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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
Regarding funneling on TT-- I've played almost exclusively Twisted Treeline (NA) for the past several seasons and have played it regularly since before the map rework. I've been gold or plat in every season since S3. One of the things that I like about the map is that there are multiple metas to play and that you as a team need to know how your particular champions can work against the other meta. I play as a jungler, but I *like* that support comp exists, even though right now it's considered the (almost) only way to play at high elo. If my choices are to have the nerf or not have the nerf, I'd lean towards having the nerf. But I would rather see some changes made to help jungle comps rather than nerfs for support comp. @Auve has written up some suggestions on how to do that without much investment beyond the balance testing (no visual changes, etc). > 1. Early Turret Gold > 2. Higher Death Timers early > 3. Vile'maw spawns sooner
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: Any idea if this "funneling" change will also apply to Twisted Treeline?
See Medder's reply here: > I'm 99% certain this change is only on the SR versions of those items. Will double check to make sure that's the case though. Whether or not it's the correct change for TT wouldn't want to push it there so abruptly without a better understanding of its impact.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Any idea if this "funneling" change will also apply to Twisted Treeline?
: Let's Talk About Ward Skins!
Things I like about wards skins: * They look cool * You keep adding more Things I don't like: * They can only be selected from the shop. * They cannot be used in any of the game modes I play (3v3 and ARAM).


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