: Lux and cloud drake.
Why are you guys making this exclusive to Lux. Other champions can do the exact same thing with maybe like a 3 second difference when you do the math.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcane Azmadi,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TqfEB5hI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-20T00:25:51.496+0000) > > Look on the bright side, poke supports are getting fucked as well by the removal of the MP5 and on-hit damage on the Spellthief/Sickle line. So it's just going to be an all-ADC party again I guess. At least there is ONE semi-tank support that benefits from the new support items. {{champion:412}} funny how he JUST SO HAPPENS to be getting a pulsefire skin as well! What a coincidence!
And just so happens to be in like the top 5 most popular champions
Antenora (EUW)
: Pyke isn't strong anymore after his nerfs. Nautilus is still broken. Leona is borderline overpowered. Blitz is broken, 30 damage off his Q didn't solve anything. Give him back his armor and q damage but revert the damn q range buff.
I dont think leona is borderline. Shes at least “overpowered.”
: The goal of a support is to support your team and you can do that in different ways. Leona has great lockdown power and engage but she isn't really good at protecting her team actually senna is better at it then her. Does that mean she shouldn't be a support? I like who you ignore so many facts to make your bs statements seem true. Like the last two supports were a enchanter and a marksman not a assassin. Subclasses also mean shit about the lane they play. Like you sound like you haven't played support for years. Damage supports haven't been good in a long time and where they are it's for like 4 patches before they get nerfed. The majority of the time support is just enchanters. Like no damage support has been good this year. Also if you think pyke is a damage support please go and actually play him since he isn't.
> I like who you ignore so many facts to make your bs statements seem true. Like the last two supports were a enchanter and a marksman not a assassin. You listed one thing that was incorrect and stated it was “many” things, and that one thing you listed was a minor error in which i stated pyke was the 2nd last support when he was actually the 3rd. > Subclasses also mean shit about the lane they play. Like you sound like you haven't played support for years. Neither of these sentences have any explanation whatsoever. The first one is blatantly false and the second one has nothing to do with the topic. > The majority of the time support is just enchanters. > Like no damage support has been good this year. Also if you think pyke is a damage support please go and actually play him since he isn't. Enchanters have been the least abundant class for years, mage supports have been among the most complained about class for years and pyke is an assassin and assassins are defined as burst damage and mobility. You are wrong.
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Buddyid (NA)
: What champion will you be missing in set 2?
Lissandra was a monster at level 3 and she was decently unpopular so it was easy to get her there.
: @Meddler As someone who enjoys playing Soraka, can you stop making Grievous Wounds abundant?
: The Shyvana update/rework she deserves!
Sure but do something about her AP build first because that doesnt need to be buffed.
vêrt (NA)
: If someone DCs before the 3 minute mark we should be allowed to FF.
Also the timer should be lowered to 2 minutes instead of 3 because at 3 minutes everyone is level 3 and the person will be 2 levels down the entire game which is stupid and unfair to the persons team.
: diana lane phase is one of the weakest in the wtf are you on about
Lane phase doesnt end at level 6 and she can win into the majority of matchups once she hits 6.
: Characters we hate and why
{{champion:157}} for obvious reasons {{champion:105}} for too many reasons to list {{champion:246}} who fucking designed this, an aoe point and click burst assassin is already a broken concept but on top of that she has TWO FORMS OF AOE HARD CC. as an assassin. {{champion:101}} his abilities are way too powerful/rewarding for how easy they are to land {{champion:142}} {{champion:161}} same as xerath but to a lesser extent {{champion:45}} has little to no counterplay and is just broken in general {{champion:119}} why does the biggest lane bully in the game not fall off lategame? {{champion:412}} same as veigar {{champion:81}} {{champion:42}} same as xerath but hypermobile on top of it {{champion:8}} inherently overpowered design, doing massive AoE damage while being completely untargetable at the same is not ever going to be fair. on top of that he can freely move while being untargetable which IS NOT ON ANYONE ELSE FOR A REASON and is one of the tankiest champs in the game with spirit visage (even with GW) {{champion:254}} {{champion:111}} and other champions that have high-range point and click hard cc.
: Wifi disconnecting only when playing League
Same here, i have perfect internet for everything except for League.
: I cannot deal with this jungle pressure.
And when the enemy laner is constantly shoving you in and pushing up but their jungler still comes more than yours.
: Rework her E, it is pretty boring and they could make her more of a bursty gunslinger by giving another nuke. MF is not meant to be another auto attack marks(wo)man.... which is cool and they should push that further with better abilities. She builds lethality so just give her less attack speed on W and make another physical nuke with a good ad ratio. my 2 cents {{item:3400}}
They could remove or heavily lower the slow to add a significant AD ratio, and maybe decrease the duration but keep the damage the same so it’s dealt faster.
: So I lost AP when I bought an AD item.. Whats going on
Adaptive force from runes, when you bought scimitar it caused your AD to dominate your AP and the 9 AP became like 6 AD or something.
: > [{quoted}](name=koshkyra,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qGBkEU3i,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-02T02:57:02.021+0000) > > A champion who’s playstyle is to kill someone with one auto attack should not exist in the first place And you believe he can 1 shot with 1 item ?
: Why are you buffing and not nerfing Rengar?
A champion who’s playstyle is to kill someone with one auto attack should not exist in the first place
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: She has 45% ban rate , the 4th most banned champion after {{champion:555}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:157}} She should not get buffed
There’s a difference. Those champions are banned because they ruin the game. Morgana is banned because she hard counters the most popular class (hook supports.)
: I just stand in the middle without touching the walls as a ranged champ and laugh.
Then he wins because you are confined to a very small area for 3 seconds which is like 10 minutes in this game.
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Hopeski (NA)
: Unbalanced LP
I get 13 lp for first place and lose 5 for coming in 4th lmao
: Dude what the fuck is even Cass toplane
Why are you saying this is exclusive to toplaners and melees? Nobody wants to play against that shit and the only way to avoid it is to be down 50+ cs at the end of lane regardless of if you are melee or ranged.
BluWise (NA)
: Nerf Fizz
I can deal with his kit being utterly broken and bullshit to some extent, but his ult having almost no visual impact is just too much. Its so tiny and he makes almost no animation so you’re almost entirely reliant on audio to know when he casts it.
Diävolo (EUW)
: Thresh is fine Yasuo is fine Pantheon is fine Others are uhhhhh
Thresh is not fine and has been overpowered since ignite buffs and aftershock
: League of Legends loading screen changes
Voice chat should never be a thing bc it provides a huge advantage if you use it and players who dont want to use it will be discouraged from playing because they will be at a disadvantage. KDA and main roles will just get people flamed/targetted, the better solution is to take down websites that have that information on players bc its not fair to have an advantage from an outside source (a website that isnt powered by Riot.)
Srbonator (EUNE)
: Which lane feeds in your ranked games?
I cant say for sure but i definitely notice top the most since toplaners are usually the most toxic and verbal in terms of losing.
: Which of the enchanters best scales into late game for the support role?
Tie between taric and sona imo, but if i had to pick one taric.
: Another issue is that Noble units are relatively cheap. Fiora, Garen and Vayne are all 1 cost units and Lucian is 2. While most of the other comps units have only one or two units at 1 cost. I think they need to increase the cost of one of them to 2 cost, either Vayne or Fiora.
This is the main issue imo. You can get the noble buff like 30 seconds into the game. The only other buff you can get right away is wild but wild is both underpowered atm and only a 2-buff and not a 3-buff.
: I believe ap scales with nothing on him. It's literally a waste of gold getting ap on him. You can get rylais for the slow or liandries for the burn, but it's so small and useless that there's no point in investing that much gold for the passives since you lose out on a lot of damage for it. I'd recommend just going anything with ad, lethality, armor pen, crit on draven instead. More bang for your buck... i mean gold
: Why is Varus allowed to have below 50% winrate for most of season 9?
Meanwhile {{champion:145}} #1 ADC (or at minimum, top 3) SINCE her release and has gone like 10 months without a balance change. {{champion:92}} blatantly broken for like years now and has only gotten one non-compensated nerf, and it was a small cooldown nerf. {{champion:236}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:67}} getting buffs when if anything they should be getting nerfs. {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} most banned champions in the game for years now and only zed has recieved nerfs, which were always either due to indirect buffing or had compensation buffs attached to them. So no actual nerfs. {{champion:8}} high pickrate, banrate and winrate for longer than i can remember and no nerfs. The list goes on.
: About Yuumi's W
No, that is not a yuumi problem, that is a troll problem. I absolutely despise yuumi but this shouldnt happen.
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: Miss Fortune would benefit from some gameplay improvements
They should lower her mana costs and slightly buff or change her two passives, because there is literally no reason to pick her over draven right now and they are supposed to be counterparts.
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: Pretty sure its not a bug but because when he auto's he yeets a meep at you and it hits you twice once for the auto once for the meep
Thats unfair, because that is only a visual difference and not a gameplay difference and counting as electrocute is 100% a gameplay impact.
: > [{quoted}](name=Boyhole Pioneer,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PRAAP9Nh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-12T17:55:06.909+0000) > > Pretty sure its not a bug but because when he auto's he yeets a meep at you and it hits you twice once for the auto once for the meep So, to Riot, it's not acceptable because Miss Fortune is just an auto but if she had an animation where she shoots the other pistol for her passive it would be?
My point exactly, a cosmetic effect should not effect gameplay whatsoever.
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: Riot loves their play makers, meanwhile us enchanters are kinds just rotting in jail for being healers/buffers
People complained that peel supports were cancer so they removed them from the game in favor of even worse cancer.
Barkley (NA)
: I find it hysterical that across 2 different game modes, people all hate the same champion.
And there has been an influx of ARAM Pyke hate posts recently. Makes you think maybe riot will actually nerf the champion this time around. Oh, 1820 skin. Nevermind i guess
: pyke in aram
They dont know how to assign aram specified changes properly. Jayce, corki, katarina, riven all have buffs. Imagine that.
: Yeah i agree He is in my top 3 most hated champs too. For me its: 1. Fizz 2. Pyke 3. Yasuo
: When tahm kench was literally forced into competitive play because other supports didn't have the shield power or healing to defend their adcs against instant burst.... Season 7 , tahm kench was considered "useless" by pros. We have come a long way. Even funnier, riot has no intentions of getting rid of the oneshot meta, otherwise they would have worked towards getting rid of it instead of repeatedly gutting something that was not only fair and balanced, but was even considered weak when there wasn't a burst meta (tahm kench ally W).
Janna shield gets negated by like one auto attack so heal/shields arent cutting it anymore and the only viable peel is hard cc or complete negation of damage like braum and TK.
: Yuumi nerf isn't enough imo
Her problem is and always has been her poke, she is lterally fucking building ludens and comet as a champion that is supposed to be an enchanter.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: {{champion:555}}
Also thresh abuses it as well for a champion that is intended to be somewhat squishy.
Aseeraa (NA)
: @Riot, thank you for /mute allies
I would not play league of legends if there was not the ability to mute people.
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Cräfty (EUW)
: Patch 9.15B is here, and still no pathfinding fixes!
Also units take weird and unnecessary routes that waste time to attack enemies.
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: > [{quoted}](name=KazKaz,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FRFxdxKx,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-07T12:04:18.153+0000) > > "There's no counterplays against a fed assassin", what about CC, health stacking, Zhoyna's, peel abilities, untargetability, ranged harass, objective play, grouping....I could go on if you like. > > In low elo though....there's very little counterplay against a fed assassin. But tbh they're usually smurfs so it's not really fair to say they deserve to be nerfed. Cc counters everything. Health stacking does not work Zhonya’s would be an argument if they had cooldowns. But they don’t. Peel? Against an akali’s 4 dashes? Mkay Grouping? Half their shit is aoe. __
“CC” when almost every hard cc in this game is a skillshot and katarina/akali/zed have 1082 dashes and blinks per second. “Zhonyas” when its on a 2 minute cooldown vs zed’s 40 second ult cooldown (if he even needs his ult..) and it only actually saves you (not just delaying your death) in niche situations like turret dives. Also just fuck non-mages right? “Peel abilities” when a janna shield is like less than the damage from duskblade and electrocute/DH alone. “Health stacking” adcs have no health items and mages have one that gives a very mediocre amount. “Grouping” people need to realize that “strength in numbers” does not apply to a game where it takes 0.2 seconds to kill someone, not to mention you cant be grouped 100% of the game and grouping only starts towards the end of the game.
: The Reason Tanks Aren't Played Often
Are you seriously trying to tell me armor is more effective than mr
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