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: Unfair TFT Beta Pass expectations
I did all the missions and played casually and had np getting the egg, on 3 accounts.... Not sure how this run will go w/ less xp from the orbs, but if anything like the last runs, if you play consistently rewards are all easily attainable.
Once you get a few wins/level up, you won't see bots in ARAM. I have low-high lvl accounts and can't remember the last date I saw them. I mean, first aram or two, got bots.. Stomped hard and started getting matched up/against good people and never saw a bot again. Tbh it made me a bit sad how quickly the bots went away.. Enemy team full of bots was a super easy chest/s
: Petition to extend the date earning tokens from the worlds event mission
I haven't spent any tokens yet because of what might get added down the line. They will get spent the a day or two before the event ends. Then I also have max tokens and figure out what I can all get etc. Not sure why folks would blow their load early when there is a chance for something else to be added before the event ends. If I'm not mistaken, last event same thing happened. Stuff got added. Lesson learned, wait til the end next time.. Didn't vote because neither option is viable imo.
: TFT 3 stars
I faced a guy/girl who had 2 3 stars near the end of 2-*.. I was lucky enough to have 2: 2 stars... Most others weren't building what I was, just rng.. Sucks haha.. I have seen 3 2 stars right after creeps where I haven't been lucky enough to get 1 2 star.. It hurts but that's what you get in this rng heavy mode..
: Aram is unplayable
Guessing you are on a low lvl account? I experienced bots for a few games on a new account. Once I got a few wins and stuff, never saw a bot again.. Haven't seen a bot in aram in such a long time.. Seemed like pre-lvl 10 there were some but after that, nadda..
jovack (NA)
: I'm all for playing as little of TFT as possible, however, the "get to 3-6" needs to be done 10 times. and in 5 days... so to not risk missing any quests behind it, of course you'll end up spamming the games anyway, thus making the 3 day orb irrelevant.
I've always skipped the play 10 games and walked away/waited until next round starts..
jovack (NA)
: 3 day Orb reset is a bit excessive
Thank them.. They are trying to make it easier to play way less.. W/ the length of time on the reset, I'll do my quests, get my 5 orbs banked and come back when it's ready to collect. Hope they up the xp though because if it's still the same lousy xp for 3 days wait as 1 day, it will be a big hit to the rewards..
: I mean its not hard to get level 3 units to be honest, I've tried it multiple times and its pretty easy. Now I just shoot for late game comps and try to hit them earlier than everyone else. Seems to be the only reliable way to beat people who can 3 star 3-4 units.
: Rolling for 3-star Units, How do you win against this
All about rng.. Can still blow your load and not get 3 star units... Then need the rng to get the right items for said 3 star units or they are worthless..
: When are PBE changes going live?
i thought next week sometime.. it was definitely posted by riot... check the announcements.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Lost with 6 nobles, 2 dragons, 4 knights
Or wild.... Need to counter the dodge and easy shut down..
: 3 star units at stage 3-1
I've sadly seen them (other teams) earlier than that.. lmfao.. Skill mode, really...
Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ztoka,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=n1gFidxq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-28T21:57:33.620+0000) > > A 3 star veigar is another story but need to be pretty lucky to get that.. Not really, I build many times 3 stars Shyvana, so why not 3 stars Veigar ? If you succeed 3 stars Veigar game over. Doesn't matter what synergies and the other units you and your opponent have, just give him mana.
RNG/LUCK as most builds in this game... As many times as I have tried, think it happened once.. Then you need double luck to get the items that make him strong/fast casting.. 3 star veigar can still be shut down a bit by say 2 dragons w/ claw. assassin positioned right to jump right on him and 1 shot/kill him (faced someone the other night who had a 2 star veigar and my Rengar 1 shot his ass. Would be just as easy to 1 shot a 3 star veigar.. Blitz positioned right to pull vei and he's dead. Lots of veigar counters like everything else. So many folks complain about xyz champ ruins the game but that is rarely the case, they typically just have no idea how to build/set up/itemize against them.
: I just don't understand why I am getting flamed in URF
Not sure why you would ever go into fights 1v5 knowingly.. Fun mode of not...
evolvox (EUNE)
: For me its unfun when certain champs get played. Yi cant even be targeted because he spams q after q. Or veigar that oneshots everyone.
> [{quoted}](name=evolvox,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gJVBk4qu,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2019-10-29T17:37:09.071+0000) > > For me its unfun when certain champs get played. Yi cant even be targeted because he spams q after q. Or veigar that oneshots everyone. I actually played veigar one game.. The enemy had lux, morg, yi, olaf and blitz.. Morg just permashielded everyone (allowed em to just run through veigars cage) while her and lux continually tossed stuns, yi/olaf were resistant to move change the whole time so e didn't work at all. Veigar w/ no peel against a massive move speed boost yi/olaf doesn't do a whole lot. Was a bad time lol.. Not to mention the morg pools everywhere because of how quickly they came out..
: URF isn't that great
I guess this was riots way of giving us URF but making sure people got sick of it so quickly, they wouldn't lose 1/2 their player base for a time after it went away.. While this URF isn't nearly as fun as the URF I remember, I couldn't stand ARURF because getting stuck w/ xyz champ while the enemy got abc champ just sucked..
: About players on urf
While URF may be frustrating, at least I get to choose the champ I get stomped on.. There are comps champs that are just wrong, but if it gets bothersome enough, I take a break from the mode or play the yi/kayle etc myself.. Think I might actually play yi tonight... Kayle gets my everlasting ban though... haha..
: Hecarim is one of the largest abuse cases of URF mode though. He's not called Helicopter Horse for no reason.
{{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:25}} are utter bs in this mode.. lol..
Zemasu (EUW)
: "We are removing login screen so you can log in faster"
For those of us who have more than one account, this completely sucks.. Before, I could kill the client, open it, type my login info and there was league.. Now, sign out, enter login info and loading................ for a good 10-15+ seconds on a ssd.. Pretty craptastic. Thinking something on their end is screwy because my stripped down, base work pc loads league about as quickly as I can load league at home w/ 32g ram and ssd hard drive...
: The new TFT has one big problem
I have posted this before also.. One (room for 2 actually) slot would help a lot w/ the influx of champs they are releasing. Many games, no matter who is not building said champ, I don't see any of them.. I think this is because there are just too many dang champs. A slot or two would at least help give a better chance to see something through 20 re rolls..
: At what date does the beta pass end?
Guessing one last round of quests and it will be over..
Huiwee (NA)
: veigar is breaking the game
I haven't seen a 2 star veigar 1 shot other 2 stars unless they are squishy. A 3 star veigar is another story but need to be pretty lucky to get that..
: So what's the counter to assassins?
wouldn't hurt to try throwing a couple hextech in there for a chance to disable the items..
Retrauk (NA)
: I ended up getting Dawnbringer Riven as my free legendary, which is a nice skin but... I just don't play Riven at all. BUT, from the other various rewards I got through the event I got a step closer to owning every champion (only 3 unowned now,) I got Corporate Mundo too, and Battlecast Alpha Skarner, and Annieversary obviously. I got a free Little Legend to add to my small collection. I now have enough prestige points to get one of the skins, but I'm saving it for now. All in all this event's been pretty great.
> [{quoted}](name=Retrauk,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jynUsl0L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-28T15:44:04.039+0000) > > I ended up getting Dawnbringer Riven as my free legendary, which is a nice skin but... I just don't play Riven at all. BUT, from the other various rewards I got through the event I got a step closer to owning every champion (only 3 unowned now,) I got Corporate Mundo too, and Battlecast Alpha Skarner, and Annieversary obviously. I got a free Little Legend to add to my small collection. I now have enough prestige points to get one of the skins, but I'm saving it for now. > > All in all this event's been pretty great. Same.. I was sad, but w/ all the free stuff, I won't complain. Have bunny riven and arcade riven also.. Oh well, one more skin for a champ I don't play anymore. Could be a lot worse though, lol.
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: Lux, qiyana and complaints.
Totally fun if you manage to get her.. Totally unfun to play against her, haha.. Sort of like a 2 star kayle w/ the right items. It's a blast having kayle perma shielding your team, massive tilt if she is on the enemy team perma shielding.. I imagine you will have to be an insane lvl to even see her. Now, at max lvl you have a 10% (iirc) chance to get a 5 cost.. Lux being 7 will probably be 2% at lvl 8 or 9 so unless things change a lot, most folks will never even see her outside of carousel unless their rng is good.
: You already know. Some skin for a champion you probably don't even play that was in every LCS game, a border and a ward. Do they still do jackets for challengers?
I thought the jackets stopped a year or two ago due to issues.. I'm not challenger so not sure though..
: i hate this gamemode so much. rng is cancerous for me.
Void2258 (NA)
: Randomness is too big a factor
Update, last night I was playing a match and decided to try for a {{champion:236}} . Finally got a 2 star built at raptors.. Before that, I was trying to econ and stuff but anytime I would rr/go to a new round w/ a new champ pool to choose from, I wasn't seeing him appear at all.. Clicked through the other 7 people playing to see if a bunch of folks were building him thus the reason why I wasn't seeing him. I was literally the only person w/ him on my bench. There wasn't a single lucian anywhere.. Rng can just suck..
KazKaz (OCE)
: So what's the point of the Yordle buff?
So RNG based. I have had 6 yordles that never seem to dodge. Face an opponent (different match all together) and all I see is miss, miss, miss, miss and I'm like wth, they are dodging everything.. Upon closer inspection, they have 3 yordles that dodge more in one round than I seem to all game combined w/ 6.. I get rng but the calculating needs to be better so someone building 3 doesn't dodge more than you building 6... BTW RNG hates me..
: You gonna tell us what the end of season ranked rewards are? This is the last patch...
Nice, I was coming here to post the same thing.. Rewards for the end of season? Something special for gold+ rng?
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Void2258 (NA)
: Randomness is too big a factor
The mode needs more builds that can win.. Sadly, there are a few comps that are just op and everyone goes for them, thus the heavy rng factor. I get being able to adapt is a big part of the mode, but even then, you heavily rely on rng to stand a chance. So many games I don't see certain 2 cost units (though no one else is building them) which I feel is in a big part, too many champs w/ too few available per roll. Would be nice to have 2 more champs avail per roll. They should really implement this, especially as the game is around longer and more champs are added, chances of getting something are so flippin random. Honestly making the mode less fun. I can deal w/ no items and gold instead, but gold does no good when you re roll a ton and still don't get what you are looking for.
: So are you saying that you would hapily lose your account that you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars because your mother decided to have a heart attack? People take the 15 lp that most diamond players get too seriously. u aren't gonna get paid for winning a soloq game. grow up and learn to lose. the enemies go afk too.
I've not known anyone to lose their account for afking. Leavebuster, maybe a x day ban, but a perma ban for going afk. Doubt that has ever happened or ever will..
: Please fix the Lack of punishment issued to AFK players in Diamond+
Punishments should be heavy whether you are iron, diamond, or challenger. Just because someone isn't high elo doesn't mean they don't still ruin the game for someone. Punishments should be equal across the board because someone who's trolling deserves punishment, even in unranked..
: game balance
It's RNG.. The random aspect of this game is HEAVY!! Can't tell you how many games I don't see certain 3, 4, or 5 cost units despite no one building them.. And with more champions/bigger pool, you will see more and more of that.. Getting close to personally dumpstering this mode :(
Tangibly (NA)
: Item Drops
I can't remember the last time i got a {{item:1038}} or a {{item:1043}} to drop from creeps. If I don't get them in carousel, I don't get them. Really sucks because you have to lose to get a CHANCE at an item you want.. Rng is rng though, and that is 90% of this mode.. Seems to be getting more and more rng dependent as the game ages.. Which is making it a lot less fun.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: My friend got Teemo but someone dodged. after we accepted, he got Teemo again, but once again someone dodged. We accepted a third time, and we was both surprised to see that he didn't get Teemo... And then he rerolled... 3 Teemos in a row dosnt seem very random to me{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I wish I could get Teemo every aram <3 Never enough Teemo...
: They said they won't unlock all champs for ARAM because it would cost them a lot of money to do so. In the end, it comes down to greed.
Also comes down to game play/flow. Unlock all champs, you will have a LOT more dodges which will lead to longer times until the match starts. Make dodge penalties worse you say, now you have the troll feeding/flaming/afking most of the game because they got something they didn't want but couldn't dodge. I've had games where I have gone through 5+ lobbies due to dodging. So much fun. Queue, get a lobby, someone dodges at 5 seconds.. Time wasted. Rinse and repeat 5+ times, close league and walk away..
: I have every champion unlocked. Not gonna lie. I get the same group of champions each champ select.
My main account has almost every champ unlocked.. Few I just can't stand that aren't. There are champs I own and never get them in aram and others that seem to come up all the freakin time.. Some champs I bought back in the day and can no longer stand to play at all, others love those same champs I can't stand.. Aram isn't as random as people think it is...
: Micro-balancing ARAM has unintended consequences and should be stopped
Balance TFT first since it actually has ranked. All the aram balancing makes no sense to me because it is a screw off mode w/ no ranked..
: Shapeshifters buff not applying with 3 Shapeshifters on the map
U know, "beta"... Excuses the bug fest... Ready for ranked..
: Thieves gloves giving Loot box
TFT mode buggy AF. What does riot do, let's release more games despite our most recent addition being a bug fest!!!!
stranor (EUNE)
: Thief's gloves giving rhief's gloves
Pretty stupid when it gives 2 zekes, 2 lockets etc. happened to me a lot last game.... Should be coded to not give 2 of something unless the bonus stacks (maybe it does doesn't seem like it though).
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: I agree, they need to fix the rng on the items and champs a lot more, because there are literally games where we lose miles apart just because of nothing but rng.
RNG is such a huge factor. Even w/ a good comp, having the wrong items can screw ya.. Sadly, rng hates me. Every now and then things work out, then 1/2 of the players are crying because rng chose me for once.. lol.
: Ok, I'll grant some for all that made it in so far (which is more than 5). Running low on RP. But, I'll be playing some games if people want to join me later, and will probably hand out some RP there .. if you roleplay as your champion the entire game.
Wow, that was super cool of u to hook so many folks up :D
: I missed you all
I hit honor 5 last year and the year before. This year, due to the game taking a big dive imo, I've played so little, I'm honor 3, checkpoint 2 of 3.. lol.
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