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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 3
Question about the older tanks! It feels like malphite, amumu, and zac have been pushed to side. Are they being looked at right now for improvements? Really hoping they can become buffed so they don’t feel like they’re in the shadow of rammus.
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gates78 (NA)
: G2 support looking for G+ adc for Duo Bot
Added you in game and yeah I'm pretty interested hope to hear back from ya!
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: ^.^ Olympus Gamerz Community LFM! ^.^ 40K RP Tournaments, League series, and Ranked 5s Teams!
: Gold-Plat Team In need of a Adc/Support Main
IGN:gate78 AGE:20 LANE:support CHAMP POOL:leona annie thresh janna lulu sona taric morg Teamspeak? ( Required ) yup! What do you need to work on? my nami /tend to buy less wards in early game go for more items earlier on. What do you excel at? when to be agressive and passive in lane how to zone out there adc so mine can farm freely


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