Amoc (NA)
: Yasuo has a high skill-ceiling (like Zed for example) but there's nothing much to achieving reasonable proficiency with him.
I gotta disagree on that one. Out of every champ I have played Yas is hands down the hardest. His early game is trash and alot of mages have a harder spike at 6 then you do. You really need to get PD to have shot in a 1 v 1
: I got put in low priority queue's because the client crashed.
As someone who is in leaverbuster his fair share you did not get put in low priority que just because your game crashed one time. You need to leave at least 3 or 4 games with in a fairly short time frame to get that. Sucks the client crashing was the straw that broke it though. Also it is not like the 20min que is the end of the world you can just hammer though it in a night in ARAMS just watching youtube or something during the que.
: Except for the part where Hextech sucks...
Terozu (NA)
: I once got told the only reason I beat someone in lane was because I paid for Ultimate skin buffs.
Skins with sunglasses take 1 less damage from leona's sunlight passive damage. I mean it can help.
: Tryndamere definitely needs a rework more desperately than half the champs riot has reworked until now.
His kit is fun to play, works and is not that bad to play VS I fail to see why it needs the rework.
: its not an issue for you... Yasuo is perma ban in bronze.
He is only banned like half the time. Also the energy champs and garen exist.
: You're missing the point. The game has powercrept the supports in response to the increased damage environment, and increased damage to respond to support strength, and so forth. At this point it doesn't matter which is the chicken or the egg, and that is the insidious problem of unchecked powercreep. At this point we can't even point our collective fingers at one thing, because there are so many things that are problems that any one thing can't just be nerfed to "solve it". We are in a phase right now where supports snowball adcs too quickly, adcs reach their power spikes too soon, and as a result bot lanes decide games more than is fair. We had a phase where junglers and mid laners camped the shit out of bot and bot lane had no agency over the game results and we saw the ADC in 2k17 meme arise, but instead of addressing the problem of how fast bot lane could power spike off of early advantages riot accelerated the tempo of bot lane power spikes in several ways until we found ourselves at the point we are in now. This is part of the problem with riot's modern philosophy of rotating of the meta instead of trying to create a balanced game.
Support is probably the most power crept class thought that ages. If you looks at S1-2 they were pretty much ward bots. S3-4-5 they were pretty much ether a budget tank or budget mage or an enchanter buying mage items. Ever since they got their own item line they have gotten a ton of power that just flat out did not exist before. Supports used to be mostly just general utility with stuff like thresh lantren and CC bots to what we have today where they can keep their ADC alive though pretty much anything.
: Riot should follow other game developers and have polls and weekly Q&As.
Kuponya (NA)
: I find it strange that all the champions are technically alive in some way
I still think it was a mistake to remove it. No champ has bein added that could not have fit the old lore.
: If this is what you commonly build on {{champion:30}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} Start playing this instead: {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3001}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} Poke {{champion:30}} is a relic of the past. You do nothing in team fights. You do nothing in lane. You do nothing all game except KS. If you fall behind you stay behind forever. Super anal cleanser {{champion:30}} will make the enemy team want to FF after seeing how OP you are causing all 5 of them will jump onto the boards to make circle jerk posts about how OP {{champion:30}} is. You do everything in team fights. You dominate lane. All the kills are your kills and everyone is KSing you even if you didn't contribute to the kill. Fall behind? LUL you never fall behind all you do is scale infinitely. You'll be so powerful that the enemy team will always want to 5 v 1 you even if you're inside your own base.
Your build sucks you have no mana other then abisal and even then your going to be oom after like 20 seconds.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Given 5 bans with the option to not use. My ban is my ban, if i opt not to use it i opt not to use it. I dont "need" to use it for anyone, its useable at my sole discretion, not yours. Try and tell me otherwise just leads to a mute.
That's like saying you don't need to buy items because it is "your gold".
: Damage dealt means jack shit if you're just running in 1v5 every game.
I would rather an ADC who delt 40k damage and has a KDA of <1 then the ADC with a 10 KDA but only did 5K damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=VØIÐ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sE8xBqKz,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-03-24T21:18:33.648+0000) > > That doesn&#x27;t just imply to her alone, that&#x27;s for every assassin. They have to get a lead otherwise they are useless, but the difference is that when Zed or Katarina get a head you can still potentially outplay them since you have the ability to dodge their abilities, something that can&#x27;t be said the same about an Akali when she get&#x27;s ahead due to point to click abilities. Except Zed really doesn't... and Katarina can acre your team before Akali finishes her second kill.
The only point and click Zed has is his ult and auto attacks.
: Allow us to see results for votes without voting
Just vote no it is the same thing as not voting.
Elohaven (NA)
: Honor Level 4 and 5
I am level 3 Checkpoint 2
: Please Adjust Trap Mechanics So They Can't Be Placed Under Champion Hit-Boxes.
I don't think teemo needs this nerf. It would get rid of pointblanking a shroom at your feet when your about to die to get them to.
: Maybe because every season except 2 and 5 has been worse than the one before it.
I liked 4 more than 5 the jungle was easier and AP items were better.
: Before, dragon wasn't an easy kill nor something that warped the game as much as it does now. Nor was taking the first tower or snowballing your botlane. Now all three of these things are the most reliable ways to win a game of League of Legends.
What are you on dragon is as hard as ever kill Panth used to be able to solo dragon at lv1.
: In cases like this I usually don't honor anybody because I feel bad for the rest and just tell them how awesome they were. I just don't want to pick one over the others if they've each contributed roughly the same amount. I'd love to be able to honor more than 1 person simply because when the game is over I just want to start the next one and cba to think about who the most honorable player was. This ends in me honoring my premade 9/10 games not because he's my premade but because I either can't decide or I just don't want to waste time. Riot always emphasizes how League is about teams and not individuals so why make us choose ONE person? While we're at it please give us back the honorble opponent option, thanks. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
That cost everyone else the bonus honor you get when everyone gets honored.
: Which season do you think was the most balanced and fun to play in?
I liked 4 the jungle was EZ back then and it had alot more variety at least at my ELO. Also mages had way better items back then the 120 ap Zionhas DFG and Athens were all great. ADC was not the monster it has turned into these days and support acted like a champion on a budget rather then just ADC shield slave.
: Why would you Buff Ahri and leave so many champs untouched for so long?
: Fix the goddam death recap.
The death recap would be pretty useful if it was not so jank.
Ifneth (NA)
: What Role Should Assassins Play?
Instakill the adc on each team so everyone else can play a game other then protect the adc.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: I miss it too lol. Bring DFG back too
RIP DFG {{champion:86}} 2010 to 2014
nelogis (EUW)
: What exactly do you mean with "Again"? It's the first time top gets skipped. At least we got the first hextech skin ey? Though I agree an ultimate sin for Shen would have been better. On the other hand, this MF skin is just bad... I'm sorry but it's just bad. 4 chromas you can choose from with some different weapon design and voice overs isn't on the same level like Sona. Which can change the ingame music for everyone. Ezreal who evolves through the game. It doesn't hold off to the standard other ultimates have. So I guess we dodged a bullet that top isn't getting the worst ultimate? I guess no ultimate is worse or as bad but hey... We got the first hextech.... and damn that's a badass one Edit: yeahyeahyeahyeah aight aight I got we are third!! We still have the most badass one!! It's something!
> [{quoted}](name=nelogis,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9gUqUbfr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-06T15:05:28.561+0000) > > What exactly do you mean with &quot;Again&quot;? > It&#x27;s the first time top gets skipped. > > At least we got the first hextech skin ey? > > Though I agree an ultimate sin for Shen would have been better. > On the other hand, this MF skin is just bad... I&#x27;m sorry but it&#x27;s just bad. 4 chromas you can choose from with some different weapon design and voice overs isn&#x27;t on the same level like Sona. Which can change the ingame music for everyone. Ezreal who evolves through the game. > > It doesn&#x27;t hold off to the standard other ultimates have. > So I guess we dodged a bullet that top isn&#x27;t getting the worst ultimate? I guess no ultimate is worse or as bad but hey... > > We got the first hextech.... and damn that&#x27;s a badass one Hextech annie was first
Shåwn (NA)
: But hey, miss fortune is getting her AD per level doubled in prep for her new skin. Thats pretty neat-o. I always did like getting 2 hit by miss fortune buttons if i do say so myself.
Even better when she kills your entire team in the jungle with her ult.
Bultz (NA)
: Yasuo is meant to be a late game monster.
But Yasuo's hardest spike is when he gets a zeal item and his IE for 100% cirt
: An indirect Janna nerf that would make her (along with other heal/shield supports) healthier.
Ocean drake turns off from taking champion damage not being in combat it would stay on even with this change still a great change though.
: We assassin mains tried to protect you from this but when the lynch mobs came for us and we asked for help nobody responded to us and instead attacked and mocked without realizing that they were killing the only hope to stop the fire nation. Rumors still say you can hear the ghost of eve and Leblanc screaming in pain in the jungles of summoners rift, crying for help we now know will never come.
LB was cancer for everyone she is where she should be. The dumpster.
Kaioko (NA)
: Garen has always been the simpler one of all of them. He can deal a lot of damage and does so while being mechanically simple. He will never be as good as other juggernauts for more experienced players and that's fine. He's the Annie of the top lane.
Other then the fact that most those champs are just as easy as Garen.
: How about an expieriment where one can ban an item instead of a champion from a game?
Just ban IE and Phantom dancer and you just gutted the ADC role. Or you could ban every single grievous wounds item and just run a busted susten comp
: wtf is is with the "shaco" shitposts, he has a 51-54% winrate... in EVERY ELO
: AP itemization gets huge buffs and people still bitch about it. Ffs.
How is this a buff we lost more AP Morlo is weak now and a ton of items are paying for CDR but can not be stacked with transcendence . Deathcap is even harder to make void lost 10 AP and the Liandry's change is overall a nerf if they are above 55% hp to its burn.
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: @Phreak is it time?
The map would look so dated compared to the normal one. Would be great to see all the new models running around on such an old map.
D4M2X0 (EUW)
: started league season 1, would like a revert to season 5
5 had it's problems like the reworked jungle kind sucked compared to S4 where you could run a wider variety of junglers. Also well I was a huge fan of it because I mained Yi and Xin back then Feral Flare was a wee bit op and the smite buffs restricted viable junglers quite a bit to people that synergize with them. Also high AP items were pretty much all nerfed around mid season 5 witch helped us end up with the current liner build path for most mages.
: Friendly Reminder Sona's Winrate Plummeted After Patch 7.23 and Has Remained There Since
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: What if we just butchered all the damage items in the game.
It would push us into a tank meta because they have the best base stats and rely on their abilities the most any ways.
: activatable teemo e
Don't nerf my rat.
: Wouldn't it make more sense for Zyra and Maokai to swap ults?
: Except the purpose of one of those 2 isn't to kill you, but to *prevent you from killing someone*. If it was the ADC and their mid, that'd be a different story. Although you might end up dying, odds are you're going to kill one of them *if you dodge their CC*. But the Janna/Lulu/Soraka exists for the sole purpose of making sure that the ADC (or anyone else) doesn't die. Also, part of the problem is that most assassins see the support blow their kit on their ADC, and neither back off to wait for it to expire, nor do they swap targets, and nuke the now-defenseless support.
Most assassins need to commit to the target. Zed for example can't ult the ADC say "weelp Lulu ulted and shielded Ashe better try for lulu now." It is "well Ashe just got any extra 1000 HP after I dumped my full kit inter her. Guess I get to die now." The support can be purely reactive if their shields had a delay to cast it would even out.
Tranoze (NA)
: yes, yi is a shitty assassin, not because of that, but still, Yi's Q doesnt has 1.5 second cooldown after auto attack and I've seen Yi die in alpha much much much more than a vayne die in her stealth. Stealth = untargetable by enemy skill shoot/ auto attack, but still be target able by ally shield/heal..., which is 100 time more better than untargetable. Yi ult last for 7 seconds, while Vayne ult last for 8 / 10 / 12 secs + 4 sec per kill/assist. Basically, a Vayne R-Q to your team have much more chance to survive than a Yi R-Q to your team. And not only survive, she will wipe out your team, destroy anyone ever get close to her. A normal assassin to Riot's definition is someone kill the carry then escape away. Vayne is the carry, kill the carry then kill the rest of the team. What a nice way to balance a champion.
Yi is untargetable in Alpha strike the only way for him to die in it is DoT damage from stuff like deaths dance, ignite, teemo.
: > Why can't we just give {{item:3157}} 10AP (or even 20) while removing it's CDR? Zhonya's is strong enough as is. its a defensive item. it shouldn't be giving you the high end on AP. > But you know what? They did their job. They didn't fail at it because that ADC happened to have lifesteal and just used right clicks to heal back up to a point your 'delayed burst' didn't kill him any more. Agreed. > Getting CDR shouldn't be something you do along the way, it's something you should think about. "Do I want more damage or do I want more CDR?" Agreed.
It used to give you 120 AP and it was fine balance wise.
: Now that Rengar got his Q back, can we get our Old Leblanc back too?
Lets not, I would rather lane vs nothing but zed for the rest of my life then have old leblanc back. She was way to safe well bursting for your entire HP bar unless you build a full Mr item.
: Hmm. It's almost as if ***you're not meant to win a 1v2***!. It's a fascinating and new concept, but *supports are actually champions* now, meaning that, if you're facing their support and their ADC together, it's not a 1v1, but a 1v2! It's a very new concept, true, so it may take some getting used to. I wish you luck in memorizing this, so that it may let you win your matches!
We are not asking to survive a 2v1 just kill the squishiest person on the team before we die in said 2 v 1.
: Nah she has very few means of escape if she decides to r - q into backline to kill enemy squishy. She is not a good assassin.
Thats like saying Yi is a shiity assassin if he goes to R-Q into the back line because he just used his escape to engage and no longer has one other then kill all the people around him.
: mages are weak mostly because they can rarely kill thier intended target (the adc), and becuase ap has completly shit for itemization compared to what AD has. if you compared mages today to mages in season three mages are stronger. but champs like adc and AD assasins are so far off the charts its absurd so mages are only weak in comparison to AD. and while AP do need a a lot better itemzation. i think AD need a shit tons of nerfs more than mages need "buffs"
if you go back 4 seasons though Mages are way weaker now. Back in S4 there was more AP on the items, deathfire grasp was an amazing item for most mages 10% CDR and 120 Ap, Athene's unholy grail used to be a beast of an item, and just higher ap in general let mages burst harder.
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: Is it going to take a "Top Lane Tea Party" for Riot to even try to fix top lane?
I support this course of action if a lot of people are taking duo mid and leaving top empty it would all most sure get it changed. However I don't know how they can fix top. It is kind of a death spiral right now alot of the old good picks top are no longer viable from bramble {{item:3076}} fucking up their sustain, top is less needed as a carry / damage source in a meta where the ADC can get IE {{item:3031}} faster then ever. Top these days seems to just be the spot to stick your tank and let him farm up. If top gets ganked who cares it is not the lane that matters and it takes pressure off of bot and lets you contest dragon.
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