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: Exploring Player Behavior Design Values
I think people should be able to say what they want. At the end this is a game. An online game. People of course will be mad if they lose when they are 15-2. They should really demote people when they are reported as unskilled, but riot doesnt give a fuck about this. RIOT MAN... Only care about people being toxic. Everyone is toxic man, thats why there is the mute function.
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Jynx (NA)
: Community Creations: Poro countdown to 2015
when is the season restarting? as in ranked?
Gumurak (NA)
: Never again (ranked rant)
Blah, I am a diamond 1 smurf, and I was playing on my silver smurf account. And this is what happened in my ranked game. This ez can't cs, literally has 100 cs and score was like 3/13 in 40 mins game. And our thresh does not have the ward item in the god dam entire game. This thresh literally said it's a team game, I don't need ward. GOD DAM THIS GIVES ME CRAP! This makes me ask myself am I really a diamond player because I can't carry these fags and win a game in fking 13xx elo when myself is almost 23xx elo. I also try my best in every game, yet i am losing way too much games because of dumb asses. I suppose when these dumb asses are in a game, I actually in a normal game not ranked game. NOTE: JUNGLER GOES GANK AND END UP GIVING DOUBLE BUFFS! JUNGLER STAYS TOP TO STEAL RED WHILE BOT LANE IS BACKFIRED WITH 4 MEN GANK. WORSE BUT NOT LEAST A FIZZ MID ROAMING WHILE OUR MID DOES SHET!
: PREPARE YOUR ANUS{{item:3144}} {{summoner:3}}
Just backdoor
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
Just backdoor!
Preeti (NA)
: Riot with us at live events!
Best guide to become diamond:
Best guide to become diamond:
: Match History Beta Now Live
Best guide to become diamond:
mikezaf (EUNE)
: {{champion:79}} + {{item:3157}} = [**Buddha**](
Best guide to become diamond:
: {{champion:8}} + {{champion:236}} = bikestealer vladimir? :P
Best guide to become diamond:
: Mr steal yo girl
Best guide to help you get to diamond:
DrWhimsy (NA)
: {{champion:8}} +{{champion:412}} =Soulstealer Vladimir
Best guide to help you get to diamond:
: Patch 4.11 notes
Best guide to help you get to diamond:
: [Idea] ARRR - A new pirate crew arrives at the Fields of Justice?
How to I start a thread on the community? I have been publishing articles on yahoo about LoL that I want to share!


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