characters compared to the map.


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