: League doesn't profit from a balanced game, they profit from releasing powercrept garbage and overbuffing shit that has skins on the way. they've had what, 7 seasons now since Season 3? And the game still isn't as well balanced as it was during the prime metagolem days. I'm convinced all their devs of any quality have burnt out on moved on to other companies, and they're in the blizzard spin, where all their employees are marks for the company and up their own backsides.
> [{quoted}](name=MetalGearTeemo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MxpQfTQQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-18T23:42:42.761+0000) > > League doesn't profit from a balanced game, they profit from releasing powercrept garbage and overbuffing shit that has skins on the way. > > they've had what, 7 seasons now since Season 3? > > And the game still isn't as well balanced as it was during the prime metagolem days. > > I'm convinced all their devs of any quality have burnt out on moved on to other companies, and they're in the blizzard spin, where all their employees are marks for the company and up their own backsides. Also option 3: Riot cannibalizes its own free-thinking talent for use on developing their upcoming titles. (Which I disagree with, considering LoL is literally always going to remain as Riot's flagship game)
: the thing is, they nerfed all the playstyles u described because they were abused in pro scene and caused worlds to be boring
> [{quoted}](name=Summoner SpeII,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MxpQfTQQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-18T20:46:16.591+0000) > > the thing is, they nerfed all the playstyles u described because they were abused in pro scene and caused worlds to be boring Well, I don't ever remember ever seeing a worlds as boring as this years, so...
Kovorix (EUW)
: The big question is: Why should I play a second of third game of a developer that can't even balance it's first game?
Its a shell game where you get to try and find out which title is being worked on by their best designers and balancers
: If anything the changes for the most part all point to the winning team winning even harder resulting in more one-sided matches.
Yes. Riot is adding more things to make matches feel more and more like a zero sum game, and the only things they come up with to alleviate snowballing is the bounty system, which feels like the most artificial, counter-thematic way to band-aid it. If gold explosions in the early game are deciding the mid game, then maybe instead of implementing a crappy bounty system, how about you just slow down the early game income? Most design problems don't need overly-engineered solutions to address them. Sometimes, simple is better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cdore,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qGpjJIv1,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-15T20:19:28.604+0000) > > What have they said? Got a source? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zjo7hazREw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV8rhu9mE64 one of these vids, cba to watch em both again to tell you which one. and most likely an ask riot post through the years which i also cba to dig up, luckily you have google too now you just have to figure out what to ask google to get it to come up.
Its not a common coding practice to keep zombie code in your master solution. Old champ code might be kept in a separate build or branch, but realistically, its going to be kept segregated from iterations of the live code, moving forward. Code like that collects dust, and isnt maintained or tested. Eventually it loses compatability with the modern state of master. Depending on the age of the code, it might be prohibitively laborious to reintegrate it with newer systems that were developed after that champ was retired.
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: Things just went differnetly when people see those scenarios on a regular base. The Irelia you outfarmed and send 0-1 suddenly going 1v3? That's skill at first glance. But when you realize that every single player with some games on her can do that, that the whole champion's basicly designed to do exactly that (same for Darius and Illaoi btw) you realize it's not a massive outplay. It's what the champ is supposed to do and actually NOT being able to perfom this way is now considered bad. That wasn't the case (as hard) back in the days. Both modern Darius and modern Irelia have kits that work exceptionally well in 1vX scenarios which is why surviving this 1vX is nothing I'd ever consider an achievment.
> [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gwaoPkzH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-14T19:15:55.557+0000) > But when you realize that every single player with some games on her can do that, that the whole champion's basicly designed to do exactly that (same for Darius and Illaoi btw) you realize it's not a massive outplay. ^^^ This so much There was a point in the past where I really missed being able to honor my opponent. If I played vs a Zed with crazy evasive moves, or a really well played Darius, I loved being able to express my appreciation for my opponent displaying something on a champion that I'd never seen before. Some of my favorite moments in league have been underestimating an opponent, and getting juked out of my freaking pants. Feeling like you got outplayed is the perfect fuel for self improvement. I really miss that experience. Now its impossible to tell who is actually a good player because everyone is just one shotting everyone else. Is the Zed on my team any good? He just popped Youumus out of a bush and ran up to the enemy bot lane and one shot them. But thats not even a rare or difficult play anymore. One shotting is par for the course. There is no skill test around your cooldowns anymore. Its more a test around whether you can get into range or not. And for a MOBA, that skill test is unremarkable and extremely boring.
Barso55 (NA)
: Lack of Aura Support Items
Its going to be impossible to make strong defensive support items as long as other roles have access to them. Support items are constantly under threat of solo lane abuse. Hence, we cant have nice things.
: Self fulfilling prophecy. Its almost like defensive mechanics/champions mean you can try for more aggressive plays, as you have something to fall back on when you fail, or if their teammates retaliate. If everyone 100-0 instagibs each other, no one wants to do anything but farm for fear of being deleted without counterplay, or before they can react.
> [{quoted}](name=PB4UAME,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApIZIVkn,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2019-10-05T03:26:32.605+0000) > > Self fulfilling prophecy. Its almost like defensive mechanics/champions mean you can try for more aggressive plays, as you have something to fall back on when you fail, or if their teammates retaliate. If everyone 100-0 instagibs each other, no one wants to do anything but farm for fear of being deleted without counterplay, or before they can react. This so much. Its like they didnt understand that the more lethal that shit gets, the more intention goes into delaying combat for as long as possible, until you are guaranteed to get the initiation. Like I dont even understand how they came to this conclusion. Nerfing the shit out of vision, and then giving everyone the means to one-shot, makes all the players completely risk-averse. Its a really obvious outcome, and I honestly have no idea how Riot stumbled into this, without anyone on any of their teams warning them ahead of time. The whole mess has made worlds so insanely boring to watch.
Leetri (EUW)
: Except that's not what the OP meant? They're saying that the boards shouldn't misrepresent or berate Riot if we want Rioters to post here. You shouldn't act like companies are your friends, but you can at least treat the people working for that company like people.
Dude if Riot doesnt want to get feedback from the boards, thats on them. There are plenty of good ideas I see on here that could help the game, shit that could be implemented right now, that could start to turn things around. Yes, there are chuds on here that stay stupid shit, but if I got bent out of shape every time someone called me an asshole on the internet, I'd need to reasses my perspective. But I understand, some people cross the line. Why not just ban them, and be done with it? You shouldnt ignore valuable feedback because there are some troglodytes present who are smearing thier shit on your walls. Just boot the idiots out of your house.
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: > [{quoted}](name=KazKaz,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FdQNbea6,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-06T06:35:48.390+0000) > > The average amount of viewers seems to be dropping based on what I'm seeing so far, games are usually hard stomps or are decided by whichever team left Kai'sa open (I think at this point she almost has a 100% pick/ban ratio), tanks are being replaced by even mages and ADCs in the top lane, we only ever see hook supports or Rakan, and mid lane is just a mage fest. > Also Jesus Christ, Pantheon? He nearly has a 100% ban rate so far lmao. > > Oh, and icing on the cake, everyone dies in mere seconds at best, and the most hype play would be watching Kai'sa launch her long-ass skillshot at baron to steal it. > > But hey, we saw Ziggs once, so I'd say that's definitely a plus. > > ------------------------------------------ > > For me personally, I didn't enjoy a single match. So far it's almost been on par with how bad Ardent Worlds was, and how much of a clusterfuck Juggernaut Worlds was. It's not fun watching what's usually 1-10 broken champions being abused to win. Their bullcrap isn't enjoyable as a spectator, or at least one that also plays the game and understands what's going on. > > It's not just broken champions either, players are just trying their best to avoid fights thanks to damage meta, and again, as a spectator, that's not enjoyable to watch. Now, full balls-to-the-wall isn't fun to watch either as that usually means the meta is quite devoid of complex strategy, however, I'd much rather watch that instead of 10 players who supposed to be the best of the best avoiding in each other in a game that's supposed to have at least SOME high octane situations. > > So, for me, it's most definitely not cutting it. My personal opinion probably doesn't hold much value in this day and age, just thought I'd get it out there. > > --------------------------------------- > > Honestly, I hope Riot acts on all of this after Worlds, because the matches so far are just exposing each and every reason as to why this game isn't fun for each role respectively and as a whole. They need to tone down damage, fix the runes, remove elements from overloaded champions, fix item stats to be less homogenous and overbearing, fix the mage class, fix the assassin class, fix the tank class, fix the jungle.... > > Like seriously, they have a LOT to do, and if they refuse to act on it I'm genuinely concerned about League in the near future, as the only reason it really saw a resurgence in popularity was because of K/DA, and now that that has passed...I don't know what they're going to do. > Maybe their new fighting game will help introduce more players to the game? > > Still, they should probably fix the game... > > {{sticker:sg-lulu}} calm down main event aint even started yet. most ppl prolly dont give a sht about playins
I've always followed the play-ins to follow potential upsets, but this year has been a complete snooze fest
Thilmer (EUW)
: So Worlds are more or less like the normal game, then: Tanks being bullshit, absolutely anything except tanks on toplane, overpowered champions being pick or ban…
Yea. I've been trying real hard to watch, but the games are so incredibly boring.
: I think towers should be stronger the closer you are to Nexus
I agree. In every game, eventually the towers stop being fortifications, and they all turn into a giant sack of gold, sitting on top of a skinny cactus that you can just kick over. Im not even sure why they are skinned as magical towers tbh. A magically shrinking speed bump would be more fitting.
Frikgeek (EUNE)
: Because in the earlygame turrets are there to protect you. In the mid and lategame you're there to protect the turrets. Also tier 2 and 3 towers already deal more damage than outer towers. Their base AD is higher by 20-30 which results in up to 70ish more damage per shot once they're fully ramped up.
The extra damage is barely noticable because they never have time to actually ramp up
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: Agreed. I'd much rather watch teams handshake farm for the first 15 minutes of every game like we had for years. That was a fun viewing experience.
You actually had junglers showing off their creativity by coming up with clever pathing to pull off unexpected ganks. Plus also being able to watch actual team fights is pretty fun
GigglesO (NA)
: %max HP True damage...
The problem is that the mechanics that can somewhat mitigate this are limited. Abilities that cause Blind are rare, as are abilities that slow down someone's attack speed.
faure (NA)
: One of the most fundamentally broken designs ever released. Easy to play, impossible to punish, insane CC and damage with bonus gold to make sure he snowballs at superhuman speed. IMO there needs to be a much longer delay on how long it takes his stun to proc. For one, the area it covers is enormous - unless you have a dash, you are getting hit 99% because it is impossible to avoid by just running to the side. He already has invisibility and his massive healing to make him impossible to chase, then you factor in this ridiculous AOE CC dash??? There is no counterplay other than CC nuke him, which is not an option until mid-late game at which point he has snowballed already and can chain execute your entire team in a matter of seconds. Honestly this champ is fucking disgusting, shit like this makes me hate this game.
Thats not even to mention the fact that he has a resetting ranged AoE execute - which is completely fucking bonkers just from a design standpoint. Barring that, the firing delay on Pyke'a stun ghost should be longer, and it should have a slower travel time, so there's at least some chance at sidestepping it. Right now its legit one of the most free abilities in the game.
: Pyke is easier to play against than Blitzcrank, I still have no clue how clue how half you guys are struggling this much. Just play a tank if you seriously can’t handle him.
Doesnt matter if you pick a tank into him or not. Hes just going to gank a dif part of the map and tilt other lanes till its reset-time in the mid game
: Down-voted on the basis that you're being a pedant.
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment tho {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Does closing a lobby no longer dodge a game?
If that's indeed the case, then that is complete dog shit. Matchmaker is enough of a random dice roll as it is. If someone is trolling with an off meta pick that they literally have never played before, because they got auto filled, or are because they are just looking to ruin a game, you should have every right to cut and bail from the match, without getting an actual loss for it.
Eedat (NA)
: How? This is the most mild worlds patch I've seen in a long time. Remember when they decided to drop an entire class update on the worlds patch one year? LOL
I wouldnt call it the most mild in a long time, personally. But yea, I have to concede your point - The Juggernaut update right before worlds was freaking ridiculous
: You must be new here. They do this every year at Worlds. Champions they want to see in Pro Play always get buffed, champions they don't want to see in Worlds get nerfed. Champions too strong outside of the pro scene but weak in the pro scene get buffed, champions weak outside of pro scene but strong in proplay get nerfed. In the months before Worlds Riots balance changes to Pro-play > actual balance.
This year is particularly bad, compared to seasons past
: They started operation shitshow in the 2017? rework, when they gutted every single adc except draven, made support mages hell and just.. mages overall in bot, then 5 months later they realized they made a mistake, reverted some shit, made only 3 adcs pick or lose {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} . And now its time for utility champs to be no counterplay cancer in bot. {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:111}}
I agree with you. It's been a long time coming. Pyke was the oak tree that broke the camel's back. Then they buffed Thresh hook CD. Then they buff Nautilus' damage. Then they buff Leona. The real kicker out of all of this is that *hook champs have positive win rates against all the fucking support vanguards* (except for 2 matchups Pkye/Taric and Leo/Taric) ...You know... the actual champs that were supposed to counter engage supports?
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: Time to admit that the blitz buffs were a HUGE mistake!
Riot's mad scientist experiment at turning bot lane into a complete shitshow is now finally complete.
Saezio (EUNE)
: It's only fair he gets a longer hook when that's all he offers.
The travel speed of the hook, and the duration you are stunned for is greater than the other hook champs. Their combos are flashable. Blitz's is not if he has half a clue.
: "edgelord bro culture" KEKW they just gutted aatrox 43% winrate btw
> [{quoted}](name=EternalDominate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LXeIfo2o,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-09-21T19:49:02.649+0000) > > "edgelord bro culture" KEKW they just gutted aatrox 43% winrate btw That happens with every champion that's problematic in professional play. Welcome to League of Legends.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AhVojyaX,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-09-21T09:57:54.430+0000) > > Why would you nerf multiple champions if you want one to be stronger? People downvoting you for stating a valid point. At this point if you want a proper talk about balance, you're better off going to Reddit. These boards wouldn't know balance if it hit them in the face.
Reddit is an overly-moderated, circle jerk, safe zone for all the Rito fanboys
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Rework Lulu? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
She just needs help in general. Lulu is one of my favorite champs of all time, but she always threatens going into solo lanes if she's remotely strong. Honestly with her kit, she should be thriving against all this burst, but she's just been nerfed so hard for so long. Maybe if they reworked her scaling to go off of mana regen, or something.
Slim Şhady (EUNE)
: The current state of League ( Damage , game pace )
I should be in love with league right now. After something like 5 seasons, I finally broke into Plat. I even brought my old Silver practice account into Plat as well this season. Expectations are high for western teams at Worlds. And two support champs (my main role) were just released. Given all of these factors, I should be really excited to play this game, but that just isnt the case. Riot has managed to take a game I was in love with, and warped it into an experience that is somehow boring and infuriating at the exact same time. I've literally never played a game in my life where I've experienced both of those feelings at the same time. The levels of damage have destroyed the strategic nuance that this game once held. Its not a matter of, "Can I dodge enough of Zed's attacks to survive?" Its a matter of "Can I stay out of Zed's range, so he doesnt 1 shot me" Like theres literally a fraction of decision making around an opponents cooldowns, or even needing to actually understand what their abilities do, because the only metric that counts anymore, is whether or not you were in range for the one-shot Theres a different type of designer and balance team at Riot than there was before. Its plain as day when August says Rengar one shotting is good for the game. Or when Blaustoise says that CertainlyT "knocked it out of the park" with Yasuo and Akali. The edgelord bro culture is running things on LoLs design and balance fronts, and its been that way for at least a year now. The writing is on the wall. Damage and snowball games are here to stay. Hope the rest of you have fun with it, cuz after stickin with this game for over 5 years, im finally fuckin done.
: Maybe its just me, but games that are close are more fun to watch.
I used to watch LOL's esports scene religiously. I own 4 dif LCS jerseys, a bunch of C9 and TL shirts and hoodies, along w a bunch of other misc esports swag. I used to split my view time between LCS and LCK, following the stories and journeys of teams I found compelling, always trying to keep up on everyones trajectories. This season, I cant say that I've actually sit down to watch a single game from start to finish. I havent even bothered checking things like team standings, playoff results, etc. I dont even know what teams are going to Worlds. League has managed to shape their game into an experience that is somehow infuriating and boring at the exact same time, which is a pretty remarkable feat, I must admit. I cant speak for anyone else, but for me personally, if the game is too boring to play, then its definitely too boring to watch.
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: It won't do anything. CertainlyT's piss stain design "philosophy" is already everywhere in this wretched game, not just from his own output but also many others who are "inspired" by him (by that I mean "so long I pretend to be CT v2.0, I can get away with any sleazy busted design under pretentious guise of "innovation" like he did because no one will want to admit that they were wrong since the beginning"). The sole reason he got shafted is entirely because Riot has already managed to find other broken "designers" to replace him and thus scapegoated him for a cheap PR victory. It does just as well as removing an organ while in Stage 4 cancer; it does nothing. The damage is now a part of the game. Nothing will change that without a sweeping house cleaning, which will never happen.
I was hoping this wasnt the case, but when I watched Blastoise's GDC presentation re-run, he was beaming when talking about Yasuo and Akali. That's when I knew it was really too late and the damage had been done. It doesnt matter whether or not CT is on LoL Design or not. CertainlyT's ideas have propagated throughout the organization and now every designer has to either try to push the envelope in the fashion of CT, by making overloaded kits (some of which solves the pesky problem of having a window of vulnerability) {{champion:555}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:517}} or they have to come up with some incredibly trite, un-balancable gimmick {{champion:350}} Either way, it's completely moot at this point. Riot thinks its awesome to keep making champions who can solve whatever weakness their class traditionally has, so that's what's going to keep happening to the game. It's the next evolution of LoL 2.0. I wish em luck with it, cuz after the bullshit in this season, I've finally put this game down. I guess this is what happens when a game genre is basically defined by a single company. If you are the only show in town, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want.
: I think it's clear Riot lacks enthusiasm for some champions, and it just comes across like laziness and carelessness. For the past 3/4 years they have been tunnel visioned on getting Karma into pro-play, and keeping her there by any means necessary. Despite being warned by Karma mains EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And they ignored us, because you know - _things change, we're stuck in the past, we need to get over it, the devs know best etc..._ The devs clearly don't know best, they're not fking interested, they don't care. They have proven that they only care to maintain the cheap, boring, oppressive, one-dimensional sh*t show we see in competitive, with simple number adjustments... just because it's popular. Sick of it.
The other way they show their inability to take in feedback is by completely ignoring the boards, and only reading their overly-moderated, completely sanitized subreddit. Or their twitter feed, which everyone knows is a fantastic format for sharing long form arguments
: If you don't find him fun, don't play as him? I didn't find most melee champs fun to play, but I didn't demand Riot change them specifically so I enjoyed them. Similarly, I didn't enjoy every mage or assassin despite maining Ahri, so I didn't play them, not ask Riot to change them.
You are confusing well-constructed player feedback with unwarranted demands
Moody P (NA)
: It's frustrating how little room Mordekaiser gives to improve on him
Tbh I've been really demoralized by the design team's creations as of late. Years ago there was rumblings of adding some skill expression to tanks, but that never came to pass. Tanks are still as dull as ever to play. The thing that really sticks out here is that if Riot makes a fighter, or assassin, or something geared for edgelord players, those champs either have an absurdly high skill ceiling, a completely overloaded kit, or both. Im lookin at champs like Sylas, Akali, Irelia, Yasuo, Pyke, etc. So its plainly obvious that Riot designers understand how to pack a kit thats perfect for players that wanna one trick a champ with a sky high skill ceiling, but those design efforts just dont go to certain classes. Juggernauts, Enchanters, Vanguards, etc. The thing that gets me is when I hear things like Blastoise sounding off about how much he loves champs like Akali or Yasuo. OK fine sure, he likes them and thats great - so if high intensity kits are so awesome, why do they keep getting delivered to only a handful of champ classes? Like there are already enough entry level champions in this game. I dont understand why they dont make a high skill ceiling vanguard, enchanter, juggernaut etc. I would argue champions like those would add more fun to the game, than some off beat stuff like an assassin "support"
: > [{quoted}](name=ixi Josh Sand,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O3EZff7Y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-02T16:14:13.709+0000) > > Do you believe that most critiques of the game's current state and systems are due to nostalgic reasons? Yes because you forgot that S7 was the Ardent meta.
I didn't forget it. I just understand that it's easier to nerf a single item for a single game mode, than it is to balance all of the current Keystones across the entire champion roster.
Lapis (OCE)
: If we're going back in time, S7 seems so arbitrary. May as well go full blizzard and release S1
S1 was from a completely different planet, and barely recognizable strategically and design wise from the current game. My suggestion isnt based on completely going back to the drawing board, but rather back to when the game felt like it had more stable footing.
Eedat (NA)
: Ah, good old nostalgia glasses. They never fail
Do you believe that most critiques of the game's current state and systems are due to nostalgic reasons?
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: A problem with Variety in League (Long-ish post)
The solution to this is to have two pools of items available to buy: * Common Items * Class specific items One of the reason that assassin items are so insanely good is that they dont have to worry about other classes picking them up, so they can be finely tuned to give an Assassin literally everything they need. Then you look at support items, and there are all these conditional rules built around them, just so they cant be abused by solo laners. A generic item list means that every item has to be balanced within the restrictive framework of being available for use by Nami or LeBlanc. If added some class-specific items that could only be bought by champs like AP Bruisers, Enchanters, Marksman, etc. not only would we see a ton of build diversity, the champions would be easier to balance. If Lulu didnt have access to high powered AP items, you could balance her base stats and spells without having to worry about her abusing a solo lane. You could actually make her a stronger support without worrying about her upsetting top and mid lane meta. So many games have restrictions around what things you can use with what, because its part and parcel to creating strategic diversity. It's what makes classic games like D&D and Magic the Gathering so good.
Sillae (NA)
: I found him very weak during the banning phase, but if he's able to make it past that, then the game is over.
Honestly yea. Just keep banning him. Riot overtuned him for Worlds and they typically dont like reverting buffs for at least 2 or 3 months. Pyke is just stupidly out of balance rn, as the demands to succeed on him are so much lower than the demands on preventing his success. Next year he will be brought back down to normal, and then you can be more flexible w your bans. Till then dude, save youself a headache and do what the rest of us are doing - ban that imbalanced piece of shit.
: There's already a timer for his hp, its just longer than say kench's. Theres DEFINITELY ways to counter his R, you just cant be simple minded like those around you in this forum. You can bait it out and then when u see him go for the r, have the adc heal and all in, flash out of the R, depending on what support your playing use an ability with heal. CC him so he cant use the R, Ban him in general if u dont like him. I find that hes only problematic when people allow him to bully.
Its not a matter of people allowing him to bully. If Pyke cant find a play in lane, then hes going to just make a play mid or top. Considering hes got lane priority and stealth and stellar map mobility, he can appear in other lanes before you realize hes not in the side bush anymore.
: Yep. Look at Jax right now, and tell me how in gods name you are gonna deal with him if he pops R with Spear.
Yea now that Jax and Riven and Renekton have Spear of Cooldown, Riot can you put a Support main as a lead in charge of items, so we can get an item that's completely fucking busted too?
: Yuumi scales pretty well, but it's not THAT good. She's only a few bits better than Nami in terms of scaling (albeit way more reliable, which is super valuable). Main thing is that people refuse to buy anti-healing items in a world where damn near everyone and everything buys or comes with life steal and heal amp. Yuumi with an Athene's is going to heal like 600 damage through two E's, and no one wants to reduce 600 by 40% because 800 gold is too much of a detour. That's not Yuumi's fault.
Nami is harder to play and she can easily get taken off the map by any assassin I think comparitively, Yuumi shouldnt have the same impact or scaling as a Nami does. I hear your point about the heals. But while you can itemize of grievous, you cant stop Yuumi from turing the most fed player into an initiator. Fighters and bruisers all of a sudden get a huge initiation / catch tool by wearing a Yuumi hat. When you couple that with her generous scaling, it just doesnt make sense to me that she pretty much gets a free lane
: the yuumi is afk meme is bullshit, yuumi is already stuck attaching to some rando silver adc more than half the time DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT HELL IS? imagine your entire kit being shen ult, seems amazing on paper, literally only useful against morons with premades
If you reread my statement, you will see that my issue is that Yuumis lane is inconsequential, yet she still scales insanely hard, which allows her to dramatically impact the game by augmenting whoever on her team is doing well. She can let her marksman eat dirt for 15 minutes straight, then turn her Master Yi into a 1v9, despite completely getting dumpstered in lane. She's nigh impossble to interact with, which is a problem in of itself. But then when you look at the fact thats shes a lose lane, win game champ, it makes her current balance look absurd.
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Sillae (NA)
: Odd how first it's Yuumi is useless why would you ever pick a 1v2 botlane and then it's omg she's autowin disable pls. All ya gotta do is grab a hard engage/heavy burst champ and Yuumi is gonna have to ditch her adc if she doesn't want to drop a double kill.
In theory thats great, but it doesnt matter if you smash her ADC or not. All she has to do is be a magical hat for anyone on her team not shitting the bed - then all that scaling adaptive stats gets onto the real threat, and your team is screwed.
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