: 9 Yordles requires the following: * Having all 6 Yordles. * Having room for 9 units. * Getting 3 Spatulas. * Getting 3 Sparring Gloves. * Recognizing that you have three of each item before building either into something else. I think having a huge payoff for that seems fine.
for real, if you pull that off the result should be spectacular.
: With the changes to Assassin critical chance I'm really looking forward to making a 9 unit build with 6/6 Assassin and 4/4 Hextech - with Jinx preferably being the 6th Assassin. Players are more likely to use bad positioning to avoid your hextech, which allows your Assassins to gain better access to their backline.
Indeed. I'd taken a break from building assassins for awhile, but definitely about to sign in and give them another whirl for this exact reason. Going to be fun watching assassins go through the spread out checkerboard positioned players like a hot knife through butter.
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatShinyPiplup,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=HT1l3E8E,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-08-27T23:35:19.325+0000) > > And they said opinions couldn't be wrong Becuase they can't be. They added a minigame, something that has basically nothing to do with the agme we all know and love whatsoever except for the theming, and was completely ripped off from another game that did the same thing, and somehow it becaome popular where game modes that were actually game modes that still resembled the main game in some way did not. It makes no sense to me and still doesn't. I'd rather play a game where you sort dog turds from cat doodies and that would still be more fun than TFT. But regardless, TFT is popular for reasons beyond my comprehension and thus I'll get downvoted to oblivion. Am I salty that something that was supposed to be an "experimental mode" was fast tracked to release and immediately given ranked and made permanent without even community feedback while a part of the game that I know and have loved for years despite being neglected gets deleted to make room for it? Yes. Yes I am, and I freely admit it. But even setting that aside, I don't find TFT fun and I won't play it again.
Actually, this is great. If you could kindly round up all the others who hate it and also convince them to never play again that'd be great. Seems like every other match in TFT I get a handful of people just crying their eyes out. "It's RNG BS!" "Trash mode is trash" "Everybody just builds the same team, this is stupid, you're all garbage" It's a risky proposition because maybe that would kill the population and thus the mode, but I'd take the risk if there's a potential I can stop reading complaints from people who have no interest in the mode, but keep showing up game after game, or in comments and on boards, to annoy those that do.
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: I made an online, interactive TFT cheatsheet
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: TFT requires no skill to win, prove me wrong.
I look at the game like poker. There's a lot of randomness involved, but you can make smart decisions that help you out perform other players.


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