: Is it just me ...
people are adapting, they learned there is no point in typing in chat since it's an autoban, so they just run it down or soft int, + they know that tilts people even more
: "GGEZ" can we not?
every game I just GOT to say ggez, lemon squeezee, especially if it was an actually ez game. i do not appreciate my opponents making the game too ez.
Jamaree (NA)
: I feel like people who say that don't play sports at all or even watch them because you can get fined and punished for unsportsmanlike conduct all the time.
i play hockey and in that game we can just pummel the feeders so it all works out, no need for a mute button. league needs an option like that
: It's fun being positive when...
if you can't beat em, join em, am I right fellas? XD


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