: I have a dilemma ,I can quit League or keep working to get a scholarship for Track&Field
I mean, the easy answer is quit and go for the scholarship. It won't be that easy to do and you might fail, but you should try.
: What is the REAL counterplay to this?
I agree it's broken and still needs to be nerfed, or changed, but there is counter play. Your jungler, or you as the jungler, need to work with your team to apply as much early game pressure as is possible and immediately start forcing drag fights. You essentially need to try to skip the laning phase as much as you can so that their jungler is forced to choose between leaving his team to 4v5 while he farms, or not farming the jungle and trying to help while still being relatively weak. The issue with this is that it requires a somewhat a high level of teamwork which you probably won't see often until high plat. Meaning <10% of the community can counter Sated.
: Ap/Utility Supports and Armor
{{item:3512}} is great. 60 armour and 60 magic resist, plus situational movement speed, plus amazing lane pressure. It's good for all ELOs low ELO, the enemy won't react fast enough, high ELO it forces the enemy into a teamfight that favours you. With that, grabbing a {{item:3116}} and you are plenty tanky, plus all the utility these items bring, it's amazing.
: Make jungle with smite mandatory in teambuilder
The captain of your team, if they see that, can say no to that person. If you are just looking to screw around, accept them, if you are trusting in them trying something different, accept them. If you want to play the meta picks and are intent on winning, don't accept them. If you aren't captain and your captain accepts them when you don't want to, leave. -my thoughts
: "Only a Tiny Minority of Players Are Toxic"
Alright, I recognize this is a real issue, but you are the Tumblr of league right now. I agree, you shouldn't be harassed, or insulted, but if you mess up a flash and someone comments "haha, nice flash" they aren't calling you bad, everyone messes it up once in a while, it's just funny when it happens. Same for ganks, if you roll into lane just after your teammate kills the enemy and they say "thanks for the help" they are calling you bad, that's just fun. I'm not defending the guys who ask the other team to report you because you lost lane, I am defending all the people who are so bold as to act friendly in this game which you group in with the guys who just want to be mean. Like, when you fall down and your friend laughs at you, they are harassing you and making you feel bad about it, they are encouraging you to own it and laugh at yourself so that you don't feel bad. Everyone does it, so you shouldn't be ashamed when you do it. If you can't laugh at yourself when you fail a flash, or smite, or make an obvious mistake, you need to learn to do that. Yes, if it's a mistake you don't think of as a mistake and you get made fun of for it that can be frustrating, but if you know you fucked up just own it. If I steal a kill by accident while trying to help, I'll make the joke "It was all me :p" or "I earned it :p" Try it out, when you are playing with friends- when you make a mistake, call attention to it. Not by going FUCK ME OMG I HATE THIS GAME! but by joking that you meant to do it, they know you didn't, but the light hearted atmosphere is just better than one where no one wants to say anything to you because you'll cuss them out for questioning you. This doesn't fix the problem when it is other people harassing you, or throwing out insults, but if you manage to take things a little lighter, you might notice a lot of what you think is people flaming you is them trying to be sociable.
: He really doesnt fall off that much though a full combo will still kill ADC's and mages well he builds BC, Jungle item, and the rest tank. And side note he is not a "Juggernaut" He has as much mobility as leblanc which juggernauts are supposed to have none.
I didn't mean to say that he thematically falls into the same category, I just meant to compare him to them. I have heard that they weren't supposed to have a lot of mobility, but if you've seen Garen, or Skarner that's not exactly true. I agree he isn't useless late game, but he does fall off. I'd rather fight a Lee when we are both full build rather than level 1.
Eradehk (NA)
: Wuju like to take a quiz?
1) {{champion:268}} 2) {{champion:25}} 3) {{champion:15}} 4) {{champion:29}} 5) {{champion:236}} 6) {{champion:412}} 7) {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:38}} 8) Red Buff. 9){{champion:31}} 10) Scuttle 11) True damage 12) {{item:3140}} and {{item:3139}} 13){{item:3363}} 14) ??? 15) {{champion:75}} I'm not sure on all of these, but there's my answers. :)
: what the hell is this?
I can forgive the Leona, I wasn't there, but just looking at her score it's understandable that once the team was behind she would continue dying. She has to go in to do anything and lacks any escapes. More in favour of her just being really bad though is also not finishing he gold item... unless you guys were facing Yasuo, Ashe, and Trynd that's not acceptable. But yeah, that's what you are going to get sometimes. If you think you are better than them, you should be able to do consistently well and that tips the game in your favour. You need to learn that you can't just win every game, you are going to get bad players, trolls, AFKs (note, bad players and trolls are separate, don't call people who don't play to your expectations trolls). You need to learn not to expect the win, you should be in a mindset where you know you are able to win, but anything could happen. When you go in expecting to be fed wins, you just get mad when you lose.
SmashDogY (EUNE)
: How to make Lee sin a Meta champion again.
I'm sorry, are you asking for buffs to Lee Sin? You understand that he has been strong consistently and on top of that Riot recently gave him slight buffs to help the weaker players who aren't able to play him to his full potential. Lee Sin is the epitome of an early game champion, you are strongest before you even finish your jungle item! If he doesn't fall off late game that would be stupid, it would make him a perfectly safe pick that gives you a massive advantage early. As far as your complaints of his lack of CC: his ult is really strong, if you are using that for damage you need to look up a guide on how to play Lee. But, even then you already do tons of damage. Lee Sin is like the original Juggernaut, you are a high damage tank with little CC compared to something like Sejuani, or Amumu. You are essentially asking for a champion with clear strengths and weaknesses to be changed to not have any weaknesses and just be the best champion in the game. Please stop.
: Is Gragas worth getting anymore
He is still fine. You aren't going to struggle to be able to compete with him. He is weaker than he was, he has been on a slow nerf slide since the release of Cinderhulk which had made him and Sejuani basically 100% ban. You aren't going to be able to stroll through games anymore and he might even been on the weaker side of balanced, but he isn't useless. If you think you would like to play him, go for it.
HayRoss (NA)
: My theory on so called "OP juggernauts"
Alright, I will agree the item is strong, but it is strong well within being a healthy item. If you want to try to say for even a second that the Skarner rework wasn't released with maybe the worst balance any champion has been, you sir are trolling us.
: Deep sea or pool partie vel'koz
I'm still waiting on my Mom's Spaghetti {{champion:161}} Have been since he came out. If that isn't top priority Riot is disappointing me.
Gengar (NA)
: Some People In This Community Are So Nice!
And you know that a few days from now this guy will be here on the boards going -I got banned for no reason!
: 'Tanky' non-conventional supports
How do you feel not very tanky as Braum? What are you doing? He is like one of the tankiest supports, short of probably only Leona and Alistar. I'm not saying you have to play him, do whatever you want. Just, he is very tanky.
: it did, but it also opened the path for sion the unkillable and of course the even worse, everything with devourer prospers the only thing I like about the devourer update is that older, forgotten junglers can now be picked, yet the problem being, boom, they're completely overpowered, outdoing ADCs and assassins in damage off of purely auto attacks
Oh I agree, everyone other than the guys who play it agree. Even some of them I'm pretty sure feel forced by how weak every other pick is. Devourer is a fine concept that was either given way too little thought, or put out with the intention of throwing away the relatively balanced game we had before it. Which, I'm not saying Riot hates the community, I think it could have been more of a "Here's something we really want in the game, but we aren't sure how to fit it in with the way the game is now. Let's get it in and figure out finding it's place later."
Dr Poro (EUW)
: "Warrior can't get buffed because champs like Lee Sin and Vi would abuse her."
I mean, I see why people are scared of the Lee Sin, but honestly he does all the stupid Lee Sin things before ever having a chance to finish his item.
Linthe (NA)
: Janna is fine.. and will be fine after the slight nerf. It's no big deal. But this DOES give me a chance to make a bigger point about balance. It really DOES seem that Riot is on this huge hamster wheel of buffs and nerfs... champ nerfs. item buffs. so need more champ nerfs and buffs. And so on. I get that it's not easy balancing 130? champs and however many items.. but holy mackerel some of the decisions they make. Look at the jungle. Sej used to be pick or ban almost every game. Now I don't remember the last time I saw a Sej pick. Mostly because of items and buffs to other items/champs. (And this seems to be a recurring theme. Even if a champ doesn't get a nerf, they often get left behind so relative to other champs they ARE nerfed. So then they have to get a buff.. and the hamster wheel turns.) Gragas. Seems to me like he is in a pretty good place. Strong but not stupid. (Why hello Skarner!) So nerf Gragas. And RekSai... NO WAY do I get this one. Just like Sej.. used to be pick or ban almost every game. Nerfed and left behind. I think I have seen ONE RekSai pick in the last month or so. Solution? Nerf her again of course.
I mean, the Sej thing was a roller coaster for me. I used to play her before Cinderhulk. She had a pretty high winrate but still a super low pickrate. Then they were like "we are buffing tank junglers" and was like "NO they'll break Sej!" but they did it and then she got perma banned, followed by nerfs. Now I've been trying to get back into playing her, but she is definitely not what I would like her to be. Other than breaking Sej and Gragas, Cinderhulk really did make the jungle a lot more of a varied place. As long as those 2 were banned everygame, it was great.
: > [{quoted}](name=joebobby1412,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=13UHjhA2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-01T21:39:13.304+0000) > > The worst thing when you and your friends all don't care who plays what is that you can never actually build a team comp and like 1 out of every 4 teams you accidentally fuck up anything like a team comp due to everyone just saying "pick something, idc" I don't understand what you are trying to say here.
All of my friends are content to fill. So we end up not able to decide who is playing what until the last moments of champ select and too often we do not have anything resembling a coherent team comp.
: Every single main stereotype
The worst thing when you and your friends all don't care who plays what is that you can never actually build a team comp and like 1 out of every 4 teams you accidentally fuck up anything like a team comp due to everyone just saying "pick something, idc"
: Remove trading from soloq/draft pick
The trading isn't what ruined your team comp there. There was a lack of communication and the guy who didn't realize there was already a support picking Blitz. you don't even describe it as him trolling you, just him messing up. It's not due to trading being a thing. That can happen in blind pick too where there is no trading, but people just don't pay attention to what has already been called, or picked.
: So you're nerfing the hell out of Kalista...
It is pretty high risk. It's an amazingly strong play, but that combination is difficult to accomplish. Missing Blitz pull normally already opens your whole team up to a bad fight, wasting blitz pull and Kalista ult if you go for it and miss would literally lose you the fight. Blitz isn't particularly difficult to dodge and lots of champions have dashes, blinks, spell shields, and all manner of other things to protect themselves without needing to click on anything.
: Separate Ranked Queues!!
Basically because anyone who is found to be trolling/flaming/disconnecting/etc. wouldn't be able to play the game and Riot may as well just not allow them in any ranked queue, which already happens. If you are in a queue of exclusively people your know are prone to leaving the game for one reason, or another, every game is pure chance to see which team has more disconnects. For the trolls, it's the same problem. If all the trolls are trying to lose you just see who has more. As of right now, yes you encounter those people, but it's not all the time. If you see an AFK once every 10 games, that sucks, but imagine if literally every game you had at least 2 AFKs? I'm not saying that the AFKs and trolls add anything good to the game, or that they are a necessary part of it, but putting them in a queue which would just encourage them to quit the game is a waste of resources compared to just banning them.
Eanruig (NA)
: Jungle Failing with Sejuani
I prefer to go W>Q and when I hit 3 I make the decision on if I feel safe enough to clear the rest of the jungle. It is survivable, but will leave you incredibly low and if the enemy jungler comes they WILL kill you. If I am going to try to clear it, I go W again at level 3, if not I back and get E. I, like jefftiffy run tank runes. I want to say it's armour marks, hp seals and quints with 5% cooldown for glyphs and scaling MR for the rest of the glyphs.
arcinex (NA)
: Promos are bs.
It's just more noticeable to you because the promos matter to you more. But you are right, promos are BS because they require a 75% winrate. You have to win to start them and then you need to win 2/3 games. That's 3/4, or 75% and is absurdly high.
: Please delete aatrox from the game
There are comparisons to be made between Aatrox and Xin, and for the most part Xin is stronger. Aatrox isn't without his place, but he definitely isn't at the top of the game right now. As far as I know Riot has never just straight up gotten rid of a champion, they have reworked a bunch. Aatrox isn't as old as the others they have reworked, but if they think like you do perhaps they might see his kit should be a little more unique. I do like Aatrox, but I know that he isn't a very competitive pick right now. That being said, Taric also isn't very popular, but I feel like people are starting to come around on him again cuz he is awesome. Maybe someone will discover the new way to build Aatrox that makes him they bloodthirsty war-god he should be. :)
: Is it possible to get higher MMR in normals?
Alright, so... just to be on the safe side; your ranked and normals MMR are separate. Playing normals and winning won't raise your ranked MMR. It will raise your normals MMR. As the other people responded the way to raise it is to win more. But, if you want a higher ranked MMR, you gotta win more in ranked.
Exactly (NA)
: Taric... holy f bad word.
Yeah man, I saw recently he has a pickrate of like 2%. Super underrated champ.
: A Breath of Positivity
I think the bruiser items are fine other than Titanic, it gives full tank characters far too much damage. Give them, like, half the damage and a tiny bit of sustain and it's good.
I suppose you could buy someone else's account. Riot might be able to give it to you, but I don't see why they would unless you are giving them some crazy amounts of money. You are pretty much out of luck Bruh.
Lasslow (NA)
: This game has gotten so bad I can't even believe it.
The player interaction is FAR better than it used to be. I'm not saying it's good, by no means is it anywhere close to accepting and encouraging. It has made progress though. If there is anything there to see as a silver lining, since you can't handle it the way it is now, is that maybe in time it will continue to get better, but that's not guaranteed. As far as the game being dumbed down, that is a point everyone hits with everything when they learn how to do it. You've hit the point where you understand that there is a meta and that as far as competitive play, you should follow it. Back when you were new to the game, it didn't matter what you did, you were terrible anyways and no one else knew how to play against your constant mistakes any more than you did for their mistakes. You can move past that though, you aren't limited to only playing Skarner. You can play whoever you want. The game is never going to be truly balanced because Riot keeps adding more stuff to the game and they simply cannot have it perfectly balanced as soon as they make any change, it needs time and that means some period of the game being "broken", but it's never really not broken. Idk what kind of non-meta stuff you are doing. If it's some AP Draven, you are a troll, at least play the game. If it's some jungle Zed, then no one cares, do it. The build paths work the same for every champion. You have maybe 2 core items. Think like, {{item:3031}} , {{item:3046}} as Jinx, or whatever. Then you have boots, which you have a pretty great choice of almost regardless of your role. Now your other 3 items? Those are completely situational. you need to look at your team, look at the enemy team and decide what it is you need for your other items. It's not that hard, but you don't need to follow whatever pro guides you've been looking at to play the game.
Dedrius (NA)
: Does anyone else wish league was balanced like Dota?
I can break down for you why this isn't and won't be a thing. Dota, is done, they maybe patch a glitch, or bug once in a while? But, they don't make new Heros and add new items and try to keep the game fun and interesting. Which, you could say is all the better for them maintaining an audience without that, but also League has a bigger community so clearly people like it. Riot, continues to add more champions items, diversity to the game. As long as they are adding new things they will have to try to balance all those things. League is not, by any means, still a "new" game and just recently, Riot broke any balance with Sated Devourer. It is a coll item idea, they thought would be fun, but upon introduction it is broken. Eventually this will be corrected, but also eventually something new will come out that will be too strong. In order for League balance to be similar to Dota in any way, they are going to have to decide to stop adding new stuff to the game and stop updating old stuff. You can't have it both ways.
: 450-1350 champs MUST be catch up.
Riot has been reworking the champions they think need it, for you to acknowledge that, but still insist they just magically rework everyone into a balanced game with some level of urgency is asking far, far too much. Other than a handful of kits, most of them aren't a problem. Blitz, a pretty old champ, totally fine. He is unique, has obvious strengths and weaknesses, and fits into the meta decently without being prominent. Taric, while a very low pickrate I discovered today, also really balanced. Neither have complicated kits, or a three hit special interaction, but both still work approximately as well as any champion should.
Jase135 (NA)
: 9 Rune Pages: What Should They Consist Of?
Give every rune page straight base health. Then buy titanic hydra on everyone you play. Have you ascended to a higher order of being yet? good. Now tell Satan, I can't make it to dinner tonight.
: Ahri used to struggle pre-6
I see what you mean, but as a jungler I don't think it's that much of a problem. She throws the Q all the time and it has a decent cooldown. It's not like Fizz E where the laner has to bait it before the jungler can come in, you just watch for ~10 seconds once she throws it, you walk in. I see a lot of people complaining about this on the boards, so you aren't alone. Maybe i'm just really delusional, idk. Personally I don't think it's a problem.
: Like 1/3rd the champ pool is ban worthy
It's not THAT bad, you are exaggerating. The game is not in a great place right now, especially in contrast to just before Sated how balanced it was. But even right now it's maybe a dozen sated junglers, plus the juggernauts that *need* banning. Ideally nothing needs to be banned and it is purely focused around what would counter your team. But, it's not like that's reasonable to maintain for any period of time with how Riot approaches adding to the game. I don't think that Riot will ever be done adding stuff to the game, which means they will never be done trying to balance all the additions and changes they made.
ÒıÓ (NA)
: ***
I don't encounter that very often, I normally play with 2, or more friends so we either play around the randoms, or don't have any. Sometimes it's fun to be silly, or really try something different, but I wouldn't think to do that without a team of my friends.
: Blind pick is how we used to play with my friends, it was the fun to-go mode and it was careless and happy. Ever since the inception of sated devourer, blind pick became the place where people who wanted to play the permabanned junglers go to, it became less fun. Now, patch 5.16 hit, and I swear, most teams we encounter have Garen, Skarner and Morde on them, this is ridiculous. We play HotS now.
It's not jut since 5.16, it's always been an issue if you want to call it that. But, it is very obvious right now.
: Who is your "Hipster" champion ?
I just checked lolking for popularity on champs, cuz idk who people play. HOW DOES {{champion:44}} HAVE 2% popularity? Guys, he's awesome! Play him! I won't even be salty when he get's popular, he's awesome! Other decently low popularity champs that I play sometimes: {{champion:266}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:113}} , all those guys are under 5% Idk when it get's to a "not hipster" level of popularity.
Comentários de Rioters
: Giving a Polish to Ol' Blitzcrank
I find this strange, you essentially say that you think he has a lack of team fight potential, which while true, isn't a problem. But then, rather than move things around in a way to actually accent any kind of team fight mechanic you just give him one redundant ability and nerf everything else. So, the reason Blitz doesn't need to be strong in a team fight is that he is the epitome of a "pick champion". You want to pull one enemy, preferably a carry, and have your team blow them up. Then you retreat. So his being useless for 7 seconds, doesn't matter. You should be running away right now. If you are trying to play Blitz like he is Soraka, you have much bigger issues than the game balance.
: Idea for new queue
I don't understand. Ranked Solo queue is exactly what you are asking for. Unless you mean the exclusion of Duos in which case, that's just unnecessary and you are silly for thinking it would make much of an impact.
: Looking for players for team. Must be Silver+ and 18+
Why have they got to be 18 plus? You planning to bang 'em all?
: Its a stat boost plus it gives mobility around turrets making your tower dives a bit easier or allowing you to evade while under turret + when chasing it's useful. It can also be used as a good roaming tool place it behind your turret and it'll push while you gank other lanes. I use it when i need the mobility to dodge skillshots plus defence boost (tank ekko works so nicely with this as a secondary buy). Not to mention the item gives both mr and armor which is rather unusual for a single item (if not the only? - not sure on that so correct me if im wrong). But yeah zz'rot gets overlooked most of the time... I admit i forget it exists most of the time.
Guardian Angel also gives Armour and MR, it gives 50 of each.
Stacona (NA)
: Zz'Rot Sounds better as a Summoner Spell
It's a pretty great item. 60 armour is a lot and 60 magic resist is a lot. Plus, it does a great job on outer towers, but admittedly is nearly worthless once you get down to just inhib towers. I like it as a second item on a lot of supports. Let's say you are Braum. Face of the mountain -> ZZ'rot portal -> righteous glory. Bam! you are tanky af, have a shield for you carry, engage for your team, and lane pressure even when you aren't there. Late game, sure, swap it out for something else if you think you need to itemize more directly against their team, but as a general build ^that right there is amazing.
: Next League Champion?
The next champion, as confirmed by my dad who works at GameCube is Pikachu because Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon and I asked him to but i in the game.
Macilento (EUW)
: Any plans on how to spend excessive amounts of IP?
This has come up a bunch f times and Riot as never announced anything (as far as I know).
: I never said the devourer meta was a good meta. I'm just annoyed people are complaining about it when they didn't complain when Cinderhulk was by far the best jungle item.
The introduction of Cinderhulk was admittedly broken, but immediately prior to Devourer the game was one of the most balanced it has ever been.
: Fizz VS Vikktor VS Swain Vs Cassiopeia. The Battle Between the 4800 Midlaners!
Aegeriel (NA)
: Former Plat Player Returning (LF Duo and Teacher) Gold 4 Currently
Hey, I'm plat 5 right now. Idk if I could teach much, but I'd be down to play some. I'm 18, and in Ontario as well. :)
: Crystal Nodes on Howling Abyss
Are these just the Skarner nodes? Or something different? Because the Skarner nodes were announced with the Skarner rework.
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