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Omega (OCE)
: And now it logs in after like 30 attempts...... ahhh well, it took a long time but see how it goes.
Good to hear that it ended up working eventually! If you get this issue more consistently, or if anything else weird happens, don't hesitate to make another post! We'll be more than happy to help out! :)
Jorsi (NA)
: Bug in Yorick's Voicelines.
hmmm...this definitely sounds like it might be a bug. To be honest though, on the grand scale of things, this is going to rank pretty low. So it might not get fixed any time soon >.< Still, I really appreciate you taking the time to create a Boards post about it! Definitely worth bringing it to our attention!
: my game after champ select
From the sounds of it, it seems like your computer is having a hard time establishing and maintaining a consistent and stable connection with our Game Server. To explain a bit further: Once Champion Select ends, your computer needs to drop its current connection to our Client Server, and establish a connection with the Game Server. Once established, it needs to maintain a stable and consistent connection before letting everyone into the match itself. Something it seems is interrupting your connection. The best step you can take is completing all of the steps found in our [Connection Issues Guide]( While it has a ton of steps found there, they are all crucial in hopefully resolving this issue. If this problem still isn't going away, make sure to reply back and let me know!
: My Main Account KiiingSaidHi Has Been Hacked, Please Help!!!!!!
Oh boi. While I'm not able to help you recover the account here on Boards, the best step you can take is actually [submit a ticket]( about recovering your account! When going through the ticket, make sure to add in as much information as you can so we can recover it back to you as quickly as possible. I hope this helps! We'll respond back to you asap!
: Bug Lp decay
I went ahead and looked up your account: I see that you played some soloqueue games in your match history, but I also don't see those games in your ranked history. Suffice to say that is extremely, extremely weird. This isn't something I can troubleshoot too deeply on Boards, so your next best step is to [submit a ticket]( about this. One of our ticket agents can take a much more in-depth look and see if its something we can resolve. Let me know if I can help you out with anything else!
: transfering
I double-checked your account after reading your post, and it says that it is still on North America and I don't see any record of it being transferred at all. Did you ever try to transfer it in the past? If its still showing that its being transferred, can you grab me a screenshot as well?
: my game crashes sometimes after i press Victory/Defeat
There are a few different reasons why this could happen. The most common one is that a lot of players have the "Close Client During Game" option enabled in the Client Options. This causes the entire client to go into a deep sleep in the background when you play and may not always re-appear. Make sure that option is disabled. Beyond that, it may as strange as it sounds, be a connection issue. Whenever you enter a game of League, the client leaves itself in a hibernation type mode until the game ends. Sometimes, some computers will simply kill the connection if it sits idle too long. The steps in our [Connection Issues Guide]( should be able to help out with that! If it is still doing that, regardless of the steps you've taken, feel free to hit me back up!
: Does Gifting Chromas Exist?
Lew is correct. Currently you are not able to gift Chromas at all. Its always possible that it may come back in the future, but it is just a chance :( I wish I had better news! If you have any other questions, reply back and let me know!
Kokua (NA)
: Major Connection Issues
From reading the snippet of the report you received, it seems like your connection is experiencing a crazy amount of packet loss when your ping spikes. This means your computer is attempting to send information to the server, but most of it is getting lost in the process. The best step you can take to get this resolved is to complete all of the steps found in our [Connection Issues Guide]( There are quite a few steps there, but every single one is crucial in hopefully eliminating this problem for good. If it still ain't working, reply back and let us know!
: Just downloaded game and it freezes after I press start game. (Windows 10)
Oh wow, it isn't too often I hear that League completely locks up the entire computer! It definitely seems like League is taking up too many resources and throwing your computer into a sort of panic. To hopefully resolve this, make sure to complete all of the steps found in our [Game Crash Guide]( There are going to be a number of steps there, but they are crucial in getting this fixed. If nothing seems to work, feel free to reply back and let me know!
: lag spikes and disconect
I definitely get where you are coming from! I know that you aren't leaving or disconnecting games on purpose and you want it to stop, so lets start digging into it shall we? The best step you can take at the moment is to use our [Log Reader Tool]( By doing so, we can analyze the last few games you've played, determine if there are any connection issues found, and provide solutions if it does! Hopefully we can narrow down to the actual root cause! If the steps there don't seem to help at all, feel free to come back and reply! We'll make sure to help out further!
: Honor level 0 Still for some reason (bug I think)
It doesn't take an 'insane' amount of time to go from Level 0 to 1. if you still aren't climbing, the only thing holding you back would be by your own behavior. If the system notices negative behavior on your account, you will either lose honor points, or not gain any new points to advancement. So if you really want to climb, the best thing to do is just focus on your own play, support your teammates, and don't say anything that can be taken as negative in chat. If so, you should be able to climb no problem! Hopefully that clarifies things a bit! Let me know if you have any further questions!
: Permanent ban on this account
Heyo! I went ahead and took a look into your account. Due to the nature of the suspension, we can't really talk about it here on Boards >.< To get more detailed information about the ban and why it exists, make sure to [submit a ticket](! They'll go much more in-depth with you than I can. I hope this helps!
: Muting
To be honest, you are not the only player to have this particular problem. Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently mute yourself :( I think there are three different solutions open to you at this point: 1. Scream holy hell at your monitor. Machines don't have feelings, you can abuse that. 2. Type out what you want to say but DON'T press 'enter'. Just delete it all after you type it so you get it out of your system 3. Immediately after starting every game, type /mute all. This will probably make your desire to type way less and lets you just focus on the game. I know this isn't the best solution, but hopefully it can help out!
: Kk this guy try to help me I did what he said it did not work Porocles (NA)  - 5 days ago This can happen if your settings are blocking your patcher from installing updates properly. Run through the permissions guide to restore access, than grab the hextech repair tool to perform a force repatch to fix any bad files. Let me know if you have any questions! When the new patch came out 7.16 it keeps telling me "We have restored this installation to an older version of league of legends. Now we'll try to patch up to the latest version." Then when I click okey I does nothing idk but when I log in too the home screen it keeps loading and loading so I can see what's new or what's on free row. Then few min later I does the same thing but it keeps spamming it over and over and won't stop I can't enjoy this game without haveing this problem plz help when can I copy and paste it so I won't take long to type it all out I did everything he told me I came to pc to enjoy lol and I can't
I think Porocles was on the right track. If there is consistently a mismatch with patch versions, something is weird. Its like the patcher is updating itself, and thinks its updated properly, but then when the client double-checks it, it finds out it actually wasn't. Given that the Permissions Guide didn't help, you might want to do a [full and clean re-installation]( at this point. This will ensure that the installation itself is not the root cause the problem. Let us know if it still doesn't help!
Calyad (NA)
: How can I get a champion removed from my "Owned Champions"?
I definitely get where you are coming from. Sometimes you just wanna to shun certain champions. We should be able to help out with that though! I found the champion in question, and I've gone ahead and deleted it from your account (along with the skin). This is a one-time kinda deal, so you won't be able to request it again. Hopefully this keeps the fun you have in ARAM's going! Let me know if you have any other questions!
: Where can I find the remainder of my XP Boost? Someone .
Hey! After reading your request, I went ahead and took a look at your account. It looks like you purchased the 3 day boost on the 20th, so it should already be expired by this point. So if you are looking to buy a new one, today is the day to do it! If you need anything else, hit me up!
: Oh I'm getting all of the new skins, lol I love them all so I'm just trying to keep calm and not use up any RP so that I have enough. Will there be a bundle?
Hopefully! Keep your eyes peeled on the store so you don't miss anything! ^.^
Bogity (EUNE)
: Will my orbs disappear *Please rioter confirm
Nope! It is possible that if you leave the orbs there for many months or for a really long time, we might do something to clean it up. However, the orbs won't disappear once the event ends. You'll still be able to open them. In terms of orbs, the only thing that will happen when the event ends is that you won't be able to redeem or buy new orbs. I hope this explains things a bit! Hit me up if you need to know anything else!
BaDBoyS2000 (EUNE)
: High Ping
Don't worry about the English, it completely made sense! If you are consistently experiencing these ping spikes, we need to figure out what is causing them. The best way to do that is for you to use our [Log Reader Tool]( It will analyze your past few games, and let you know if it finds an issue with your connection. If it does, it'll provide some solutions as well! I hope this helps! If it still doesn't resolve anything for you, reply back and let me know!
: Wow riot fix u dam game
Hey there! I would love to help resolve the glitch/bug you are experiencing with the client so you can play in peace! I read through your request a few different times, but I wasn't able to quite understand the exact glitch/bug you keep getting. Could you explain this in a bit more detail? If you can, I should be able to request some different steps that should help out! Let me know!
KhoiVo8 (NA)
: How can i delete the game and reinstall it
If you want to do a full and complete re-install, make sure to follow the [guide we have found here]( It should ensure that everything is wiped and you are good to go to start completely over. Let me know if those steps still don't seem to have completely wiped everything!
PanGr00bas (EUNE)
: "Your account is in the process of transferring" is entirely possible that your smurf account might have been hacked/stolen, which is why you are experiencing that particular error. The best step you can take right now is to [submit a ticket]( to recover your account. Make sure to fill out as much information as you remember about it and we may be able to get the account back to you incredibly quickly! I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
: Get rid of lower priority queue
Damn, sounds like you've had to deal with some real shit with the client recently. From reading your descriptions, it sounds like the root cause seems to be some sort of hardware issue or some sort of connection issue. Keep in mind that your connection to our Client Servers is completely different to that of different internet tabs. That is why you can have problems with the client, but use Youtube and other sites perfectly fine. It seems like you have talked to us about this before, but I see you haven't submitted a ticket to us yet. I think given that these issues are still going on, its your best bet to find the root cause and resolve it for good. [You can submit a ticket here](, and make sure to include as much detail about the issue you are experiencing as possible!
Ahris (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=apr9GzVg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-24T22:43:00.555+0000) > > So there are three different options available to you if you want to take out a champion for a spin without committing to buying it outright: > > 1. Wait for the Champion to become available on the Free-to-Play Rotation > 2. If you have unused refund tokens, this is an option to refund the champ if it doesn&#x27;t work out > 3. &quot;Rent&quot; the champion through Hextech Crafting when you have the Champion Shard. > > I definitely get where you are coming from: Nothing feels worse plopping down 6300 IP and not only be super underwhelmed by the champion, but simply not having fun with it when you could&#x27;ve spent it on another champion. Hopefully one of these 3 options can help you decide! Thank you for responding! To explain my question better, I was asking if after buying a skin of a champ, then soon(Season 8 is going to start soon!) after the meta change and what not and the champ becomes completely no fun to play. In this case, would you still be given a refund? Thanks!
Ahhhh, in that particular instance, no :( Generally, the meta in League changes quite often. Champions that are commonly believed to be useless, suddenly end up in Pro play, and all of sudden they are "good" again. Not with any direct buff/nerf, just depending on the meta. So while a champion may not be the best at that point of time, it may change later! Or you can adapt with the times. For example, when I first started playing in 2009, I mained AD Twisted Fate. Since then, he has been reworked A LOT, and made to be an AP champion, but I still play AD TF and have a ton of fun, I also win at least half of my games as well. Sometimes it just comes down to determination!
Andrite (NA)
: MAC Copy and Paste function
I'm not entirely sure I understand your question. Are you asking how to do this in a general sense for a Mac? Because Command-C/P should work. Or are you trying to copy/paste something directly into League of Legends? In which case, are you trying to copy/paste something into chat and it isn't working? Reply back and let me know! I should be able to help!
: I found someone using a bot in my game
I appreciate you taking time out to come to the Boards and give us a report! When you encounter things like this, the best option is to report them after the game has ended. That way we can better track accounts like this and possibly take action. Additionally, we also do constant sweep for bot accounts and if we find any, we take action fairly quickly. I know it sucks not getting immediate justice here, but if it is a bot, we'll get it!
Ahris (NA)
: If a Champ is left in the trash dump, can riot refund the skin for you?
So there are three different options available to you if you want to take out a champion for a spin without committing to buying it outright: 1. Wait for the Champion to become available on the Free-to-Play Rotation 2. If you have unused refund tokens, this is an option to refund the champ if it doesn't work out 3. "Rent" the champion through Hextech Crafting when you have the Champion Shard. I definitely get where you are coming from: Nothing feels worse plopping down 6300 IP and not only be super underwhelmed by the champion, but simply not having fun with it when you could've spent it on another champion. Hopefully one of these 3 options can help you decide!
Sanl (EUNE)
: How Can i play on other servers without high ping?
To be honest, someone playing on NA who then goes to play on EUW, it is physically impossible to get 35-40 ping. Within a country or continent, the speed of a connection is entirely dependent on the countries infrastucture for broadband and how long the connection needs to travel. This infrastructure is like railways all across the country that connect computers together. [Something like this]( In Korea, not only is their infrastructure extremely modern, but it is a much, much smaller country. Therefore, Koreans can sometimes get around 10 ping when they play League of Legends. When you play cross continent, Your connection needs to travel along very specific routes, as shown in this [map]( Anyone who wants to connect to a server located in a different continent needs to go through one of these connections. Therefore, pro's do not get crazy lower ping compared to others, because they all need to travel along that same route. It is possible for some variance in ping, due to how good your ISP is (Pro players in gaming houses usually have enterprise level ISP plans). I hope that explains a bit! If you have any follow-up questions, let me know!
: Tutorial wont load...
Hmmmm....I can't say I can immediately recall the screen you are talking about. Do you mind taking a screenshot really quickly and responding back with it? It should give me a much clearer idea as to what is going on. Looking forward to your response! ^.^
: Why can't we bind space bar+ ability key to lvl up abilities
Certain hotkeys in League of Legends are hard coded: meaning that they cannot be bound to anything else other than their intended purpose. The Space and Enter keys are two examples since they are commonly used when typing messages in chat. You can still level up abilities on the fly by pressing Ctrl+Q/W/E/R. I know it may not seem as seamless as using the spacebar, but you can still level up abilities extremely quickly once you get used to it. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!
: I am still regularly ping spiking during league games - any reason for this? I AM PISSED OFF FYI
Playing with random ping spikes would make anyone rage and want to toss their computer out the window. I feel ya, and I want to get these resolved asap. When we are talking about ping spikes, we need to take a step back and look at how they happen: When you connect to a match of League, your computer needs to establish a connection to our Game Servers, the same server as everyone else in the game. If your connection spikes, that means that something interrupted that connection between your computer and our servers. The best step we can take right now is to look more in-depth to find out what is causing this. To that end, use our [Log Reader Tool]( It'll analyze the last few games, identify any issues with your connection, and give you a few different solutions to solve it. if none of that stuff seems to help, make sure to reply back and let me know!
: Star Guardian Release Date Question
Heyo! So the post below me kinda hits the nail on the head. We haven't released a specific date just yet for when the skins will be released, but it should happen during this patch! We often don't release specific dates because sometimes some skins require a last minute bit of polish before we release them live. This may cause it to get delayed by a few days and we don't want to ruin any expectations. For now, just sit tight! You'll know when they are available from checking the League website or checking back on the store! Is there any particular skin your hoping to grab in particular? :)
From your description, it can either be one or two things: Either your computer has barely enough power to actually run League of Legends, or there is some sort of connection issue going on that makes it look like your champion is stuttering when you try to move it. If everything was running fine and this is a recent issue, I'd like to rule out the connection issue first. To dig into it a bit deeper, use our [Log Reader Guide.]( It'll analyze the last few games and let you know if there is any type of connection issue. If it does find one, it'll give you some steps in order to resolve it. If the tests all come back perfectly fine and its still happening, make sure to reply back and let me know!
Guttler (NA)
: Haven't gotten a key fragment in the last 11 days.
Just to clarify, there isn't a guaranteed number of keys you get per week! You are still capped at earning 12 keys in a single month, which it does seem like you hit! You have earned 12 fragments within the past rolling 30 days. You should be able to earn one in the near future however, so keep playing and keep an eye out! Hopefully this info helps a bit ^.^ Let me know if you have any further questions!
1ManStand (EUW)
: BLue Screen Of Death ...
Blue Screen of Death usually points to some sort of serious hardware issue with your computer. As League tries to load, it is trying to use resources from your computer to have everything show up. Something goes catastrophically wrong, and the BSOD appears. This root cause may very well be a hardware issue, but there are still some steps you can try to help out! Make sure to complete all of the steps in our [Game Crash guide]( It has some steps you can take to hopefully make your system more stable. Hopefully this fixes it up for you! If not, feel free to respond back!
bullshot (NA)
: 14 day ban, IP boost.
This might be something we could help you out with. The best step you can take at this moment is to [submit a ticket]( to us. One of our agents should be ale to take a deeper dive on your account. Can't make any promises about the boost, but I can promise that they'll look into it with you! Hope this helps! :)
: Extremely Slow Download Speed
I definitely feel your frustration. It seems complete bullshit that its taking as long as it does with a solid connection. We constantly monitor our patching servers and how long it takes players to download the latest patch or the entire installation. We haven't noticed any particular problems this particular patch and our patcher servers aren't overloaded at all. There are a lot of players able to download the game at a pretty fast speed, so it doesn't seem like it is a server issue. As to why your computer could have a problem downloading league even though internet speed tests all come up positive is that the download speed is entirely dependent on how reliable your connection is to our patcher servers specifically. If you aren't able to establish a solid and stable connection, the speed may suffer. The best way to rule this out as a possible root cause is to run through all of the steps in our [Connection Issues Guide]( There are a lot of steps found there, but they are the most common solutions to getting your patching speed back up to where it should be.
Waiƒu (NA)
: Star Guardian Ahri Release Date
I don't have a specific date I can give out just yet! They are going to be released during this patch, so keep an eye on the League website or on the store for when it comes available! Generally we try not to give hard dates because as with anything, we may need to spend a little extra time polishing it before its released, which may delay it. Oh, also, a friendly reminder that Star Guardian Ahri is going to be a bit more expensive than the other ones at 1820 RP. So plan accordingly!
: Is there a bug with Ornn's let right now?
That seems really weird O.o I don't think I've seen anyone else have a similar type of bug or issue. Redirecting the ult is a type of skillshot. You do have to wait until the ram is near you to recast your Ult again to hit it. When you press the ult a 2nd time, you should see a line missile display, or a small radius indicating how close you need to be in order to hit the ram. To see this in action, check out our [Champ Spotlight]( if you haven't already. Hopefully this helps a bit! if you still aren't able to get it to work, could you record a short video of this happening and share it with us?
: I can't reconnect to my game.
Hmmm....just to clarify, when you got the "Attempting to Reconnect" pop-up in your ARURF game, and left, did you not see the option to get back into the game when you got back into the client? Is there any record of this match appearing in your match history page? If it seems like the game was never actually played, I think you might have hit a new bug introduced with Ornn. Some of Ornn's abilities, when interacted with other champions, could cause the game to completely crash for all players (as if it never happened). This bug should already be fixed or fixed in the very near future, so hopefully you won't encounter it again! If anything comes up again, feel free to hit me back up!
Kshaway (NA)
: Ornn Bundle
Heyo! For the Ornn Bundle, the article quoted the following: >The Thunder Lord Ornn Bundle includes both Ornn (half off normal purchase price) and Thunder Lord Ornn. It'll be available for 1837 RP from 8/23 at 11:00 AM PST through 8/28. [-Source-]( So it seems like you have until 11:59pm PST on Monday the 28th to get the Bundle. Given that you are looking to buy it at around 4-6pm-ish, I think you'll be gucci. Hope this helps you out! Let me know if you have any other questions!
: Orbs
Hey! Yeah, I should be able to help shed some light on that. For the Arcade event, certain orbs give out certain "prizes". The only orb that has a chance of giving out a Legacy Skin Shard though is the Mega Orb. The other 2 just offer Champion Shards or normal skin shards. [You can read more about it in our Arcade Article.]( I hope this clarifies things a bit! Let me know if you have any other questions about the event!
Natafree (EUW)
: Changing my birthday
The TLDR; Unfortunately not :( Once you sign-up, that information is locked. We keep it secure because we use some personal information at sign-up to help players recover their accounts if they forget their password, or somehow lose their account. I edited out the information for you, so make sure to keep it safe so no one can use it to steal your account! As long as you remember what you put, you should have no problems in recovering it if it ever becomes a problem. Let me know if you have any other questions about it! ^.^
: Why did the Arcade Poro Icon get changed?
Can you clarify a bit more what you mean? Do you mean the Summoner Icon? Is it possible that you could take a screenshot of what it currently looks now for you? It should help me look into this a bit further!
: attempting to reconnect
If you are consistently experiencing the whole "Attempting to Reconnect" pop-up, it seems like you might have an unstable connection to our game servers. A lot of information needs to pass freely between your computer and our servers, and if something blocks that flow of information, it may cause these errors to appear. In order to narrow down the root cause, make sure to use our [Log Reader]( It will analyze your past few games and let you know what the possible issues (and solutions to those) might be. If that doesn't seem to help at all, please reply back and let me know!
Yatuzor (EUW)
: What was i banned for?
:o If your account was hacked, we definitely want to get it resolved and get it back to you asap! Unfortunately this isn't something we can really help out with here on Boards. Your best bet to to [submit a ticket]( if you haven't already. One of our ticket agents should be able to investigate to figure out what is going on. I hope that helps!
O Thanaros (EUNE)
: LoL doesn't launch at windows 10, pls help
I think I have a pretty good idea as to why this is happening: When you launch an already installed client or try to launch it for the first time after installing, your computer Operating System needs to give permission to League to properly launch and patch itself. If it doesn't give these permissions, you'll encounter issues exactly as you have described. The best way to solve this is to follow our [Permissions Guide.]( Some of the steps may seem really simple, but they are crucial in hopefully resolving this issue. If the problem persists, reply back and let me know!
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