Augean (NA)
: Patches keep the game new and interesting enough to actually play the game. If there were no patches the game would be boring because it would never change.
The game is already boring with these kinds of patches, though. They are nerfing things that shouldn't be nerfed, as well as buffing things that shouldn't be buffed. Also, they introduce several questionable changes that screw the balance. It seems that the player base is not seeing a change to what they _prefer_, only what they _don't_ need. And Riot thinks otherwise. So, what is the point of a patch if it does not favor the players' needs, exactly? Many players are addicted to this game, but if they weren't they would have uninstalled in a heart beat. Still not convinced. Only different game modes like URF keep the game interesting for a while, at least.
: Patch 9.18 notes
Patches kill the game. Convince me otherwise.
Zxall (NA)
: ARAM AFK Players
I guess whatever it is that is causing this, they need to fix it asap. Thanks for your opinions, really appreciate them.
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Comentários de Rioters
Refflexx (NA)
: No LP Gain For Last Win
Same here; I won game but after it said that the server was down. My ranked win shows up on my match history, but no LP gained. I was at 16 LP, but today I won another game (now at 36 LP), and it should be 56 LP.


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