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: He's squishy and his healing + shielding is nothing special. He does not do very much damage. You're not going to be as good at engaging as someone like an alistar because you're just going to get bursted down. You're not going to shield or heal your teammates for as much as someone like sona or nami. Heck you won't even do as much damage as a nami.
He genuinely seems like the Swiss Army Knife of supports. Capable of doing everything any support is of doing, then flexing on them by doing it better at champions with a kit dedicated to it.
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: If you play a champion with 40% WR, especially that she's new and you have no experience on her, you are, by all means trolling. If you do it, it means you have absolutely no interest in the game as a whole, to check how a champion is doing in the meta and you're playing for fun. If you play for fun, then there are normals for you, but putting your team at a HUGE disadvantage just because you don't care is trolling.
I mean, while everyone else has a 40% WR on her, I currently have a 71% WR. As I've stated in another post, if we're going by win rate, Kled support must be OP at a 60% WR. I really don't like the toxic notion of not having fun in ranked. Of course I want to win games, but I'm going to win with what I like playing.
: yes it is she has 30% wr
I mean, if we go by WR, Kled has the highest WR for support, so we should probably start playing him support.
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