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{{champion:82}} is just like a minion in front of those mobile champs No way to follow nor catch
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: Don't delete Zoe BUT: Do rework her kit so at least the lore can stay
Lower her base dmg on passive and W Lower MS boost and duration in W Then she is fine
: Kennen
He is fine, not in a good spot in this meta, but not weak
Anin777 (EUW)
: Dodge, you say? :
: An Idea to give Janna back some of her solo lane capabilties
Why bring her into solo lane? Just curious She isn't designed to be solo and it would need great change other than what u have suggested As a fair laner, you need to have decent waveclear/ sustain in lane/ poke/ dueling power at least one Seems her kit is not that suitable in solo
Glory97 (EUW)
: Why not delete Conqueror and replace it with fervor of battle?
Fervor is balanced, may be a little number tuning At least it needs to stack on AAing champions, not hitting minions/ getting in combat passively
: Can Conqueror PLEASE be removed?
Remove or nerf the extra AD (may be 3-20 instead of 6-3x) Dmg conversion from 20% to 10-15/20% base on level
: AP Irelia after 8.15
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 27
Can you plz fix Morde game-breaking bug? I've posted two times about the bug but seems Riot does not care W2+{{item:3152}} bug has existed for patches Another minor one is the interaction of Morde and Revitalize Revitalize does not work when Morde is < 40% hp (Shield is not boosted by extra 10%)
: Why is itemization in this game so bad?
I think having core item is fine But the problem is there is not much situational item to choose
: people complain about {{champion:238}} but forget about {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} these champs are all around FAR easier to play and just as effective im no Zed player but i know a champ that take a little bit of a brain when I see one if we are going to be fair snowballing is an all round issue right now
Tbh, i think they really need no brain to kill squishies in this meta
: I try to tell my friend group that Zed is a no skill champ. They all flame me for it. No, I didn't get "outplayed" when he presses R on me, mashes all his spells, and presses R again to get out. That is not an outplay. That is rolling your face on the keyboard. "just buy zhonyas!". what am i supposed to do on AD champs? Plus any champ where I NEED to build to counter them even when ahead of them is awful champ design. Not that I'd ever be able to beat a Zed in lane because he chunks way too hard from all the way across the lane and is slippery as shit and impossible to gank.
When I first play {{champion:238}}, I already smash enemy midlane Constantly poke and zone with WEQ and I auto win lane{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Don't see where the 'high-skill' is I admit that those really high-level mechanics shown in pro-play montage is hard to master, but you won't need them to easy win lane
AidanWR (NA)
: Revitalize only works on shields CASTED on the target, this is not a bug because it is a passive shield (similar to Malphite's passive, he won't get any additional shielding when he gets his passive back up). The protobelt one is a bug that's way too easy to recreate though
I think Revitalize works both on CASTED and RECEIVED Mordekaiser charges his shield which should fall in cast/ receive, unlike Malphite's passive which gives him % health shield
: Reminder that Overgrowth is a Terrible Rune
I agree The %health only feel good on champ which has good base health and stack health and it takes too long to scale E.g. Darius of 3000 hp only gain 150 health when overgrowth is stacked 25 times (equivalent to 200 minions)
: Since Darius isn't OP what are some melees that can consistently beat Darius pre 25 mins?
I already oppose the buff Riot gave him before the release of conqueror. He was NOT weak at that moment, just being outshined by other class After the buff and release of conqueror, he has been a God/ top tier pick He is even picked in competitive, that shows how strong he is right now Revert the buff (bleeding and E buff) and he will be fine
: Zed's strength doesn't come from his all in, every assassin has a great all in What other assassins don't have is a free laning phase. Even if you could risk zoning Zed with a positive damage trade, he can Ezreal-style farm against you. Realistically speaking, you simply can't risk the damage reply, he can hit one out of twenty W-Q's and that will just eventually be enough to force you out of lane from a range that you can't contest.
Yes that's part of my point There is no sacrifice on spamming WEQs in lane as he is energy-based Hitting one of them has lead to great advantage in laning Also, his poke combo is low-risked, ranged and unlikely to miss due to slow from E He can also farm well under his turret thanks to his passive
: LUL lvl7 talking about game balance wtf is this board? zed is easily on of the worst assasins right now if you deny this you are just delusional
Yea, >50% WR with 15% PR and nearly 60% BR is the worst assassins right now Sorry I am not a NA nor EU sever player. Don't judge me on that
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: a different take on infinite scaling: a champion who can break the level cap
Are you sure the game is long enough to reach lv 18 or above?
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: Opponent picked Yas
I like playing against {{champion:157}} as {{champion:82}} Never lose lane
: 150 armor, Zed takes 85% of my HP with w q e combo. Ok?
You have been outplayed by a "hard" champ{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Why do I feel like champions popularity affects balance ?
Reported {{champion:82}} bug for few times to Riot and they don't even care Those bugs are 100% reproducable and have been existed for patches (one even exists since the Runes Reforge) As for{{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} etc, bugfix in terms of hotfix or immediately get compensation buff while they are not even weak
: Glaring and Obvious Aatrox Issues
Sorry {{champion:82}} only has 18xx at level 18
: It feels bad when a mobile top laner outscales/ out snowballs a Juggernaut
I just hate {{champion:39}} has 200 range, super high mobility, 340 ms, in-combat sustain (heal & dmg reduction), high dps with burst dmg
: So LB mains and Rengar mains were dissatisfied with the rework they got
Just don't get why a champion with no mobility, no cc, super-reliant on teammates is still existing in league for 3 years His kit has no interaction at all, you have no way to hit all 3 Q in a roll, you have no way to stick with enemies etc Look at those broken champs release/ rework, they make me feel tilted as a Morde main
koshkyra (NA)
: The 1/4 level 6 brand misses his skillshots then presses ER ignite on me for 900 damage
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: A resume for why i quitted this game
Aimléss (NA)
: Okay, is anyone playing bot lane anymore?
Yea, but they are playing fighters/ battlemages bot lane
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:82}} Aim: To make AD/ hybrid Mordekaiser more viable. Hybrid scaling has been iconic characteristic of Morde ability Boosting AD stats is now not satisfying **W - Harvesters of Sorrow** [New] 1.5 _**Bonus**_ AD scaling is added to the initial cast (4 second dmg) [Second cast scaling unchanged] (Just a friendly reminder: First cast now has 0.9 AP scaling in live) This will **NOT **affect AP Mordekaiser R scaling should not get touched as the ghost is already receiving 100% bonus AD from {{champion:82}}
: So yasuo passive Will get rework because is useless now with the new Infinity edge, but..
Kelg (NA)
: Why is Morde not allowed to be decent if Singed is allowed to be strong?
: Riots Balance Plans for the future...perhaps more balanced?
First of all Riot should save those dead champ{{champion:82}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:17}}
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: So RIOT not going to do anything about DARK HARVEST in ARAM?
ALL champions except mages use DH in ARAM (tanks, bruisers, adc etcccccc) And Riot is not fixing this{{sticker:galio-happy}}
: What's actually up with Morde's code? We got 2 new bugs this patch
: Do you have any intentions of updating Udyr' and Jax' default skins?
Kelg (NA)
: Can Morde get some temporary work until his VGU?
> [{quoted}] > Morde needs some rebalancing to put him in line with the other juggernauts even if that means giving him some kind of CC and/or mobility. Let&amp;#039;s be real here, the idea that there should be a slow moving(lowest MS in the game counting passives and such), CC-less, mobility-less, zero tenacity, champion that is countered by both CC, and mobility when 99% of the champions have one or both of these things is seriously poor design. Right now he&amp;#039;s just some kind of experimental mess that was supposed to go in bot lane but doesn&amp;#039;t work there, and has been left in a shit state since his rework. Agree Such shit champion can't even one-shot any squishies without{{summoner:4}} and brings none utility to the team Just a mess omg
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: ''Tank meta''
And you see 3 tanks in each team in pro play for every single game (top, jg, support and sometimes mid)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 20
Any plans for {{champion:82}} ? Though his WR is okay, but his playstyle is awful He is just unsatisfying to play as he can never reach his enemy (too much cc and mobility in the game now) That's why he is at PR ard 1% Also he is so {{summoner:4}}-reliant to deal the burst dmg, just like old {{champion:3}} for the ult
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