: Every Single LOL Champ in a Nutshell
{{champion:266}} "Is almost useless in a game of League." Hahahahahahahaha You're kidding right?
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: Top 10 champions passed over in the skin department
{{champion:266}} 738 days, come on riot give us Soul Reaver Aatrox {{item:3070}}
Beas7ie (NA)
: Same thing if you screw up when trying to flash through a wall.
Actually that'd be more like this http://i.imgur.com/10am2nc.gif
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: If I am not mistaken, it says heals and shields on allies. I could very well be wrong or maybe I am thinking of an item that says that specifically but I believe that it refers to allies, not itself. Would you like it if Yasuo's passive shield or Malphite's ... W is it?... or Poppy's buckler increased their shielding? It is with other allies, not self. EDIT: I was thinking of Ardent Censer attack speed increase and Athene's Unholy Grail. I will have to say it is due to the word "power" -- 10% increase shield and heal power probably has the implication it has to be an active ability.
Actually, the heals and shields increase is for you or your allies, but the bonus defenses are only for allies.
: what?
Making him revive with Grievous Wounds will reduce the amount he recovers from 30% max HP to 18%. (20% with spirit visage) With the fact that 30% is bad enough, imagine reviving with even less.
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: Let there be a moment of silence for our honors
http://i.imgur.com/zqq2Lzt.png Pretty shit amount honestly.
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: I mean, it's an actual word. Why does it sound stupid?
It's hard to explain, I just really don't like it. I've found myself still calling it Blood Rush 90% of the time because I don't like the word Hellbent. I guess it just sounds silly to me or something. Blood Surge makes more sense to me, as he's being strengthened by blood.
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: "Which bar?" New Aatrox asks after his bar was changed
: The top 2 look the exact same.
Exactly, but I assure you that they are the actual colors in-game. You can even go test it for yourself.
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: AAro-i mean trox wasn't old taric ult just a stat buff? he doesn't do that.
Yeah, he buffed his allies in the lore, making each man "fight with the furious strength of 10"
: You should not do it. Custom skins are allowed, unless they are skins that you can purchase ingame. By downloading that chroma if you don't have the real skin yourself, you could possibly get banned. I'm not even sure if having the real skin protects you from that tho.
The custom skin is unusable unless you own Mecha Aatrox, and you have to have Mecha selected upon starting a game, so I'm sure it's fine.
Doomatie (NA)
: Is there a download for this skin so I could show case ur skin on my youtube channel. Of course I would make sure to give you credit for your work.
Yep, I had the steps to download & install it in another comment > It's pretty easy. All you gotta do is download two things: The skin .wxy file, and Wooxy. > [File](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227380341071937536/315941736704901121/Mecha_Aatrox_Sapphire_v4_By_hudzell.wxy) [Wooxy](https://mapskins.com/wooxy/) > To install the skin once you open Wooxy, go into Skins collection, hit Import skin, Insert package, then find the file you downloaded. Once you select it, it should display a few bars, and if you see a button in the center that says "Resolve conflicts". Click on it, click on the bottom option, check the check box, then hit "Choose this path", Done, Save, and when it asks you to install the skin, hit Yes, and you're done.
: Looks super nice. This alone makes me want to try to get custom skins working.
It's pretty easy. All you gotta do is download two things: The skin .wxy file, and Wooxy. [File](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/227380341071937536/315941736704901121/Mecha_Aatrox_Sapphire_v4_By_hudzell.wxy) [Wooxy](https://mapskins.com/wooxy/) To install the skin once you open Wooxy, go into Skins collection, hit Import skin, Insert package, then find the file you downloaded. Once you select it, it should display a few bars, and if you see a button in the center that says "Resolve conflicts". Click on it, click on the bottom option, check the check box, then hit "Choose this path", Done, Save, and when it asks you to install the skin, hit Yes, and you're done.
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: Guess your main!!
"Some fight for honor, some fight for glory. It matters only that you fight." The slowest cast time of any dash in the game. Old Taric ult's his allies.
: If Riot had Hellbent refresh upon doing damage to turrets or taking damage from them, Aatrox would immediately turn into either a ridiculous splitpushing monster or a faceroll turret dive master. And frankly, the whole point of Hellbent was that they wanted to stop the pattern of "Aatrox wins trade, pushes to turret, faceroll turret dives, revives, has won lane". And you _could_ have killed Lee and gotten away. Your problem was that you pursued Ezreal deeper into the base instead of disengaging, then stuck around trying to lifesteal off of CS and eating turret shots.
When did I say it would refresh when _dealing_ damage to them? No, I just want it to refresh when _taking_ damage from them. Aatrox can and still does that...? 99% of the time if you dive with your passive and 5 stacks and kill them, you will revive, because there's no way you'd survive tower shots for 4 seconds in lane without you hitting them or them hitting you at all. The reason I pursued him was because I thought I would revive, but no, I didn't, because my passive drained in 4 seconds. Granted that was kinda my fault, but seriously, I shouldn't be forced to retreat if I'm out of range of a champion, that doesn't make sense. Edit: 4 seconds, not 5. Jesus christ I knew it was short but not that short
: "I didn't get 2 kills and survive a 1v2 turret dive, Aatrox UP!" Shit examples are shit.
You're missing the point. I was 9/1/1 by this point, I should have been able to kill both of them and survive, or at least just kill lee and get away. The problem here would be fixed just by having turrets refresh Hellbent's duration, but by what you are saying it doesn't seem like you've played a game of updated Aatrox yet, and you aren't actually thinking about what I'm trying to say. Updated Aatrox's kit is fundamentally shit, but is overtuned to all hell, which is why he's even remotely strong right now, and one of the big reasons that it's shit is the duration of his Blood Well; it drains way too fast.
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: Not bad. However some things are a bit odd. The return of percent health costs. I never liked them, I would like to know why you brought them back. The heal on Blood Thirst is a bit weak early. Like, seriously weak. 25% of your bonus AD isn't go to do much for the early game, which leaves you with just the base 10. Also, holy hellfire, that Blood Price self damage. 100% AD bonus damage, at the cost of 35% of your health. Say you have 190 bonus AD, late game. With your base, you'd have 305 AD. Which means Blood Price would deal 610, total, and shave off 106.5 health. That's painful. Especially early game. The terrible healing off Blood Thirst, comboed with the high cost of Blood Price, would make it so you would just never use it. With his Q, that's a pretty long CD. I assume you don't want people to rank it second? It just seems a bit meh. Although, with the champion take down reduction, is that all the time, or just during to Massacre? Some final thoughts: There is a bit too much here. Ult is a massive steroid, that buffs abilities, which are buffed when they interact with each other. They are stronger together, but much weaker alone, meaning your pre-six will be bad, farming from behind will be painful, and Massacre's high CD, will make you massively strong for a short time, but painfully weak for the rest of the time. Plus, the passive is a bit overloaded. It gives passive AS, a burst of AD and AS, a revive, a cleanse, and "Undead Fury". That's a bit much.
Percent health costs are to balance out the massive amount of healing you can get from W. You aren't considering the increase for every 25% missing HP, nor the proc on E. The immense health cost on price is to give a more incentive to build lifesteal, and a bit more decision making with having to choose one or the other. A bunch of healing, or a bunch of damage at the cost of health. Now that I think about it the W healing early is actually very weak, so I'll up the base value. The reason for the long CD on Q is because of the CD reduction on takedowns during Massacre. Before you have ulti you usually aren't using Q more than once in fights, so it's not much lost. Yes, it's only during massacre. Any line on a basic ability that has "**MASSACRE:**" next to it means it only occurs during Massacre. There might be a bit much, but that's the point. He has a lot, but individually, they don't do much. When combined, it all synergizes very well. I disagree with bad pre-6, because the E proc and blood surge will still be very strong in laning phase without the need of ulti. I designed Ulti to make it only a good idea to use it when you want to massacre the enemy, and Massacre literally means "deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people)". I made it so it's not really worth it to use on single targets, because it no longer gives attack speed, as that is replaced with Blood Surge. Alongside that, I'm re-adding the passive AS because he doesn't get any scaling attack speed with level, and for the same reason of Massacre not giving attack speed. The passive may look overloaded, but it's really just Blood Surge that is the big thing. Undead Fury is just there so he isnt completely left in the dust after he revives. Aatrox has always had a cleanse on revive? It's not that big of a deal, because he goes into stasis anyways. My reason behind everything is: Lots of small things, instead of a few big things. There's much more skill with positioning and orb-walking with this due to the huge potential of the pierce on Massacre, and a lot of damage potential to let him soak up and deal tons of damage if you don't lock him down. I also did my best to not have tanktrox be viable, to try and force you into building AD/Lifesteal so he doesn't become an overloaded tank, so he keeps his weaknesses of being kited without ulti/multiple targets/takedowns, getting CC'd and popped, getting peeled, etc. He still has the same weaknesses as before, but with much more reward for skillful play.
matux555 (EUW)
: The possibility of 24sec ult durration, the 40% lifesteal and the w healing posssibly would make you unkillable if youre fighting ulted, ofc with the right items. If i understood everythin correctly ofc.
Well you didn't. The ultimate can only last up to 16 seconds, and the life steal on the cleave is not just life steal. It APPLIES 40% of your total lifesteal value. If you had 50% lifesteal, it would apply 20% lifesteal to all targets except your primary one. Also, this makes him build lifesteal+ad+atk speed, as he will be very squishy while not attacking, so just CC him and you can easily kill him. Not to mention the fact you lose massacre upon reviving.
matux555 (EUW)
: no cooldown scaling and high hp costs seems like a good way to balance it but w and ult still might be too OP
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: These Aatrox threads are getting ridiculous
As a Platinum Aatrox main with over 1.3 million mastery points, these changes are fucking garbage. I made some some pros and cons on reddit, so I'll post them here: **Pros** - Removed health costs (I guess? The removal of blood price's health cost makes 0 sense though, as it's called blood price, not blood free) - More Q damage **Cons** - Passive attack speed is gone. Attack speed gained from blood rush only matches live level 1 passive attack speed at level 7 - It may seem like E does more damage, but the change from magical to physical makes it deal effectively less damage due to most building armor against you and therefor reducing E's damage majorly and making it useless outside an ok slow - Revive only being during blood rush is fucking stupid - Absolutely no skill to switching to Blood Thirst at the right time to get that triple healing at the perfect time - Blood Price does jack shit now, it used to be extremely strong as an early trading tool but now that they nerfed it, they literally halved the level 1 bonus damage. It used to do as much damage as a crit, (exactly twice as much) but now instead of 80 bonus damage, it's 45. - Bonus Base AD does nothing outside of early game, as the max amount of AD you can get from it is 29 at level 18. - Blood Well stacks fall off way too fast - They still haven't fixed the problems with his Q and his W stacks going away after reviving
: When does this go into effect?
On the 8th at about 6AM CST.
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: Now why would you go and buff Aatrox? He's already the best melee minion in the game, this is just going to push him to siege minion status.
"buff" lol This is a massive nerf. Edit: Don't believe me? Read [this.](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5xvwcp/alola_form_aatrox/delnnmc/)
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick gameplay thoughts: Feb 17
The 3 changes I really want as an Aatrox one trick are * 175 attack range * Immunity to CC during ascension of Q * Greivous wounds immunity during ultimate And I will be completely happy.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick gameplay thoughts: Feb 17
: Or you could stop being bad and walking on clearly obvious flashing red traps. But thats none of my business.
What about the times when she puts a trap under my reviving body as Aatrox? What do I do then? I sure as hell can't not get snared by any means. The same problem persists for any time anyone is reviving and has absolutely no counterplay except don't die when there's a caitlyn nearby.
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: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/194248603697545217/246467010907602944/Forgot_the_pixels.jpg
Actually it's more like http://i.imgur.com/AxDHGQG.png?nodirect
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: I really had to think for a bit, but this is the dumbest concept for a spell I could come up with. > ACTIVE: Blitzcrank fires his right hand in the target direction, pulling the first enemy hit to him, stunning them for 0.5 seconds, and dealing magic damage.
>Airborne icon {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: http://imgur.com/GiapkPg
: is aatrox worth 6300 IP
https://youtu.be/aEAvuMMlOkY?t=12m46s Watch this and tell me he's not. :)
: reddit ama pls?
Already did one. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/56kwvi/hello_i_am_an_aatrox_main_with_over_923k_points/
: Your problem is you played a champion with 100% life steal. Ahh? :D Aaah?
: Nah, they take that as an example often, empowered autos being intended to be uncancelable (both by the user and by CC)
>empowered autos being intended to be uncancelable (both by the user and by CC) Um.. {{champion:266}} ? His Blood Thirst/Price can be cancelled similarly to any other auto attack.
: She is pretty overloaded
Agreed. Way too much burst potential for an adc as well.
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: {{champion:266}} : This will be my masterpiece Then I go 0/5
Excuse me, it's "This *battle* will be my masterpiece." I'll leave now.
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