: that is how you assume it works.
When doing X produces Y effect, you can only chalk it up to chance the first dozen times. After that, it's probably not a bad idea to think there might be some correlation.
: yea nothing can be further from the truth.
As someone who has mass reported and gotten banned plenty of people, I can tell you that's 100% how it works.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >Sorry I didn't give my 4 teammates blowjobs mid-game to rejuvenate their spirits! You're right, maybe I should have paid their car insurance or student loans! Perhaps I could have offered instead to pay for their counseling that they clearly need. Would that be more positive for you? Probably not. You and Riot would find some way to think that's toxic and ban it anyways. The rules are simple. You don't have to give them "blowjobs mid-game", you don't have to cozy up to them, you don't have to be their best friend. You just have to _not_ flame them. You ignored the multiple warnings you received and continued to break the rules. Whether you agree with them or not is ultimately irrelevant, you had ample time to adjust your behavior accordingly and you chose not to do so.
Why am I even talking to a "Riot Can Never Do Anything Wrong Ever" kind of person?
: You know...I do happen to be a software engineer myself with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering Technology. Not trying to gloat, but you brought up the subject. I understand how machine learning works and it works very, very, well. Reports were initially handled by people and those reports were passed into a machine learning program to determine what is acceptable. They are not malicious in intent unless the designers programmed them that way. If you believe the bot is out to get you, then take it up with Riot. And no, I do not believe that this incident by itself is banworthy. This incident along with all of the preexisting incidents that you are not mentioning however, is banworthy. [Edit] By the way, if I am the one that cannot handle criticism and is crying, then how come I still have my account and you don't?
> how come I still have my account and you don't? Lmao, because you don't even play the game. You've played 12 games in the last month of ARAM and Normals. Really hard to get banned from a game you don't play. What a joke. And if you actually knew how machine learning worked, you know that training an algorithm in isolation of every other person's chat logs means that the machine can never learn contextual clues that differentiate flame from banter, an extremely fine line. But the fact that when your chat logs are shown back to you, you only receive your own, we can reasonably assume that's how Riot is formatting the data set for training. It's for this reason that Riot have not only created a terrible toxicity bot, but they've created one that maliciously targets anyone who types more than 10 lines in a game because it lacks any ability to create a context for the speech and determine whether it's actual flame or just harmless criticism.
: you can argue that it dont matter but it does if you recently have came off a 14 day ban any infraction as minor as it may be will result in perma banned so once again how long ago did you have a 14 day ban?
This isn't even an infraction so even if I game off a 14-day and this was the first game back, it wouldn't be banned. There is nothing in my logs that is inflammatory. I do not ever once criticize them as people, but I do criticize their behavior, something I'm 100% within my rights to do. Note I criticize and not flame them. I didn't call them dogshit. I didn't even call them bad. You can defend the stance all you want but you're just wrong. And anyone who agrees with you is equally so.
: > [{quoted}](name=duvey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uGX9Qnt5,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-10-19T20:00:59.680+0000) > > That's not how it works at all. And if it is, that means that anyone I report in-game will be banned instantly by the automated system, since around 75% of all League players have been at least 2-week banned at some point. > I have no idea how thin skinned you have to be to defend this as a banning. For real? You need to stay off the internet if valid criticism is going to make you clutch your pearls When you post on player behavior boards, usually you're here to ask for people to analyze and help you figure out why you were banned. If not, post this on rants. The irony of this statement is that you're the one getting offended when I'm giving you reasons as to why this ban may have happened, although I even agreed that this is an unfair ban provided it's your first time being punished. As for your first point, this is how it works. If you're toxic, Riot bans you. Also, your claim that 75% of the playerbase has received a two week ban appears to wildly differ from actual polls. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/bt1kgr/poll_have_you_ever_been_banned_from_league_of/ https://www.strawpoll.me/2690628/r
50% is so much more different from 75%, right. When half of all players in League have been banned at some point, maybe it's not a problem with your community, but the horrible way it's managed.
: > [{quoted}](name=duvey,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uGX9Qnt5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-19T19:46:36.248+0000) > Don't you dare tell me that Riot's permaban system isn't 100% automated by a robot Their system _is_ ran by a bot. Noone denies this. But, it is a machine learning tool that is exceptionally more accurate than any human ever would be. There was plenty of stuff in your chat that was toxic behavior. Despite the fact that someone else may have started it does not excuse you from retaliating. If you simply mute the trolls and do not retaliate you do not get in trouble. And you know as well as I do that this was not your first offense. You have been warned before and did not learn your lesson. Now that you understand that you will be banned regardless of whether you feel that your teammates deserved to be yelled at, you can start a new account and do it right this time.
If you legitimately believe that anything in this is ban worthy, you are 100% the problem with modern gaming culture and should never play video games with other people ever. You are a toxic cesspool where any valid criticism is met with rage and bawling tears that you just can't bear to hear from your teammates when you're playing the game poorly. Also, I'm a software engineer and I study machine learning, and the worst possible tasks for machine learning to tackle is contextual analysis, where a machine tries to identify the "intent" of a phrase or word. They're bad at it. Horrible. Absolutely dogshit and almost malicious in their intent. It's the reason why bots should never be banning people in any game ever.
: What the actual fuck. Getting perma with no 0 tolerance words from a single game? I mean i knew riot's support is bad but NOT that bad. Sorry to hear that mate i hope you get some justice.
It's because Riot implemented an automated system that auto bans after 3 reports. It doesn't look at chat, it doesn't look at deaths, a human being never looks at this game ever. In spite of Riot constantly lying for years about customer service people always looking over bans before issuing them. It just sees 3 reports and instantly bans, chat restricts, whatever. It's abuseable and broken. I've already opened a ticket to get this looked at by a human. This is absolutely disgusting negligence on the part of Riot and I can't wait until they fail as a company with their failing markets and diving stocks. Or at very least NA finally crashes into the ground and Tencent takes the broken remains back to China and keeps their communist paws out of western gaming forever.
: so you just had a two week ban how long ago ?
Doesn't matter. This isn't even chat restrict worthy. It's the fact that a bot processed this and just auto banned any account who typed more than 20 lines during a game.
: You insulted your jungler, called someone out for "inting" and flame Ekko for "Crying". While I agree this is not perma ban-worthy assuming you were only toxic during this game, I'm going to assume you were punished before?
That's not how it works at all. And if it is, that means that anyone I report in-game will be banned instantly by the automated system, since around 75% of all League players have been at least 2-week banned at some point. I have no idea how thin skinned you have to be to defend this as a banning. For real? You need to stay off the internet if valid criticism is going to make you clutch your pearls.
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Verxint (NA)
: They've been centering his kit around his kick for a while. Skillfull Lee passive management doesn't make highlight reels.
And that's really the (no pun intended) kicker. Riot, since season like 4, has given ZERO fucks about the quality of the game, the balance of the champions and whether or not League is even fun to play. All they have ever cared about has been how flashy they can make every champion's kit be and how "skillful" they can make any player look with just the push of one or two buttons. They've tailored what is effectively a master class in game feel, making a game "feel" good without actually being fun. In fact, more often than not for 90% of the player base, League is NOT fun in any respect of the word. It's a terrible game that sucks away your life because Riot have created what amounts to a skinner box with so many flashing lights and dopamine hits with "rewards" and shiny graphics, your brain doesn't even have the capability to realize that you hate the game. It's why every champion is trying to one up the last one on how much of a frustrating, broken piece of shit it can be without totally destroying the illusion the game has created. Flashy champions with 10 different mobility abilities look amazing to dumb esports viewers but are actual cancer to play against. But Riot doesn't care. They'd rather tailor their game around whether or not it's fun to watch, because that's where like 80% of their revenue comes from. Skins and sales are chump change compared to sponsors and huge followings.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: Lee r buff is straight up wrong Lee is supposed to be a high skill pick but with these buffs u make him way easier to play. I'm not a Lee main but I picked him in ranked once or twice and I legit had over 10 kills and less than 5 deaths, did I get all his qs ofc no and I didn't do ward w trick that well either but just hitting my e and few aa and ofc my ult I took kills and dealt enough dmg for my team to win. He needs some Re adjustment in his dmg so that he becomes the high skill champ he's supposed to be
For the last few years, Lee has gotten so easy to play, but everyone pretends like he's still super mechanical and hard. All of his abilities have both crazy high base damage AND crazy high AD scalings. Like, all of his abilities have at minimum a 1.0 AD ratio or something dumb. This amount of damage is really what makes Lee so easy to play. It doesn't matter how bad you are or how terribly you play any given fight, even if you whiff every ability, you can just stat-check people and auto win most fights if you're even in gold. He's an early game monster who scales into a late game assassin carry. Not to mention the fact that his R>Q>Q combo does absurd damage and is basically impossible to miss. If Riot wanted Lee to be a skillful pick, they'd basically just chop all of his damage in half and force you to actually have to land most of your abilities if you wanted to actually deal meaningful damage. Not wipe out 1/3 of someone's HP from just landing a Q, and another 1/3 for pressing it again.
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: Riot does not want a game where people have much of a chance to come back they want games decided quickly due to the pro-scene. Long drawn out games for the pros = boring to watch = less viewers = less money. This game is balanced on the top roughly 500 people and ignores the bottom millions of players who actually buy skins and give their game a player base that makes them something that people want to partner with. League of legends used to be a wild west of just builds, champ picks and randomness. They have since enforced a meta which they said they never wanted to do. They have removed items that made builds more interesting. I had builds in the past that allowed me to Solo baron as Teemo without life steal. The rune system was changed to be "easier to access" and use but i feel the old system was better as it provided more customization to the point i had 20 unique rune pages, but now i just change one for each match kinda want my money back for those purchased rune pages but they wont do that as they gave RP back and such. I miss old league of legends could do a lot more with a lot more champs but they removed some items combined others, i mean hell one of the most effective builds for Jhin right now is multiple infinity edges, where is the variance in that.
Yeah, but pro players actually CAN utilize the absurd tools like shutdown gold for champs with lots of farm and the various catchup mechanics, where players in soloqueue cannot. Even then, pro games still end up being fucking boring because 9/10 times the games are just a slow push into one team's base where the opposing team never really seemed threatened ever. It was just this slowly tipping tree that never tipped back and forth, just in one direction farther and father until the game is over.
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