: It give a warning sign as soon as you press w. dont try to talk about a champion you have never played
No I’m talking about the line that pops up once the W finishes cooking. Ya know you could also just build to one shot with Oblivion orb and Sorcs. Then you just have to Q-Flash-R-Q-Smite to delete someone.
: Except for that his e is point and click and if he holds his q for your windup, he then doesn't actually need to LAND a skillshot.
Windup of what? All Kalista’s take HOB so she really doesn’t have AA windup.
: Except as a Varus a Kalista a Jinx a Miss Fortune, a Kog'maw a Jhin, almost EVERY single ADC in the game, with two exceptions that I can think of offhand (Ezreal cuz of arcane shift being a free fucking flash and Caitlyn just cuz of her massive base aa range), even sitting under my tower, I can't approach the minion wave to auto attack them without him then being able to w-q-e me for 70% of my hp before any of his burn damage. He can sit in his minion wave and if I try to get close enough to farm, he can freely poke me out of lane. Even if I dodge 70% of his combos at me, that's 30% of the 15 second cd full combo for my entire health bar that I'm not dodging, and also time I'm spending dodging that could be spent farming. He can do that for free and if I try to fight him back on it, well he's already done 70% of my health bar and another 15% over the next 4 seconds, where even is the opportunity to fight back?
As Kalista you can just walk up to him, then when he tries to stun you can Q and either horizontally or diagonally jump to dodge it. After just chase him till he’s under tower/ with his adc then E.
94372148 (NA)
: Can we fucking just nerf assassins so that the game if fucking playable?
I think Leblanc is on the worse side of assassins, and she still is so toxic to play against.
lluxxdot (EUW)
: How are you meant to climb when everyone feeds
Pick champions who can gank early and get your allies fed. Look for early game jglers like Elise who can grant your ally a plethora of advantages.
: > [{quoted}](name=figold666,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TuNabWPA,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2019-09-25T11:33:01.868+0000) > > It’s not really fair to compare Illidan and Yasuo. Illidan doesn’t have 1v5 potential. Illidan doesn’t have massive teamwide burst, and out of combat his dashes have fairly high cooldowns. In the end Illidan needs to jump on the backline while Yasuo can just fight whoever is closest. ...Yasuo doesn't have team wide burst damage. I mean, I guess he has an ult, but it has a whole anime animation to go through where he can get cc'd. That's not super bursty.
His Q, a high damage crit, is AOE, even easier to hit when used with his E. Compared to Illidan he is much more bursty. Illidan can’t Q R AA Q to delete a squishy.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: In Hots you cant carry a game and one noob can cost you a game.
Depending on the heroes, you can. Exp and double-Laners such as Murky and TLV can create exp leads and push multiple lanes at once. Teamkillers such as Mephisto can 1v5, easily swinging the game.
Smyrage (EUNE)
: In all honesty damage doesn't feel that high in that game, because healers are busted. They are so busted that you actually put your team into a huge disadvantage if you don't pick a healer. And damage there isn't that high? That's arguable, because Chromie, Jaina, Kael'thas and Li Ming (idk about the new others) were extremely busted at their release. I also saw Genji doing a teamwipe by only using a single ability (whatcha gonna do now Yasuo?). And mobility creep is even worse there than in LoL, beause most champs there don't have flash. They can only get something called Blink at lv20 and that requires them committing to pick that talent. Just for comparison: In LoL Yasuo's mobility is tied to minion waves, now imagine that infinite dash without that limitation and add Nocturne's ult to it and you get Illidan. Replace Nocturne's ult with Talon's wall jump and you get Genji. HotS champion diversity is only kept alive by more maps. You can argue about whether it is good or not, but some heroes there are actually quite useless on certain maps. HotS is also much more objective oriented game than LoL, which of course had its own balance issues like Battlefield of Eternity's objective is weak early game, but so strong lategame, that if you lose only a single time, the enemy will stomp your intact lane. Sure LoL has its flaws, maybe the damage is a bit high, but comparing to the older times, when one champion could single handedly massacre the rest if he/she got ahead, it's gotten better now. As a Support main I must say that damage isn't that high, it's just everyone keep building like a glass cannon and they are surprised when they are kept one shot by an assassin or blewn up by a focused attack. Defensive items weren't supposed to completely negate an Assassin or Mage burst, they were made to ensure you have a chance of counterattack. As for the mobility creep: if you want LoL to stick to the less mobile champs, then stop comparing it to HotS, because HotS is mobility creep itself.
It’s not really fair to compare Illidan and Yasuo. Illidan doesn’t have 1v5 potential. Illidan doesn’t have massive teamwide burst, and out of combat his dashes have fairly high cooldowns. In the end Illidan needs to jump on the backline while Yasuo can just fight whoever is closest.
xelaker (NA)
: If turrets are gonna be worth a bazillion gold can they at least be less awful?
I think if we took a little bit from HoTS’s book we could fix this issue. Hots Turrets slow enemy movement and attack speed on hit. This makes it so tower diving is much more dangerous early game for someone who isn’t prepared. Nexus’s in HoTS are big AOE turrets with regenerating shields. This prevents them from being killed as quickly by one lucky back door, while also rewarding previous cooperated pushes.
: Evelynns W is the worst skill/ability in all multiplayer games.
Get good? But seriously throw out your Q before the mark finishes cooking, so when it hits, it procs without giving a warning sign.
: MY BABY<Leblanc>♥
Lol guys they are talking about the AP ratio. It used to be 0.4, was nerfed to 0.3, then reverted to 0.4
: Ummm I hate to break this to you but they MADE HIS LATE GAME WEAKER. He lost 10% ap on his w that is actually a good amount lost. Like the ms doesn't help in much in the late game either. So idk where is late game idea comes from.
I’m not defending these changes, just saying that his identity was changed. I find the new A Sol to be a late game champion because he sucks more early game. Not saying he is better than before late, just saying his early is even worse.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=figold666,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UGRYoOuR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-29T17:17:55.473+0000) > > You are playing him wrong. He is a scaling champ like Corki. Don’t roam and don’t wave clear (leaves you vulnerable). Instead just farm until you get 2-3 items then deal some AOE damage. Corki isn't a scaling champ? he's an early game lane bully that falls off late game due to his poor range and reliance of staring at ppl to do his dmg, a sol is completely reliant on snowballing off his roams since he is very weak early, if your not roaming on sol your playing him wrong, but these changes hurt his roaming significantly...i would go so far to say as these "tweaks" are just outright nerfs
A big part of Corki is that he is weak early, look at pro play and how he was rampant because his counters (assassins) were weak. He scales to do big damage and counter defensive itemization with his mixed damage and penetration.
Mortismo (EUW)
: The worst thing about this is that Riot unironically thinks that putting more cooldowns on him and limiting his push power makes him a better champ. Sol doesnt need to have his power budget lowered, but the main reason that Sol is so good is that his skillshots are so punishing when they land, but because how bad people are in solo q, they just walk into it and get roamed on in side lanes. Sol needs a way better kit than his current to ever be meta when champs like Akali and Zoe exists
I’m pretty sure Riot wanted to change him to make him easier to balance. His previous “push and roam,” playstyle was really hard to stop so they removed it.
: The last thing sol is right now is perfect. He gets dumpstered in almost any match because of lack of mobility. I think these new changes are great and will actually make him playable
Bruh Sol was too good that’s why they changed him.
: Aurelion Sol Changes are garbage.
You are playing him wrong. He is a scaling champ like Corki. Don’t roam and don’t wave clear (leaves you vulnerable). Instead just farm until you get 2-3 items then deal some AOE damage.
: Now that the dust has settled, can we talk about the Swain rework? Kayle and ASol while we're here.
I can speak for Swain and A Sol. I like the Swain changes because it reminds me more of pre-rework Swain. Grabbing Grasp and constantly harassing your enemy laner works even better as it builds a little HP lead, and the ult buffs allow him to 1V3 again. The A Sol changes were meant to nerf him. Pre-mini rework he had one of the most toxic play styles in the game, being able to quickly wave clear then roam and the enemy laner was stuck under tower Csing. To make him easier to balance in the future, they removed his early game wave clear and roam potential in favor of making him a late game champion and more burst oriented. Yes this completely destroys the identity of the champion but why should Riot care about the 0.01% of the player base.
: Aurelion Sol rework is infuriating and clunky
A Sol’s early game was destroyed in order to make him another late game scaling champ. Riot also hates roamers pre-6, so they hurt his wave clear and roam potential to force him to stay in lane. Late game he definitely does his damage faster, but to scale up there is quite painful.
: Thank You Riot For ABSOLUTELY Nothing...
RIP A Sol.... All good things must come to an end...
: How Do You Deal With Fed Assassins as a Squishy Champ
If it’s a fed: {{champion:7}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:107}} (Or champs in the same style) There is nothing much that you can do but pray. These champs have ridiculously fast point and click burst especially from the fog of war. If it’s a fed: {{champion:245}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} (Or champs in the same style) There is a very VERY small window where you can pop zhonyas and pray. You can also flash diagonally but this won’t work against Zed or Ekko. During zhonyas you just have to rely on your team and hope that they kill the assassin or force them to retreat.
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkin Hybrid,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E3VVbbBX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-19T06:44:07.804+0000) > > I just simply think his 3 Stack Blight Detonation with Abilities Mechanic is just not effective and too overall weak in comparison to other X stack Mechanics. > > Idk this Champ is just not enjoyable anymore or that rewarding from my experience. I can see why you wouñd think that. Though in my opinion Varus' stacking mechanic isn't inherently worse. It just has too many things in Varus' kit working against it. First off Varus' has no control of his steroid. Every other marksman with stacking mechanic presses 1 button and gets a ton of attack speed: Xayah, Trist, Kaisa, Twitch, only exception is Vayne. On top of not being able to use an steroid to stack his blight Varus needs to detonate his stacks with his other abilities, this presents another issue. Varus' abilities have ridiculous cooldowns and mana costs, as a marksman Varus builds little to no CDR so his stacking mechanic is already gated by his CDs unlike Kaisa or Vayne. And because his abilities have long cooldowns Varus is punished for not saving his abilities to detonate his stacks. However detonating blight with abilities can make it more flexible as he can do it from beyond his AA range and he doesn't need to reach 3 stacks to detonate them. Due to his long CDs Varus also ends up falling behind damage wise compared to other marksmen. As long as Kaisa is attacking she will proc her stacks, same for Vayne. IMO what this champion actually needs is to be more like Kaisa. There's never a point where Kaisa's abilties scale bad because she didn't go for a specific build. Her kit is perfectly in sync around a single build that is what Varus needs. His kit needs to be tuned around so he can go for a build that perfectly syncs his caster and marksman playstyle together. The fact that i have to pick between having strong DPS or good ability damage while Ez and Kaisa run around doing everything with a single build is a remnant of the older days and ancient design that holds Varus back. Tbh the fact that this champion has spent so much time like this without Riot identifying the issue is ridiculous. TLDR: varus' long CDs, mana costs, and lack of steroids make his blight stack mechanic weak relatively speaking.
: Can anyone beat these stats?
Top lane Taric? Awesome.
: He's a yordle. All the Yordles have super high skill expression and dont rely on stat-checking you. Oh, wait.
Wait wtf how did I just notice this now!!!!?
: please nerf this vayne bs
Get attack speed slows
Dukues (NA)
: Yea I just feel forced to ban {{champion:238}} every game as mid {{champion:90}} . It's just to the point of it being so long I have played against him I just rather fight other annoying champs like {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} etc. {{champion:90}} can fight Zed it's just.... idk I feel like if you fuck up once he just kills you (granted same for like all assasins) and then he just snowballs the game hard. Same shit with like a {{champion:91}} though but I feel better verse him. I mean obviously I would rather ban other champs for the team but I just do same ban every game..... super exciting I know.
I hate {{champion:238}} because he defies all rules of assassins. He can poke without putting himself in danger, he has high AOE damage, he has sustained and burst damage. He is so versatile, and his easy escape tool in his r just adds onto it all.
: Unpopular opinion: make all items available for everyone
Ravenous Hydra Runaans Twitch
Zeyphel (NA)
: I am assuming you are not a Kassadin player as the combo you recommend is not even the most optimal and saying to just last hit with Q is a vague recommendation as any Zed player could burst you down the moment you get in range to last hit with Q as his combo has more range than Kassadin's Q. As you said Kassadin's R can be used as offensive or defensive and that's exactly its weakness. It is the only movement tool in his kit and at the same time his strongest ability meaning that if he wants to engage on you, he has no way of getting out until 2 seconds which in late game is more than enough to burst you down and if he doesn't use R to engage on you then he will most likely lack damaga to kill any target. My point is an Assasin designed to be functional in late game is far less useful than an assasin early game as teams are together in late game and you can't 1 vs 1 people without their team focusing you which concludes in a really bad experience of gameplay. Edit: Assuming others are monkeys for not enjoying a champion they used to is new thing I had not seen until now.
The combo is the highest damage combo. Zed is very overturned and I ban him so I don’t really count him. Leblanc, Zed, Kassadin and a few others all have their damage tied to their mobility. The difference is that Kassadin can 1v5. Also ever thought about calling for a gank? You should never push up the wave (always under turret), which should allow your jungler to come in and pick up an easy kill. Grab a defensive item if need be instead of damage for your last item.
Zeyphel (NA)
: Playing Kassadin feels like...
So basically you are monkey. Use Q to last hit, get used to farming under tower, and get used to missing CS. Kassadin doesn’t become autopilot late game. Work on your Q -> R -> AA -> W -> E combo, work on your mana usage and work on your positioning. Grab triumph so you can snowball and focus your targets intelligently. You have one of the strongest ults in the game, capable of damage and defense. There is no excuse for why XYZ landed that stun skillshot on you. Look to splitpush late if your team isn’t pushing.
: Issues with the reworked Pantheon (((IMO)))
On the Invulnerability: {{champion:114}} : Lasts for a very short time and doesn’t output much, if any damage. {{champion:203}} : Keeps her enemies alive. {{champion:8}} : Costs him a large amount of health and has a very lengthy cooldown. Can’t defend the others.
: A Few Champion Rework Ideas
Ill leave some pros and cons of each: Mundo: + You are right how his Passive is really ehh and his W (Fireballs, really?) is underwhelming and doesn’t fit thematically. + Adding CC to a kit that is otherwise all damage is good, and probably the right way to balance him. - Slow auto attacks and on hit effects are anti-synergistic, unless that is intended for flavor. - A 5% buff to defensive stats means almost nothing in practice. Ornn gets a 10% Ar and Mr buff and still gets blown up. Udyr: + Spirit Guard as the base is required. + Phoenix does have a problem as it actively competes with Tiger for the role of damage. - Rhino Stance would probably be never used. Udyr has no problem chasing people and the low damage provided by it doesn’t match up to the Damage of Tiger, the defense of turtle or the utility of bear. The reduction of attack speed is also anti synergistic and feeds into a toxic “oneshot,” playstyle. (Tiger into Rhino building full Lethality).
: So about Eve...
Current Eve is relatively strong, but very toxic. Her whole kit is around deleting someone then being unable to be caught. Not only was her build diversity removed. But her burst window was made much smaller. E-> Q kills most squishies late game, no charm needed. I would love to reduce her damage and add hybrid scalings. Turn Evelynn into a healthy Assassin.
: For the Love of God, do NOT ship the Sol changes
They are experimental don’t worry. A Sol is safe for at least one more patch.
GigglesO (NA)
: Remove Lifesteal
If they were to remove lifesteal they would have to buff enchanters. The reason why enchanters are on the weaker side defensive wise is because lifesteal supplements their heals/shields.
: Why does no one play Zilean
He isn’t really easy, and requires incredibly good reflexes and skill. Not conceptually difficult, but in practice can be finicky to work out.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Why do you even play immobile ADCs
{{champion:429}} Chillin as the most mobile ADC with the lowest win rate.
iiGazeii (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=figold666,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ElwMM1eJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-06T04:36:22.227+0000) > > Issue is that his roaming play style is much weaker. You can’t clear wave as reliably early, and you don’t have the passive E ms. Reworked A Sol is a scaling burst mage, not an early game sustained mage. No, he'll be a burstier mage in the early game that scales into a sustained mage. He still has a huge amount of uptime on his W, and his "burst" is about 3 seconds of high damage, followed by a very short amount of downtime. Yes, the passive movespeed on E is gone and the cooldown is longer, but that doesn't mean he can't roam. He can do what every other mage does and just walk there without any extra passive movement speed. Take Mobi Boots and/or Relentless Hunter, and your roams would arguably be more potent than before since your damage comes out faster.
Aurelion Sol can back for Dark seal at lvl 3 and return without missing a wave. With the rework his early damage is much lower, and he can’t make the lvl 3 return to lane, and then hard push and roam. It’s just transitioning him to late game, and taking out his roaming power.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Think about it this way: In the early game, ASol is heavily gated by mana. He can't just have his W on all the time. He just turns it on for a few seconds to get some damage in, then turns it off to conserve mana. Leaving your W on all the time is a mistake on ASol. This change makes it impossible to make that mistake. Hitting the button does the right move, and it's more effective than ever before. Once he gets a few levels and the cooldown is basically nothing, he can just spam the ability and have his stars spinning all the time like he's always done, except he gets the benefit of faster rotations and a burst of movement speed every few seconds to stick to targets and kite his enemies. He's still the AoE sustained-damage battlemage, but his early game is more dynamic and forgiving.
Issue is that his roaming play style is much weaker. You can’t clear wave as reliably early, and you don’t have the passive E ms. Reworked A Sol is a scaling burst mage, not an early game sustained mage.
: QSS affects Morde in the death realm.
: Mundo doesn't need buffs. Leblanc doesn't need buffs. Ekko doesn't need buffs. Lux doesn't need buffs.
I can’t speak for others but Leblanc needs buffs really bad. She doesn’t have much solo kill power and falls off hard late. Her strength is 100% in her chain. Would love if they just took away the chain buff and gave her back Q damage.
GigglesO (NA)
: You still miss the post I just restated. Their auto attacks don't deal damage. Like holy fuck, read what I said.
1) Death recap is still bugged. 2) You can easily see that their on hits are doing a lot of damage because you are tanky (high hp is the kicker), thus they can apply more to you from 100-0. Anyway it’s just a death recap bug. I thought you were angry at Yi/Vayne killing you easily.
Moody P (NA)
: Why are modern DPS picks so bursty?
Rip A Sol. Turning him into a Burst Mage
GigglesO (NA)
: Its not even that, its just that the yi's auto attacks actually didn't deal damage. Itemization is dumb when it comes to champions not being able to be tanky.
It’s really important though to see that Ornn is HARD countered by Yi and Vayne. Ornn doesn’t have any defensive steroid in his kit, as he relies entirely on stacking Ar/Mr. Thus Vayne and Yi, who are countered by shields and heals, just steamroll Ornn. Not only that all of Ornn’s CC is slow and easy to dodge. Part of this is just Ornn’s fault. Play him less like a tank and more like a bruiser.
: Riot Please Buff Soraka
Soraka right now is a very intense poke support. Her damage on Q is incredibly high and she can afford to get hit by the enemy’s harass as Q will heal her up. Go Q -> E -> W, then max R -> Q -> W -> E. Always try to land a Q before healing an ally. Go Redemption into Athenes into Mikaels or Ardent. Grab a defensive item or the last heaing item, CDR boots for more AP, then Rabadons. You can deal decent damage while outputting tons of healing. You can even kite around peeps like Panth late game.
: > [{quoted}](name=CrazyMonkeyCZ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f8qEbEsK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-01T21:53:23.505+0000) > > Oh yeah, I overlooked AoE knockup, 1000 range slow, giving himself and target def stats by dashing at them, shield THAT PROTECTS TEAMMATES and stun after 4 aas that he can use on more targets in Panths kit. But you don’t need utility. A small value of resistances? A knock-up? What are those in the face of Pantheon’s damage output? Remember what the game is like at the moment.
Pantheon’s Dmg vs Not being able to move. Braum isn’t a solo carry like pantheon, but combined with his ADC he is much stronger. Panth + an ADC will easily lose to Braum + an ADC.
GigglesO (NA)
: Yi's Autos don't deal damage
I saw that you are playing Ornn, and unfortunately Yi and Vayne both hard counter him. You kinda have to rely on your teammates to deal with them, as you will be shredded incredibly fast.
: Please remove Rylai's Crystal Scepter as a reccomended item for Vel'Koz.
fire263 (NA)
: Pantheon Support > Braum?
There are a few key differences though. New Panth passive will be much harder to get considering he is not last hitting minions. This means his Q slows less often than Braum Q. Braum Passive is much better for his adc, as the stun is a piece of cake to get with 2 champs, and can be applied to 2 targets. Panth stun is shorter and forces him to engage, where Braum stun can be applied from range. Panth doesn’t have an escape like Braum, and Braum can give his ADC a defensive steroid with his leap. Panth’s e also doesn’t block basic attacks that aren’t targeted on him. The enemy ADC can just ignore him while focusing on your ADC. Braum forcefully blocks all projectiles, and can even dash to your ally with his W in the time of need. Braum ult is better than Panth’s in the sense that he requires no channel time, can be used for initiation or disengage and provides CC. While Panth has some traits of Braum (Poke, a dash and a stun, directional damage blocking), Braum is much better suited for 2v2’s, while Panth is better in solo lanes. Edit: Piercing projectiles go through Panth, as well as CC. Does nothing to stop a Varus Q from sniping a low health ally.
: Your confused bc you are naive. Certain people play certain champs. Your Nami player is more likely to also play Miss Fortune than Swain. Likewise you old Warwick player is A LOT more likely to play Panth than LeBlanc. Also females will play the prior many multiples times more than the latter. The priors players do not lose anything bc the other champs they play are never touched. While your average male who is not heavy into micro is losing champs hand over fist. If I was wrong, which I am not, the game would be growing. It is the old saying, "Don't bite that hand that fed you." Guys, with lives, getting out of classes or work ulting people with Warwick or nailing a gank with Panth is the lifeblood of this game. Also it is just more fun not having to deal with everything or having to do everything. More effort necessary in a game that is already hard to learn is an ignorant path. Seems like the game is being made strictly for ad revenue and on average new female streamers do a lot better than males. To put plainly, girls do not lose the easy champs they like while guys continue to non-stop. Your average girl can do a ton more for ad revenue than your average guy. Join the real world, it is a very real and cruel place.
I’m a dude and frankly I love playing {{champion:16}} after a stressful day. Being able to keep people alive feels so good after XYZ problems tripped me up earlier. But I also play {{champion:50}} a lot. He gives me a sense of power and control, and like Soraka lane dominance. Speaking of lane dominance I do love my occasional {{champion:7}}. And speaking of heavily nerfed people it’s always fun to take {{champion:516}} for a spin from time to time. One’s gender does not define what champions they play, it’s the champions themselves. And male champions aren’t the only ones being reworked. Your view of genders is skewed and sexist, not only portraying all women as conforming but all men as easy to overwhelm. (Also in your example, you used **reworked** Warwick’s ult as an example of something satisfying.)
: Like old Karma, her Mantra offered more alternative uses than just a upgrading version of a basic ability. Mantra Q healed, Mantra W had an ally mechanic, and Mantra E had a damage side to it. Mantra was also on a charge system which allowed her to combo into other Mantra. Karma actually had a passive as well (broken one that needed a change but not a useless one like she has now). This my friends is what we call SKILL EXPRESSION. Karma has almost zero skill expression on Mantra that are tied to one specific use and are more useful than others.
The best part of old Karma was that it fit her lore super well. The theme of balance was everywhere, with a damaging ability used to heal and a shielding ability used to burst.
: POLL: If 2 people in a team are half the deaths of the team, is it bad?
statistically that should be about right. Each member should have around 15-25% of the deaths of the team.
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