: depends on the lane. this is coming from a fellow nami main: ill start with playing aggressively. * For lanes that aren't hard lockdown CC, such as leona, nautilus, or blitz (all of which are your hardest counters, along with zyra) you'll generally want to play forward enough to use w when the enemy adc goes for a last hit. as long as you stick to a good w-auto trade you'll be fine, considering because of the w bounce mechanic you win the trade by *default*, barring maybe a draven pick or if you're forward enough that the enemy can hack at you for free.. basically a good rule of thumb is if you're at 3/4 mana or higher you're not being aggressive enough. now this doesn't mean to oom yourself by using it off cd, but put your mana regen to work for you. generally doing this is fine, but q isnt required to be aggressive, in fact once you miss it all you can do is hope they don't capitalize on it being that they can with no fear of cc, especially if they're one of the lockdown lanes. try and save your q after you poked them to around 75% health though. its just better for mana that way. * for the ones like zyra, expect to be afk shoved in, because there isnt really much you can do unless she seriously misplays it, because she out pokes your sustain as well as out shoves you by nature, so the majority of this lane will be you and your adc sitting under tower. * for hard lockdown lanes, just go for whatever w's you can land, as safely as possible prefferably from behind minions (more then normal). for the lane phase, youre going to be the one dictating the flow of the lane the majority of the time. using an auto but e'ing your self while the auto is in midair WILL still proc the slow, so you can use that to help land a q, because unless the enemy can recognize they're either stronger then your adc 2v2 their first instinct will probably be to run backwards, making the bubble easier to land. also side tip. if youre being ganked NEVER throw your q immediately, wait for them to show obvious signs of a target to help aim it, because the majority of the time you have a *single* use of it during the gank before having to burn summs or ult. if your ult is your only teams engage, and theyre dependent on it to open a fight, just dodge the match entirely. you ult is best used to stack with someone elses, or disengage from pretty much point blank, because its slow travelling and unreliable (being they can literally walk around it) edit: also a better word for those lanes i mentioned would be "kill lanes", think braum lucian, maybe tristana thresh, champions with very strong level 1-3 all ins. just make sure if you get to lane first, and your adc is at a damage disadvantage at the early lane stages, auto the wave to help secure level 2, which forces then to give up out of fear of a really bad trad, thus negating their pressure. edit 2: on a side note ive decided to look into your rune choices, for starters its best to stick with either aery or guardian, grasp does you little good because sustain with it is minimal on ranged champions. secondly, almost always use ignite, much better for kill pressure in your favor. in this meta exhaust is almost never a good choice unless your lane opponent will 2 shot you. thirdly, try to avoid taking water walking because that implies you're roaming a lot and nami doesnt exactly have the best roams so scorch is the best option of that row, and go for the second adaptive force rune instead of the CDR one, as early game (when youre strongest) will legit only give you like 1%, which is pretty trivial for the potential damage youre sacrificing, as well as the fact you will probably cap at your second support item, making overcapping pretty useless. i would give more tips but i would need to actually spectate how you play. this is just based off of what i see on op.gg.
Ah, thanks! When playing Nami I'm always told to take Exhaust whenever I switch to Ignite. For my runes, I've switched the Primary to Sorcery and am using Summon Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch. Secondary is Inspiration with Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight. I have 2 Adaptive Force runes and 1 Magic Resist one. (Sorry for the late post.)
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