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: {{champion:420}} You can watch YouTube and afk win with this broken ass shit.
ya thats her play style but im also including the lore, and illaoi cares about a lot of things in her lore
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: Aurelion Sol Skin Ideas
oh also **PATRIOT AURELION SOLE** sol has an uncle same suit on. his stars or red, white, and blue. Q has an M80 at the center. W makes the stars sparkle like fireworks. E makes it look like sol is riding a bald eagle when using it. R spits an american flag, trialing red, white, white, and blue behind it.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: The problem is it's very hard for Riot to make skins on a champion like him. He is an anamorphic blob, that somewhat changes shapes as he uses abilities so it's not the easiest thing to adapt a skin for.
maybe but they've had plenty of time and even worked out aurelion sol's wonky hitbox dilemma and got him rolled out just fine. I think the real reason is because he wasn't a very popular champion until people realized they shouldnt have treated him like a dmg jg and more of a cc tank that can set up kills. I know the first year i used him noobs spent all day complaining about how he cant close most of his initiations but the problem was they were too stupid to realize they were supposed to capitalize on the situation instead of sitting there with their thumb up their butt. Only reason he got popular was people realized that he could gank and snatch farm from just about any angle if done right. Then the update to leave a visual for where his leap lands happened and he sank again since people just had to look for the normal warning signs. He's amazing initiation and extremely durable its just people dont always act on his plays. he doesn't have a lot of skins just because he's normally misunderstood and therefore unpopular. just watch the trend for who gets skins. normally popular champs get A LOT of attention. lux and ez are probably some of the most popular picks for players and they get at least 2 skins a year, lux is already a major part of the new skin lores too. then look at someone whose barely played, like ornn. he still hasn't gotten a 3rd skin yet and hes been out for what? a few years now? In the past riot used to care about giving every champ a skin on as regular a basis as possible. thats the only reason Aatrox had as many skins as he did before his current rework and became popular. riots just way more about the cash grab now, a bit more so then most other gaming companies i'd dare say too.
: The Next New Skin for Aatrox
i think the grim reaper, cosmic, pulsefire, and headhunter skins got potential. though grim reaper would have to play up the theme very well to not mess with kayn
Shmeeve (NA)
: God Blade Aatrox
: Zac Skin Ideas
oh and **MERCURY ZAC** zac is mercury with its metallic appearance. prolly be closer to a chrome then a skin. zac shakes around as a thermometer for his joke.
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: I made sure that Burst champs couldn't use this item. Passive ensures that Your not getting the most out of the stats if you are a burst character Burst Mages? Kill people too quickly for the passive to take effect. AP Assassins? Same as mages. AP Bruisers and Maybe Some Battlemages (Which they are still wasting gold on the AD) can use this item. And Maybe Jax. AP Itemization may work for some AP Bruisers, but what about Diana? Or other Ap Champs that can't go {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}}? It just doesn't work.
idk man, still feels like too much, fight long enough and get makeshift deathcap and some % hp dmg part of why ap bruisers have some balance is because they need to build some tanky items to endure and use their kit. Give em more damage and you may as well phase out assassins. besides, if ya wanna use diana as an example {{item:3100}} {{item:3148}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3115}} are all items she can use to either stay in a fight or win it. You dont normally see most of these because most of the time ppl build hard ap to abuse her burst combo and play her like a mage/assassin. All these other choices give plenty of options for anybody not including the classic choices of {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3116}}. there's also the point that this item would appeal to only roughly 5-10 champs in a roster of 144. not very versatile.
: Ultimate Skin Idea: Cosmic God Kindred
the real reason jhin got this skin and not kindred is because jhin is regularly used still and kindred has fallen out of the spotlight. Take ornn for example. He's all but fallen out of the limelight as well nearly right after his release and he hasn't had a new skin since his release.
: great concept
lol idk why you cant believe that people would do this. When one of the very first MMO's every released do you know what the players did as soon as they got on? they intentionally tried to crash the game. theres noobs, leets, and trolls who just wanna watch the world burn for one reason or another. If you want more proof of these self destructive tendencies i direct you to most of human history or the fact that the majority of popular tv shows and movies revolve around drama and/or conflict. its the very reason video games were born, a healthy outlet to funnel these urges into.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=fatyboomboom,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=dpW73uF1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-07T08:39:20.800+0000) > > you can keep playing locked or partially locked and just press y to unlock. I normally play partially locked to keep my character on screen but unlock to check lanes or watch mini map like a hawk. > > If ya wanna play unlocked but wanna get back to your champ you can hold the space bar to center the screen on them. Why are you teaching me on how to use the camera?
left it as a reply for the op to see in a relevant convo as alternatives to the thing he wishes for. not trying to say u don't know.
: Idea for an AP Bruiser Item
The effects are basically champ skills in of themselves aside from the fact that this would be completely abused by assassins, mages, and hybrid characters. These things aside it would be intended for an extremely niche role. I'm pretty sure the only true ap bruisers are mordekaiser, rumble, sylus, nunu, and singed maybe. I think theres already a healthy selection of items available for these champs. You can already apply slows, burns, grievous wounds, and magic burst on next auto. Its already incredibly effective to use even one of these in any ap play style.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Devs talked about it, it would take them a butload of work, infact.... more than they find reasonable. Also, i don't believe it's necessary. You need to be able to play unlocked, enabling you to see the rest of the map with ease. Also, you'll have to mirror the entire game basically for the entire team... it'll look really weird.
you can keep playing locked or partially locked and just press y to unlock. I normally play partially locked to keep my character on screen but unlock to check lanes or watch mini map like a hawk. If ya wanna play unlocked but wanna get back to your champ you can hold the space bar to center the screen on them.
: Would it be possible to add a rotate camera function?
I used to think that was a good idea too. when i started thinking about it though it would be confusing as which lane is which and where jungle camps are based on which side of the map your on. Pretty easy for new players to become confused about point of reference while figuring things out.
: Critic Ornn that might be possible for next april fools another one would be water based in the goofy theme and if it's a legendary there is so much potential imagine him pulling out his anvil and smashing some water
What your describing would probably be better described as a bilgewater skin, Sea Giant Ornn, or something like that. his Q could be a shipwrecks upheaval. W a roar. E could be something like what i described for his pool party skin. then like you said he smashes a tidal wave with his hammer. Oh, the passive could show him sealing a treasure chest and sending it to the ocean floor. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Ornn Skin Concepts
I just thought of one more skin after posting **Battle Builder Ornn** Ornn's like the somewhat scrappy teacher/handy man of Battle Academia. Q is calling down a practice dummy. W is Ornn stomping forward and making shock waves as he does. Ornn yells "TESTING" as he uses E. For R a computerized voice says "WARNING!" or "INCOMING FIRE!" as an energy attack comes in. When he uses his passive to buy mechanized workbench comes up that he uses to assemble a random students weapon, like jayces hammer or katarena's daggers.
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: A little harsh but true for the most part.
sounds like someone should hit them in the wallet and tell these investors the numbers are inflatted compared to player numbers because their taking advantage of a loophole. Riot used to care more about making this game cheat-proof and I'd wish they'd use my suggestion for it. I mean they aren't really making money off aram as far as i know compared to summoners rift. Hate it when a good gaming company gets popular and sells its soul and let people roll over it for money. I know ppl say its not that big a problem but im willing to bet they have aram accounts as well. Plus its real annoying to hear this and think about how many times you've seen both veigar and lux on a team in one night or something like 3-4 adc's and a grabber/tank. The sheer number of times I've seen this happen can't possibly be so easy to produce unless your using aram accounts.
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: Zoe doesn't need a new skin, the reason being is that she's still a "new" champion and she got a new skin less than a year after her release. The champions that need skins are the ones who have gone over 1000 days, or roughly 3 years, without one. For example, while Ornn is a new champion, released the same year as Zoe, he'll be hitting the "2 years without a skin" mark later this year, while his 2017 peers have all received at least one skin since their releases.
You have a point about ornn. feels like he died off after everyone got over his extra upgrade option he brought to his team.
Dynikus (NA)
: Saying lux is at 11 skins is a bit disingenuous, as one of them is a prestige skin, and another is pajama guardian. I know "lux has too many skins!!1!!111!!" is a perpetuated meme, but there are a decent amount of champions with the same amount or more skins, that get them just as if not more frequently. Ezreal is currently sitting on _13_ skins (12 not counting pajama guardian), 3 of which were released within the last year. Not counting prestige battle academia or pajama guardian separate from normal battle academia or star guardian, Lux would be at 9 skins, which is less than/equal to _42 other champions_. That's almost 1/3 of the roster.
meh, Riot makes the destinction between a normal skin and its prestige version by giving them separate slots when you go through a champions skins in your collection. This doesnt change the fact that lux has weaseled her way into a high amount of highly anticipated skin releases. plus as I've said before, she has taken some major roles in in a number of popular skin themes since she's part of most of them as well.
: Surprise Party Zac
Sounds cool but idk how it'd look for his ult. He could also be mad of confetti be a candle with party favors on.
Noppy (EUW)
: New Ryze rework is garbage
Sounds like hes being nerfed but i cant say im surprised. Right after his rework he was basically a bruiser mage with little that could threaten him for playing aggressive for days. I mean, how do you counter pick a mage that can handle almost any situation with an ultimate that lets his whole team engage or escape at will.
Dagurg (NA)
: Zoe future skins ideas
surprise party zoe could be awesome
: Pool Party/Star Guardian Annie
who wouldnt like to see a giant pink monster bear surrounded by glitter rampaging. Ah, reminds me of that episode of futurama where Mom took the professors doll he pitched to her and she turned it into an 18 ft atomic killing machine w/ laser eyes.
Willsada (NA)
: Kog'maw Rework Idea
Its an interesting concept but all that doesn't really fit for an adc anymore is a passive that relies on him dying. As he is now with current items he's nearly unmatched in his ability to shred just about anything from great distances. Not gonna like either, all the true damage he'd be capable of with just this kit would evenually be insane coupled with the conqueror rune would be impossible to deal with in late game. Basically he'd become a god and the game would move as quickly or slowly as he desired.
twikuuuu (EUNE)
: Blood Moon Kindred idea
Cool concept. I'd make lambs horns look like wolf ears though and give wolfs mask ram horns
: Jhin needs a performance skin.
are you talking about the gentlemans skin theme? or wearing a costume like hes in a play?
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: Not that I'm arguing, but do you realize ***WHY*** those skins get replaced? Because they're literally nothing but overpriced Chromas. Are you saying that you *agree* with being charged full skin price for a Chroma?
I haven't bought a chroma yet. Just about nothing out there to convince me to compound my purchase choices.
: Riot, please keep Ruthless Panthon ruthless.
I don't think they've ever outright replaced a skin before. its always just a remodel to keep up with current trends to avoid as much controversy as possible. Graves cigar was a huge topic in the past for those over aware about "triggering" topics. Looking at things though, pretty sure ruthless panth is a legacy skin. It'll probably be updated with any new designs on the base skin.
: Pentakill Kayn Skin
would be funny to see though. Swinging a guitar around with a scythe blade on it
I can see elderwood and pool party happening for her. Very cool ideas. I've been pushing for program yuumi myself. synergy would be awesome for her play style and visuals
: Reward for having a Team theme?
I mean that sounds cool but it might be unnecessary overhead data wise. that sort of thing always comes up in the weirdest situations. Stetmann from SC2 is an example of what I'm talking about if you've seen posts about his tendency to lag those with poor rigs with his play style.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gubaguy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j0jRwMUc,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-31T23:29:28.950+0000) > > Better idea, learn every role first. I only like playing top and support, but if i get fileld to jg, mid or adc i know how to play them. But there's a good chance someone on your team prefers ADC to their own role. And you could easily take that top lane role because your top laner was autofilled.
> [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j0jRwMUc,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-06-01T00:12:44.966+0000) > > But there's a good chance someone on your team prefers ADC to their own role. And you could easily take that top lane role because your top laner was autofilled. I mean, thats up to the players to negotiate and good on em if their accommodating but its not always to case. All everyone is saying is if your doing autofill don't be totally green in any role. I usually roll support then jg but I know some champs in the others roles enough to farm and not feed. Same should hold true for champs you hate. Don't ignore them out of spit. Come to understand them and it gives you the knowledge you need to work better against them. Most of the time this means playing passively to while learning. With assassins especially, its far better to deny them as many kills as possible and starve em. Usually if their on equal footing gear wise its harder for them to get away with some of their insane plays their known for later.
: If you're autofilled
meh... If your autofilling im pretty sure you need to display a certain level of competency before it becomes an option i think. if you are autofilling then that usually means you should have some idea of what to do in any role. otherwise its just better to queue knowing what role you wanna practice. Ive almost never used it because i like knowing what im going into a game doing. But ya, if ya don't know most roles go practice some after picking a few champs to go to (in case of bans). Most of the time new players are either feeders or so scared they're hardly useful and learning nothing when they just throw themselves into a role.
: Aww....... I came here thinking you were going to boast some 60% win rate or something. Instead you're trying to tutor players on common sense. Even though you're unranked, play norms, and generally don't post phenomenal scores.
sweet I got a troll to waste time. If ya wanted something along the lines of a bragging post go pick one of hundreds on youtube numbnuts. you get the same thing twice as fast. or ya know, pick one of the many replies i got. kind of surprised how much attention this got in the first place. P.S. many ppl dont have common sense if ya haven't noticed.
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: so what you are telling me is that ONE game where you did more damage than an Ezreal is enough reason to say that the build sucks? Ezreal doesn't want to auto so crit and essence reaver becomes a suboptimal choice. Ezreal doesn't go for manamune for the mana but because when you fully stack it then your Qs deal even more damage since {{item:3042}} 's passive actually works with Q. Then comes the choice of {{item:3025}} or {{item:3078}} which just boils down to "do I want extra kiteability? or more damage?" and that really boils down on who is on the enemy team "can they get to me with some consistency? iceborn it is! they cannot? then triforce it is!" If you want to make an auto attack build on Ezreal work then go ahead and try but not even TF who has way more of an incentive to auto doesn't go for auto attack centric builds
why doesnt crit work for him though? i know his Q can crit as well. All I'm saying is this build fails like 4/5 times and ezreal cant offer much to the team unless he can get a few kills under his belt doing this and ezreals usually play so safe that no ones afraid to get up in his business to shoot him down. That is most assuredly because ppl play him like a mage so no one has a problem with charging an adc that thinks like a caster. Like i said before the payoff if you can get through to the end is good but thats a HUUGE gamble that most lose. I mostly just have problems with those blue ez that rush muramana then iceborn gauntlet. Sure fine its damage cant argue there but then they go straight into iceborn gauntlet and i get it helps kit some but to me and im sure to the other team that says their scared to get their hands dirty. After playing support for as long as i have i can tell when an adc has lost their nerve just from their movements and how much more preemptive they are with their dash/zoning skills. After one or two encounters that end bad for the ez everyone in the lane im sure can tell hes scared and just a poor lil rabbit to chase (which is insanely easy with all the move speed options assassins alone have access to). I'm sorry, wondered off topic there. My point about iceborn is that it also makes the statement that ez is gonna play exactly like a mage and not an adc, which isn't what can usually handle bot with how frequent trades can happen. he has lots of skillshots but i feel like its lost on most that his passive gives him attack speed to actually auto between skills. This quirky kit has been a main reason why I never personally learned to play him much but as a support im basically a watch dog. Back in the day when ez was mainstream and effective he was exactly that way because he was played as a burst adc, not a mage. then blue ez popped up as a gimmick build and everyone took to it like crack and he slowly fell into his gay coward persona thats more a mage then adc. then people figured he could just do well in any lane. low and behold lucian came out and it wasnt long before ppl tried similar things with him but was a bit more successful because he couldnt fully drop his adc identity. I suppose that's the core of what annoys me about this build. It turned a decent adc into a mage thats in the wrong lane. even if you took him mid or top there are still other, better options for those lanes because the traditional picks for them can offer things that ez still cant. Such as consistently effective burst combos, cc, and and possibly brawly front-line initiators. You have to admit, ez is the last champ anyone expects to turn a game around when the chips are down. simply because of how infamous he has become for needing an extra helping of tlc to matter.
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: A New Dual Blade Skin For Yasuo
It sounds cool but it'd be impossible to give him duel blades long enough to thematically make it work for this skills without making it look like an action anime or cartoon. Besides from his blade movements i get the feel that he's based off sword skills involving drawing the sword and no one can make something like that look cool with two blades. Not sure if its even possible with that type of swordsmanship with long swords.
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