: Anyone else just never feel like logging in, but still surf the Boards?
Tbh I enjoy the game a lot and logging on the boards makes me enjoy it less. But I have nothing else to do during these boring ass lectures.
: Meanwhile they bring busted af crit adc back but jg is forced to be lower level than supports. If you watch pro games almost every jungler is 2 levels behind solo laners at 15 min.
> [{quoted}](name=ChrisBrownze,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=t2MONuZW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-08T17:46:28.712+0000) > > Meanwhile they bring busted af crit adc back but jg is forced to be lower level than supports. If you watch pro games almost every jungler is 2 levels behind solo laners at 15 min. Are they 2 levels behind support tho? Since support is higher level than them now... according to you.
Doge2020 (NA)
: Problem is that most of the other runes in that tree and tier are way more beneficial to the supp. Sure you can use that rune, I’m just saying that if you want the most optimal runes that give you the biggest chance of winning then going a different rune than minion dematerializer is the better choice.
Not really. In hard lanes where going for the cannon = death or losing half ur health bar, dematerializer is too good. Like if I’m Blitz vs Brand, I will eat too much harass to go for a cannon especially if they are slow pushing or harassing under tower.
: Was this really not an S worthy game?
16 kill participation in a 50 kill game. CS nothing to speak of. So you pretty much didn’t group much, and still didn’t manage to get any impressive CS numbers. Combine that with potentially low vision scores and there’s ur answer.
: Quitting League...
: I can see it. Reducing his cooldowns will make him sticky as hell and give him a lot of AoE presence in teamfights.
> [{quoted}](name=Zone0ut,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0iAmUAiw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-05T20:48:55.959+0000) > > I can see it. Reducing his cooldowns will make him sticky as hell and give him a lot of AoE presence in teamfights. But then he actually needs to auto you in the first place to even get the effect. Rip.
: This experience is comparing it to last season. After I got placed to plat 3 after those ten games last season, I went up to help my friend get out of silver so he can solely climb from gold upwards. Players were decent, of course, they were bad but not to the point where they randomly take their junglers buffs as 0/6 TOPLANE, or die to an enemy toplane and then teleport back straight in and die again just to write "gg" and go afk.
People in Plat do that every other game. Lol. U serious?
: If you mean the entire ranking up from game 1 and stuff then yeah. I really don't know if you mean something else so I won't make any claims, but all I see is MAJOR skill difference between silvers last season and this season. It's alarming how different it is and honestly I think the new system takes all credits for it.
Also don’t believe you ended Diamond 2 last season lol...
Blaxonec (EUNE)
: If you are talking about position ranks, yes its the old system. But at the end of the preseason I am sure that they changed the algorithms. A lot of people complain here. I was one of them, one of my games my adc was from bronze while we were all plats.
It’s because MMR and rank have been stretched so far apart with the new “start in iron 4” bullshit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=Ya1qPjBb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-04T12:11:49.909+0000)Also it should go without saying that people should have some sort of verification process on posting guides and giving advice. No offense, but I would not strongly consider advice from somebody below at least Plat 4. I'm afraid this would be a dealbreaker to me personally. One of the core tenants of this board is that everyone is allowed to have input, whether they're Iron 4 with 0LP or Challenger Rank 1. A sub-board where we limit what people are allowed to post based on rank is a non-starter as a result. You don't need to read/respond to posters you feel aren't high enough rank for you to care, but we aren't planning to cut them out of any aspect of the community.
I don’t think it should be restricted. Summonerschool is not restricted. Good guides from high elo players reach the top out of merit. Issue is no high elo players come on the boards. The guides would be mobafire meme tier and people are better off in summonerschool.
: How to get out of Silver ?
Vayne is one of the best champs to hard carry in low elo. If you can’t win games it’s most likely your own fault. Remember: not feeding does not equal carrying. Try split pushing. People have no idea how to deal with it.
: Pretty much it just slows down Lucian early game and makes him have to choose a bit more. Does her use his Q for greater damage, or does he use his W for a bit of poke that might not be worth the mana cost? Overall, Lucian is on the strong side and this probably isn't enough, but gating him behind his mana costs further early on isn't a bad idea. One must also remember that crit items are being changed next patch so stay tuned...
No lol. His Q does the same amount of base damage level 1 (with only a bonus AD ratio) and he won’t be able to use it on the enemy lane lvl 1. Actually he’ll do more damage with W since people have higher base armour + take armour runes against him. And also you can start proccing manaflow band early. Like in a good lane: Q auto auto does the same damage as W auto auto. Except with W auto auto you stop all retaliation with your move speed disengage after short trade so enemy can’t extend trade and abuse Lucian. In bad lanes you poke and proc manaflow band for free. Reducing W level 1 base damage + buffing Crit ADCs is effective nerf to him.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Voli jungle was in a bad place before patch and is now even worse since he is shit at clearing and the only thing he was good at was aggressive ganking. Also he is very good at lvl 2 ganking. Exactly what Riot nerfed (targeting Xin, Camille, Panth). Only difference: These 3 can just focusing on jungle a bit more now with nice clearing speed while Voli is still shit at it. I have the feeling that he got hit the hardest from the jungle nerf. And his buffs are a joke. Still lowest playrate and one of the lowest winrates in jungle. But that doesn't surprise me. These buffs were a joke from start on. Totally missing his real problems. ggwp I am having a pretty shitty time so far.
I mean. Volibear doesn’t _hate_ building Tiamat if he’s gonna be power farming.
Antenora (EUW)
: Ezreal is fine. Lucian needs nerfing.
Ezreal is definitely a “win more” champion. If the enemy team is ahead he is the bane of your fucking existence. Playing dodgeball 24/7. Can’t get vision without eating poke. Can’t clear waves without eating poke. Impossible to actually kill him. If they’re behind he just desperately tries to clear waves and tickle you as you clap his whole team.
: His rework is probably the biggest failure out of the bunch. Even bigger than Kog'maw - it was supposed to prevent him from instantly deleting anything he clicks on, instead they ended up making him BETTER at instantly deleting anything he clicks on - while at the same time making all other possible playstyles and builds completely unviable, forcing Rengar to ALWAYS build for a one-shot click playstyle or be worthless to his team.
... and how was he useful to his team before his rework...? He’s always been 1-shot style until his rework where he started to build off-tank.
: Popular Opinion: Pyke is fkn busted/overloaded/needs nerfs
GigglesO (NA)
: I did say Diamond+ (NA) Mid Morde. last 7 days. I'm not being deceptive in any way. I also didn't want to count back two weeks on op.gg. op.gg conveniently only gives last 7 days in their stats at the top. Data is data, I was pointing out how large of the source of diamond+ data I am in midlane. Are you ok that you feel the need to come on the boards and attack someone that is pointing out that they are a major contributing factor to the morde winrate data? His winrate is low, and if it wasn't for data manipulating mains like me his winrate would be even lower.
Because you’re using deceptive data to try and conclude if Morde is good or bad? He’s okay-good right now. You’re bitching that ur champ is bad when he’s good. Lmao.
GigglesO (NA)
: If you want diamond+ morde mid (NA) data... I'm 38.8% of the last 7 days
So you literally ONLY LOOK at last 7 days data, in the role that he’s not even the most picked in? Last 7days data is always unreliable - for any champ. Also you looked in only diamond+ and on a smaller region. Come the fuck on dude. I don’t know if you _seriously_ think this is good data but it’s embarassing if you do. How about look at past 30 days data across multiple regions in multiple roles before you complain about your champ being bad. Fuckin lmao.
: Champions are as good as the Players, Players are as good as their Ranked Solo Q
SanKakU (NA)
: If by good you mean the best ADC in the game, and that's when PTA came out, then sure, I'll agree with that. But I'd prefer to call it busted-good.
He was literally troll pick tier after his worlds nerfs in 7.18 until sometime in S8 (8.9 maybe, don’t remember) at which point he became bad tier. After 8.11 he became pretty good tier. After Kaisa + Ezreal nerfs + buffs he became god tier.
GigglesO (NA)
: He normally kicks my ass when I see him. So yea azir kinda is op. thats why riot had to nerf him repeatedly.
You literally one trick a champion that is hard countered by kiting/mobility. No shit you get fucked by Azir. Just like when I play Darius I get hard clapped by Morde or other champions that are strong in melee range. Do I go around claiming any champion I get countered by is OP? “Karma is OP, I get hard clapped whenever I see her. That’s why Riot had to nerf her repeatedly” “Morde is OP, I get hard clapped whenever I see him. That’s why Riot has to nerf him repeatedly”.
GigglesO (NA)
: ehh? I mean: Damage (check) Mobility (check) Ranged (check) Able to dodge death because of mobility (check)
This is god awful analysis. Azir; mobility (check) Damage(check) Ranges (check) Able to dodge death because of mobility (check) Guess he’s OP now too xd. Or how about we actually use some brain here: Strong burst trade but weak extended trade in a burst meta (check). Strong 1 and 2 item spikes in a early game meta (check) Synergizes well with engage supports that are meta (check) Doesn’t rely on attack speed so he can build defensive boots and Cleaver so he is tanky enough to not get 1-shot in a burst meta (check). Excels in early game skirmishes which decide the game (check)
SanKakU (NA)
: He has been good for a very long time, but players simply took a long time to catch onto it. I actually don't own him myself, but don't have a problem winning with him when I pick him up.
: If you started this game between beta and roughly season 4, you have to accept that the game is new
: > [{quoted}](name=charge attack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TeEQAuME,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-19T19:27:01.120+0000) > > Kassadin has no waveclear and can’t trade pre-6. Ekko excels at short burst trades and has plenty of wave clear. His early game is okay, not great. His mid game is really good and he has a good late game too. > > Yes, a few champs counter ekko - but usually it’s not too difficult to play around. Also in some matchups you HAVE to be aggressive and go for E - Q - auto run away trades which you win. Otherwise you will get slowly choked out by someone like Cassio. Oh yeah, you're right. But I'm just saying that it's not fair that some champs can beat Ekko in the late game and also match his late game.
Kassadin is a specific counter to Ekko. Sometimes it is just that way.
: https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2951075003/237026843?tab=overview
So a full build fed Evelynn against a behind Ornn with barely any MR gets killed. When she’s hyperscaling and specifically good against tanks due to her DPS Q. In the same situation a Ryze or Cassio would clap that Ornn even quicker at a bigger range. But I guess that’s okay cause muh skillshots mAgeS r WeAk
: Season 9 A.K.A Season 8 part 2
“Lethality got even stronger” how? Explain please. Also plz show me Wukong with no armour pen and only lethality melting full tank with 3k health in 2 seconds. Thanks. “Jungle items suck”. They’ve been the same since season 5. Why change them now? Explain please. You wonder why Riot doesn’t respond to boards when you are literally lying through your teeth and make another biased ass pro-mage thread.
: It's so hard for Ekko to survive in mid lane
Kassadin has no waveclear and can’t trade pre-6. Ekko excels at short burst trades and has plenty of wave clear. His early game is okay, not great. His mid game is really good and he has a good late game too. Yes, a few champs counter ekko - but usually it’s not too difficult to play around. Also in some matchups you HAVE to be aggressive and go for E - Q - auto run away trades which you win. Otherwise you will get slowly choked out by someone like Cassio.
Nhifu (NA)
: What I wanted to see from the balance team. I'll do all the work for you. :P
This is why boards balancing the game would kill it within one day. Lol.
: I don't want to go overboard seeing as this is the first week of the season in pro play, but...
What games are you even talking about? Plenty of 35min close games. Baron is still too powerful and usually ends the game, but there have been a lot of close games. Depends on the matchup though. SKT or GRF vs a bottom tier team is going to be a stomp. Whereas teams more evenly matched often have close games.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Why should you be able to do that in the first place? I see you're complaining that you can't sand bag your way to a lower elo so you can have relaxing games in the most competitive game mode. What the fuck. Just quit. Or carry your team.
: find a friend to play ADC
That's just not worth in this current meta. The MMR offset you get for duoing means your solo lanes are gonna lose 70% of the time. Even if you crush bot lane it usually doesn't matter.
Done25 (NA)
: l've climbed to Gold playing only support for the last three seasons. If all else fails you can play Brand support and solo carry bot lane.
Not that I _can't_. But why should I be forced to play like 200+ games to climb from probably Gold 5 to Plat 5 when I can play mid lane and do it in under 50? It's so much easier to carry through mid lane.
Comentários de Rioters
: > [{quoted}](name=charge attack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y8ktKBsw,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-16T23:05:20.527+0000) > > Because a good Riven can 100-0 people during her CC duration. At least when she builds full lethality you could be like “yeah she’s glass cannon”. But usually she builds off-tank and still has absurd levels of damage and CC. Not to mention her shield scales with AD. > > She is probably the most unfun champ to play against outside of lane. Very few people can play her to her maximum potential so that’s why no one talks about her. {{champion:80}} Riven is unfun to lane against you say? Hard to deal with? not if my click nuke spears free auto block, click stun and ludicrous lane bully status have anything to say about it! .... Pantheon wrecking her aside, Riven is mainly busted because of {{item:3508}} and Conqueror, she isn't {{champion:6}} levels of obnoxiously difficult to lane against with clear windows early on you can abuse. {{champion:58}} and {{champion:78}} also do a very good job of making her life hell too, even {{champion:75}} outduels her at 6 onwards namely because she can't deal with his Q spam and wither. I'd honestly hold off on wanting her directly nerfed and wait to see what happens with the spear rework (less stated version of current ER) and what Riot plans to do with Conquerer, especially with the rumors Conquerer will be entirely reworked losing the overbearing true damage portion. For now just use her counters whenever you see her and remember, if you're good with {{champion:114}} its a skill match up in which if you win, Riven falls away for the rest of the game.
"Outside of lane". She is abusable in lane because of long cooldowns and low hp regen. However 4/5 players are not laning against Riven.
SCP 106 (NA)
: Riven actually needs to be talked about more, Super strong in Low elo, and High elo.
Because a good Riven can 100-0 people during her CC duration. At least when she builds full lethality you could be like “yeah she’s glass cannon”. But usually she builds off-tank and still has absurd levels of damage and CC. Not to mention her shield scales with AD. She is probably the most unfun champ to play against outside of lane. Very few people can play her to her maximum potential so that’s why no one talks about her.
: yikes son
Ye. Good response. Next time come with proof or your claims mean shit to anyone. Lata.
Meddler (NA)
: Galio - Overbuffed so hard at present to tell whether the changes reduced his pro versus regular play gap, given he's just the right choice everywhere. Should get a clearer read after the 9.2 nerfs. Sejuani - Too early to say. Seeing her get pro play already, not sure if it'll be a healthy amount or not. Her performance in regular play seems around appropriate. Ornn - Missed the mark on power initially at least, though there's a moderate amount of relearning curve and his play rate tripled post changes which tends to depress average performance for a while until new players learn the champ or go back to playing other things. Going to add a little bit of early power (base hp and armor) in 9.2, then reassess where adaptation plus those stats leaves him in both contexts.
I think it’s clear he is way more balanced in competitive now. It’s just first day of LCK, but he was not high priority for either team unless they had a composition built around his engage. His numbers are overtuned right now (which makes him OP in SoloQ). But I think it’s promising to see him OP in solo but only kinda good in competitive. Meaning a couple numbers changes should put him in line.
: Well this is really sad it was like the only league podcast.
> [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mEsELEGE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-16T18:59:30.211+0000) > > Well this is really sad it was like the only league podcast. There’s a bunch of mostly esport focused ones.
: "why do you not post from your d3 account rather than a smurf that went to p1 100lp in less than 100 games", well its pretty simple really, my """"main"""" is banned from both the boards and the game. >then confirm with their silver account why the fuck would i lie about being stuck in silver lmao
Just wanna see that you’re playing the same champs but one account is being held back by Riot games and the other has lucked into high diamond. Yet to be proven. So pce.
: I'm D II- III. My smurf this year got dropped from Silver I into Bronze II while I was experimenting with Neeko builds. It took some 190 games to get back to S III, and most of that is a straight ~80% win streak at the end. I'd get to a promo, and then have 4 people literally 1/16 on me while I had over FOUR TIMES their damage/objectives. I finally had to stop playing lane appropriate champs and just play Zyra EVERYTHING (Zyra adc, Zyra support, Zyra jungle, Zyra Top, Zyra mid) and just stomp 1v5). Elo hell via MMR placing isn't real. But Elo hell via expected proficiency players is VERY real. Your contribution is diminished when 4 people are so unskillful that they are just as bad legitimately playing as they would be just int feeding. That's where low Silver/Bronze is right now. They do not understand that early game kills/deaths are the most influential factor to winning a game. They do not mind going 5/25, "because teamwork can beat that late game." (The other team can be unskillful too, but if your team is the one losing the cointoss clownfest, even bad players fed a 2-3 item advantage can beat a smurf. And you can't be everywhere at once preventing their deaths)
: i think i have a pretty objective look on this since at this point i can climb to dia in about a 100 games playing any role, now the thing is i was a fresh proud gaymer that had reached d3 2 years ago and figured i'd make a smurf account for the sake of it. now you would think i'd go around stomping scrubs at low elo but i actually got stuck in high silver / low gold elo and then later on again at high plat. now why did that happen? did i get considerably worse by switching accounts? no i had just gotten used to respecting my opponents and somewhat trusting in my team, i had a very low risk low reward playstyle that allowed me to get stuck at an elo way bellow my actual level just for the fact that despite being more useful than my opponent every game i didn't have enough impact on the game. TL;DR being able to climb at a decent speed and playing well aren't necessarily the same thing, this isn't to say that most people aren't at their elo for a reason but it is possible to be stuck bellow your actual skill level.
Why does no one ever post this on their Diamond 2 account and then confirm with their silver account. I only ever see stories with no proof ever. There’s a difference between stuck and hardstuck. You can be unlucky and be stuck in a division for 10, maybe 20 games. But if you’re there for 100 games then, yeah, you deserve it.
: Elo hell actually is a thing. As I see challenger streamers struggling to get out of gold or plat because of how bad their teams are. People here just do whatever they want and with the meta's we had lately, you just cannot carry. No matter what rank you are.
Point me in the direction of these Challenger streamers and their stuck in gold/Plat accounts. I’d like to see a link to their challenger account and their gold account. Thx.
: Nah. It's more like this: * Every match is fast-paced and fun but also lasts 80+ minutes. * Every match reaches late game but ADCs are simulatenously useless and useful. * ADCs die by virtue of daring to enter the same screen as an assassin, but assassins are also somehow able to be handled by the enchanters who aren't allowed to be strong ever. * Every melee without an explicit dash is given massive, ***massive*** buffs. These buffs render them functionally incapable of being kited. Every time anyone dares to complain that "hey it's literally impossible to kite this guy he runs at me with 10x my maximum possible MS even if I took predator, Celerity, Deadman's, and Righteous Glory" they're told "just kite him lul ur so bad". * Mages can mindlessly waveclear and ignore literally all MR. * True damage is renamed to "Not true damage" to placate the boards. They're physically incapable of telling the difference.
Just like how bounty gold was overall nerfed but now that you can see it above your tag, it’s suddenly OP. Lol.
: At lvl 18. At lvl 6, Ignite currently deals 205 damage. With the nerf, it will deal 170, which is 35 less damage. That's all fine and dandy, but the fact that it will be up *more often* with the CD reduction doesn't make it all that much better. Maybe I'm underestimating the nerf, but it does seem like that CD reduction just completely invalidates the nerf.
Didn’t they just revert the changes they did before?
Eedat (NA)
: PSA: This abomination is about as close to a hard reset as you can get
The fact that “elo hell” is still a thing discussed in OW, Dota, League communities is kinda funny. Just laugh at them and enjoy their struggles and mental gymnastics.
Khabith (NA)
: Can we all just stop copying each other? It's getting kinda sad
This is how Boards has been forever? No one here has any brain power.
: Prophecies - Edition 5
Because Riot actually listens to the boards/reddit/twitch pretty much every single time... People just get what they want and then never post on boards again. The people who hate the tank meta... they are happy. They have no reason to post on boards. So you'll ALWAYS see anti-"current-meta" posts. High damage meta? Nerf damage Riot wtf always being 1-shot no strategy!!!!!! Low damage meta? Riot wtf this game is boring as fuck wtf can't kill anyone just sit under tower meta xdddd, no strategy just afk farm xdd!!! Also remember the "season 3 was gr8" posts? When Gragas/Zed/Leblanc/Kassadin/Rengar would look in your direction and remove you from the game? When you no longer played League and had to play dodgeball if Nidalee was in the game. Yeah... good times, amirite? Good post.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Why is Riot refusing to do anything about Zed?
People in low elo only complain about him being OP because he's popular. There are way more broken champions in the game: i.e. Talon, Camille, but are rarely played in Silver so you don't see anything on boards. Also he's bad for reasons that have nothing to do with his ability to 1-shot someone. He overkills people with his ulti, but is pretty bad without it (they keep siphoning power into his ulti away from his kit). So the idea is that: It's not hard for Zed to become very fed (10+ kills) - which makes silvers lose their mind as they die. But if you have any clue what you're doing, the 10+ kill Zed will still be worthless in determining the outcome of the game. Like you see Faker play Zed and be 20+ kills, but still seem to have little impact. Then take most other "snowbally" champions like Jax, Lucian, Camille, Akali, Ekko etc... and give them 20 kills, and the games absolutely over. But in lower elos, people have no idea how to group and abuse, so Zed just getting fed leads to people running mindlessly in their jungle and dying 1v1. So pretty much this: Zed's always been complained about by low elo, like every assassin in the game. He's complained about more _only because he's popular_. If Ekko was as popular as Zed you would see the same amount of complaint threads. He's bad in high elo... because he's just bad. He doesn't have the tools to close the game with his lead, because he puts himself in too much danger. A 5/0 Zed and a 10/0 Zed just don't really accomplish anything different. They will 1-shot you with ult, and not accomplish much without. Which really sucks for a player trying to carry.
: Why does Kassadin counter Ekko so hard?
In terms of Kassadin. He does well against anyone that can't abuse him early, and ekko certainly can't. Kassadin can match his burst trade with his Q shield, and at best Ekko can just shove Kass under tower - but can't really harass him under tower. Meaning Kass gets a free lane. Later in the game, Kass can run Ekko's ass down town. Literally at no point in the game does Ekko have kill pressure on Kassadin, while Kassadin will eventually have kill pressure on Ekko. These are both champions that want to side lane (ideally). I'm pretty sure Lissandra is also good into Ekko. You can deny his burst trade with your W + aftershock (and honestly with just W), and then win the extended trade with Qs. He won't have kill pressure on you at really any point in the game if you properly play around your cooldowns and not walk up when they're down (your cooldowns are a bit higher than his). Remember: play the lane to win, you shouldn't just let Ekko have his way with your wave since level 1. Make him your bitch every CS he goes for.
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