: I find there is an even amount of supports who will carry you through lane and int lane (just climbed to gold pretty much otp xayah) over half my games I find that the support is decent enough for me to pull ahead and carry.
I guess I'm just insanely unlucky. I also have been playing a ton of Xayah and also Kai'sa (my two best ADCs) I can get games where I'm like 23/4, but most of the time, I'm getting killed because the support keeps inting and feeding. I'm at the point where anytime my support is in trouble to just ignore it. It would probably make me play better later rather than keep dying trying to save them.
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: Ranked is Frustrating
For me, the most frustrating thing is the matchmaking process. AFK's are also a huge problem, but not as much as autofill. Don't laugh or disregard this post because I'm silver elo. I've been playing ADC for while lately (I'm mainly a JG, but it's been getting a little boring for me personally) and the amount of games I've lost because of autofilled roles is astounding. I'm not joking or exaggerating when I say that the last 8 ranked games I've played is because of that reason. The last game I played was lost because my support didn't get mid and he decided to not even try to play the game. He put in chat on the champ select screen, "Give me mid or I'll feed bot". Mid refused and lo and behold at level 2, he decides to dive under tower against an enemy Vayne and Janna. He tried to flash out but instantly died. Then typed in chat saying it was my fault he died because I didn't use heal. So, ended up losing that one to a fed Vayne. Another match I had was with an autofilled Morgana who instead of dodging, decide to legit just walk into the bot lane tower over and over again (also blaming me for not helping). Ended up surrendering around 20 minutes because of it, and Morgana ended up 0/14. I can't even duo with friends because they were lucky with matchmaking in placements and were put in high gold. Then they all played together and got to plat. I don't even want to play ranked anymore because knowing my luck, the same thing will just keep happening again and again and I'll just keep falling divisions.


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