: Enough people play 3v3 (6 players per game, no role requirements) to give it reasonable queue times (on NA at least) comparable to playing the most popular roles on SR. Also, I don't see "not a lot of people play it" as being a real reason not to allow token gain from it. If not a lot of people play it, so what? Not a lot of tokens are generated, no big deal. It's certainly a nice perk for fans who wanna buy the pass. I bought the Trials content pass and played like a dozen 3v3 games before I realized I wasn't getting tokens for it. Then for the rest of that month, I was forced to play SR and ARAM more than I really wanted to just to earn my tokens to unlock my content (I hate content passes in general BTW, but the rewards were nice enough and I was able to buy RP and use it all with the price the content pass was set at)
Ðahyun (OCE)
: My Special Border is missing ARCADE EVENT 2019
FeelsBad Its been almost a week since the even started and the boarders have yet to work..
: I do, and several others do too. It may not be hundreds of thousands like Summoner's Rift but there's still more than a few hundred of us for sure :(
Yeah I guess, but I also can see it being exploited because of the small player base and just how the game mode work. I can see that being the reason why they don't let you get them from there.
: Please! Why can't we earn tokens in RANKED Twisted Treeline???
Who actively plays ranked TT?


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