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I agree COMPLETELY - I have Just under 1500 ARAM games total. I do not like that there are bans. I play ARAM because its EVERYONE, RANDOM .. after playing this game mode for what, 7 years now ? I enjoy it because its a quick Q, there is a total randomization of game .. BANS ruined this, I know riot is trying to figure things out and the direction they are going.. please take them out, also bring back dominion the way it was & keep it up I will play till im dead if you do this.. thanks
: Thanks for the tip Broporo, but I figured out that the root of my issue was that the Date and Time on my computer for some reason was about 5 months behind what it shoulda been. Once I switched this back to the accurate date and time settings everything worked fine. Thank you for the support though, and keep up the good work :-)
thanks for this info, got mine working right away. merci{{champion:53}}
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: It’s My Party Now
such a troll post. go riot : )
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: 2016 URF changes
This mode shouldnt of been touched, it shoulda beeen full mana, full energy, full cd, and let us be free. Ive been playing league since season 1 and when URF came out it was magical ! Now, reading through this ... makes me a lil sad, things are going to get buffed slowed down and fixed, LAME . I wanted to be nami and keep people standing still for 40 mins, whats wrong with that ? I also watned 6 akali shrouds and infinite kat bounces, dont forget about the OP AP EZ... and if u fuk with zed shadows im outty. lol ! go riot go, but be nice with URF
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
Hey, been playing for 4 years. Thanks for the game mode ! loved it
: The Harrowing passes soon
what a fantastic game mode you brought us ! I have loved and played every mode, I thank you riot ! Take a step back and look and all the fun you have brought millions of nerds <3
: Ultra Rapid Fire bows out
Thank you Riot ! Rito ! I have played 5,000 games of league since Spring 2010. In 14 days I played 100 games of URF, it was all I played. Id love to see you open up all past maps and gamemodes, imagine the possibilities .. thanks again


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