: NA Looking for Gold/Plat junlger and support
Jwag (NA)
: Looking for Plat/Diamond support for clash!
Bandhar (NA)
: (NA) need a high plat- diamond top laner and support for clash
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: > [{quoted}](name=hi im Rizzuto,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yYqf2yg6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-02T17:36:34.396+0000) > > > how is this getting downvoted? You are telling us what you wrote instead of providing us with the actual chatlogs (which you have). Then you base your condemnation of Riot on this description of your logs. Thats the main reason.
how can i have acces to chatlogs ?! what the F lol
Pyrosan (NA)
: those are system-triggers words there's absolutely no way in hell he didn't go unpunished, he probably got chatrestricted and you didn't get notified cause you got restricted yourself
as i said, in that instance i was not toxic at all. how is this getting downvoted?
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: > [{quoted}](name=VageneAndBøbs,realm=EUW,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=b1vVlElj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-15T18:53:46.871+0000) > > Ehm ø works just fine? You are on EUW, he is on NA
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: Dunno why this is getting downvoted. My Silver I games tonight ALL had either win traders, or a duo of someone who was situationally high silver, duo'd with a bronze inter or troll. Seriously. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Aredethe Ornn Game: Bronze I duo'd with Silver III Sivir who get this: Doesn't play adc and almost EXCLUSIVELY plays Braum. Result: My Plat duo and I couldn't carry it. MF got int fed, I wasted time ganking people who couldn't actually be bothered to use a gank, and Janna ran around the map wildly..... doing..... nothing. Warwick Game: "Bot" chose {{champion:63}} into a team with his {{champion:25}} and a mid who was going to go {{champion:103}} . Turned out "Bot" (Brand) is Bronze II, duo'd with an UNRANKED Morgana, who was statically Provisional'd at Silver II. Morg ints. Brand afks every time you came mid to gank, no matter who you were, and claimed he was out of mana when he was at 40%, as to why he wouldn't walk over two steps. Morgana didn't upgrade her support item from TIER 1 until she had already fed them a 14/1 lead. Scroll down to the OTHER Warwick game: Syndra literally ran it up mid and 0/14'd and began spamming surrenders. When it was clear my duo and I were not losing that game, she outright quit the game, and in post game, Zed actually tried to defend her walking up mid. She behaved like a pure Win trader the entire game, and the chat context supports that. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Illabethe Nami game (4 down): MF was literally walking into Blitz. Over and over. With a minion wave right there. Every single one of her ults was directly in range of a Blitz pull to signal exactly where she was, so that he/Jhin could kill her. I remember one specific ult: She was near mid, and was CHASING Blitz, who was full HP. He rounded the wall to the right or the mid turret; MF literally hugged the wall, and cast her ult, waiting to be pulled. Irony of this game: I 1v2'd Kalista and Blitz at level 2 for a double kill as Nami. I literally dominated them. Then I went mid, killed mid too. Came back bot...... mf started inting. Hard. Over and over. To the point where being in range of Kalista for 1 second = death inting. If you bother to look up MF: Every game is 14+ Deaths, int feed fest, yet maintains positive win rates, and 50%. Literally. Every. Single. Game. Evelynn Game: Last game. Sona literally could be watched running through the entire team of 5 of the opposing team the ENTIRE GAME. She would literally just rotate her keys and walk right through them before dying. 0/13. Other team had a Gold III. If you bother looking up Sona, she literally never gets above 1 kill, always has over 8 deaths, and no assists. AS A SONA. Occasionally pure outright ints. ------------- ^ This is what the game is now. Win Traders. People far out of their elos. Int feeders for some reason or another. This embarasses me. Game gets out of control so fast that I can't save it. I'm playing some linear champ like Warwick who if I go in to gank a lane, I need them to work with me! Instead I get afk'd on and Nocturne counter-ults, instantly making it 1v2. Try to hard carry an adc as Nami...... get an inting adc who throws any help I gave 100% down the drain. Some of my OWN scores look really ugly, because I was effectively spending half the game trying to steal a drake, or save teammates who started a fight (or 4 fights in a row), or because the people they fed just escalate into a 1v5 show (like Blitz/Kalista, with double knockups, or the Nocturne)
all i am asking is how a level 13 account can be in ranked, aka morgana lol
: <Six Beers Deep> NA, Gold/Plat Team LF Support & Jungler
-- OP.GG Link: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=i+hook+for+20LP / https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=mathe%C3%B8 -- Current rank/elo: P2 on main account and p4 on alt -- Age; 25 -- Times available: every day of your shedule, but starting at 8o.clock est except sundays it's all good -- Role applying for: Sup/ jg - can fill both -- Top 5 champs in role: thresh,leona, naut, nami, rakan / kayn, jax, nunu -- Playstyle: play maker/ aggro / warding to catch people off guard -- Past experience with teams: i've been in a diamond + team as support. -- Favorite Beer: heineken baby
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: outside of the base stats on the item the active is wasted like buying shojin on nasus vayne or illaoi you already have an in built shojin with your ult buying the item itself wastes the active for which the item is bought for Rakan guarantees ult hitting with his knockup and as the target is being cc'd heavily the slow from the glory is wasted you can make the argument that you can use it after to continue the slow or to increase the speed of your initiation but there are better items that provide way more value to rakan specifically ie that item is bad on him this is further proven by the fact that if you go to rakans opgg page >items you will not find Glory built at all
but what if i tell you, you can use glory without pressing R :O for even more catch potential !
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Alberich (NA)
: Hardstuck P4 Adc looking for a supp duo to climb with
bro stop playing jinx and play kaisa and trist and you will not be hard stuck anymore
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: bork wits end shiv trynd first item what ever it is on vlad with dorans ring rakan with glory nasus with swifties vs a team without slows and shojin +building more ad omen vs only 1 crit item kaisa kled with last whisper janna with twin shadows Draven with ignite pta Zillian support with w/e he is building morde building black cleaver and catalyst it looks to me mostly that people are dicking around way too often for this to be any high elo
> [{quoted}](name=Pxerkza,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5mEEKA9F,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-30T13:54:31.601+0000) > > bork wits end shiv trynd > first item what ever it is on vlad with dorans ring > rakan with glory > nasus with swifties vs a team without slows and shojin +building more ad > > omen vs only 1 crit item kaisa > kled with last whisper > janna with twin shadows > > Draven with ignite pta > Zillian support with w/e he is building > morde building black cleaver and catalyst > > it looks to me mostly that people are dicking around way too often for this to be any high elo - how is glory on rakan, bad ? just asking for reference lol
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: Victorum Esports LF ADC AND JGR Mains PLAT+
Ign: Matheø Age?: 25 rank?: p4 flex rank?: g2 promos on my other account highest rank for solo q ever achieved?: peeked P1 80 playing Sup and Jungle when did you start playing league of legends?: S3 why do you want to join our team?: i like to learn in a chill but competitive enrionement. weaknesses?: Sometimes i force plays, but i learn my limits from those. strengths?: good shotcalling &amp; pretty simple person. what is your quality champ pool?(Current meta is also a qualified answer) : amything the team needs, but i play Kayn and jax for soloQ purpose. Anything else you want us to know?: hmu on league so we can talk
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Drône (NA)
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=dr%C3%B4ne diamond smruf looking for someone to get diamond with ont his account currently p3
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ıke (NA)
: p1 ad lf support/jungler for duo.
p3 sup main hmu if interested - i hook for 20LP
Anarch (NA)
: LF gold/plat jungler for team
Varo (NA)
: Looking for a chill solid jungler for flex (gold/plat) +
Jokwai (NA)
: Diamond 1 Smurf LF duo Currently silver
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CLG ear (NA)
: Wanna feel old? The Matrix is 20 years old
and i still watch it atleast every 2 months lol
: It was more of an example of how everyone tries ot make everything sound like trolling really than actually wanting your game history.
i just think this game is designed in a way that if one person decide they dont feel like winning, 4 others are included in the not winning , so it's unfair for those persons. if 1 person wants to INTENTIONALLY THROW THE GAME in post lobby we should be able to do something without losing our our LP or time for that 1 person actually typing and acting like a spoiled child in post lobby, i am just putting my opinion up there so we can discuss about it :)
: My issue these days is that 'trolling' is such a broad term that it might as well mean nothing or only mean 'something that I have even the slightest dislike'. It's meaningless. For instance, you're trolling imo because you're clearly just using a boards account to hide your game name. This account hasn't played a game in 3 years. Obviously, you're just trying to hide how you troll as well. No one is forcing you to do it either. It's a decision that you make.
https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=i+hook+for+20lp if that is really what you need to go with my idea lmfao. yes i am clearly trolling :).
: Nobody is forcing you to play ranked either. FTR I’m not saying you should just accept trolls in ranked games, just that it’s more likely to happen if someone doesn’t get their preferred role.
Ranked queue is designed to be competitive, if you feel like trolling, why even queue ranked ? go play norms. :)
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Apsalar (NA)
: Helios Sol - Gold/Plat team LF Support starter
IGN: Xaimme Discord:Rizzuto#6348 Season 8 solo rank & current solo rank: plat 3 peaked s8. s9 - p4 and climbing Season 8 flex rank & current flex rank: g1 , always used flex to fk around with friends Champion pool: almost anything , working on casters. Availability: i can make it work for your times in the post. Prior team experience: i've been part of some none serious team, but right now i am looking to commit for a decent team looking to move forward and get better as a group. Your op.gg: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=xaimme
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: Well, to receive a perma you needed to have a 14 day ban, in which they specifically say that you’re on thin ice. Even telling someone that they’re “stupid” is enough to warrant a permaban. “Stfu,” “open mid,” “report _____” is enough to warrant the perma. Sorry man, but next time be more careful. Cheers!
and why not just a chat ban? cause thats all it is actually, not really a MEAN thing to say if we think about other stuff people tell everyday on this game and are still walking freely on the rift. As i stated, what i said was wrong, but does it really means i need a permaban for that ? was just asking to get clarifications, thanks !
Hotarµ (NA)
: >In-Game hi im Rizzuto: new eve is r%%%%%ed Even when not directed towards other players, zero-tolerance language (such as racism, homophobia, general derogatory language, and inciting self-harm) is unacceptable and **will** be met with an immediate permanent ban or 14-day ban on first offenses. >hi im Rizzuto: fk you guys are to good hi im Rizzuto: stfu hi im Rizzuto: im not carrying you hi im Rizzuto: idc hi im Rizzuto: you stay bronze hi im Rizzuto: report karth int feeding and toxic hi im Rizzuto: you know you fed her twice right???? hi im Rizzuto: atlkeast im better then you hi im Rizzuto: lmfao hi im Rizzuto: 0/3 The rest of your chat log is toxic as well. I'd like to clear this up now and remind you_ that your teammate's scores are not an excuse to act like this. _ Just because someone is trying to provoke you or is performing poorly doesn't give you the right to talk down to them. It's not fair, it's not right, and you wouldn't like it if it were done to you. There's no valid reason to act this way. [Asking for reports is considered player harassment according to Riot Support.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-) Asking for reports also accomplishes _nothing_ because 1 report is worth the same as 9. It doesn't accomplish anything and you're trying to say it in chat to get others to gang up on Karthus. Rank shaming is generally not tolerable, either. There's no need to put players down for performing at a different skill level than you. Are you a higher rank than them? Okay, well take pride in the fact that you're statistically better than them, don't use it to your advantage to belittle and invalidate them. The rest of it is just not acceptable. You just can't treat your teammates this way. I'm sorry, but this permanent ban was warranted after you disregarded the multiple chances you were given. I'd recommend taking a break to cool off from League and then if you feel ready, start up a new account with a clean slate. Good luck.
as i said, i agree what i said was wrong, i just feel like i get more cursed down by people nowadays and i still see their account active. like alot of people. it just feels wrong to me. thanks. have a nice day.
: I understand that was wrong to say, but is that worth a perma ban after 2 years of beeing honor 3 ?
hi im Rizzuto: nice skin bard hi im Rizzuto: :( hi im Rizzuto: you need to apply pressure dude hi im Rizzuto: that woul;d be great. hi im Rizzuto: no they arent hi im Rizzuto: we could have kill brand hi im Rizzuto: watch me feed hi im Rizzuto: cool hi im Rizzuto: ggwp hi im Rizzuto: game is over hi im Rizzuto: 1vs3 bot hi im Rizzuto: you know you fed her twice right???? hi im Rizzuto: atlkeast im better then you hi im Rizzuto: lmfao hi im Rizzuto: 0/3 hi im Rizzuto: in ranked? hi im Rizzuto: reported hi im Rizzuto: greefing hi im Rizzuto: reported toxic hi im Rizzuto: who does not? hi im Rizzuto: feedr hi im Rizzuto: this talon hi im Rizzuto: to good hi im Rizzuto: no you are hi im Rizzuto: that ex hi im Rizzuto: you think i care l;mfao hi im Rizzuto: are you doing anything?! hi im Rizzuto: this bard refuse to support me for some reason hi im Rizzuto: get gyd hi im Rizzuto: your name says it all hi im Rizzuto: bc i didnt play that much That 3th game i went 18/7/9 as vayne and had 276 cs score. i had 35.6k dmg and the closest was bard with 17.5k dmg.
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: If i got a 2 week ban 2 years ago and i did something stupid again would i get permad
actually it happend to me over a year without getting any punishment and i was honor lvl3. so yes. you will get perma ban. And all the * toxic part i said really was stfu to a 4 man inting premade back in the time when you could flex 4 man :)
: permaban
what the F is soluction ? Lol
wolf jade (EUNE)
: report for trolling.
you know what i realise looking at your game profile, cs. practise your cs and you will climb / cs = free gold = free dmg . work on that, good luck :)
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