: It's important to note that the amount of experience required has been reduced. Level 22 does not equal level 22 anymore. Also that "miniscul amount" raises the First Win of the Day bonus to more than what it was before in IP. I don't think we need a way to earn more IP/BE, I'm content with earning more than I did with IP.
give me proof. becaues before be i could easily earn 200 ip a day EASILY. first day win gave us like 150 IP and wins after that would give like 70-90 based on ur score. so please tell me how this is better? show me some pcitures breeak the math down becaues i used to earn 400 plus ip per day before this update palying 5 games a day.. know playing 5 games a day nets me maybe 1 capsule every 3 or 4 days which in turn might give me 810 Be so if we factor in the first day win of 50 we get an extra 150-200 be. compared t me getting 400 ip per day which in 4 days would net me about 1600 Ip MINIMUM. so show me some screeen shots or somethign my man becaues im calling absolute bullshi on u getting more BE than ip. this new update only hurts people like me who grinded 4-7 games a day and helps casuals who play 2 or 3 but even in the long term will still hurt us all.. so again post how much BE u have gotten in the past month. becaues ive barley gotten over 4000BE compared to me getting like minimum of 8000 a month on IP
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: Leveling up should've been an enjoyable experience...
i agree as somone that hasnt unlocked all the champions this new system is just annoying and punishes people who grind. they should reward players who grind there game.
: I feel like it's actually very possible. Bought Rakan and Bard already with the new system, I think it's ok.
becaues you got he massive be from when they swiched over....
Quepha (NA)
: BE gains are faster than IP gains. It was even slower before.
not it wasnt... look up the dudes math he impletmented in this thread... read the results... people who play roe tha 3 games per day are being punished.... riots math doesnt go on beyond that becaues they know this...
: Listen, listen. Why buy them expensive 6300 champion roles! Like top lane- Garen Top Lane 450! Mid Lane- Annie 450 Jungle- Yi 450 ADC- Ashe 450 Support- Soraka 450! See how nice and cheap these champions are? You don't need expensive ones like- Top Aatrox Mid Yasuo Jungle Rengar Bot Jhin Support Thresh. We'll just giving you those 450 champions! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
tell me ur kidding please. if not u have no right to be hereonly a newbie would say crap like that...
NoPaxt (NA)
: Then I'm getting a much better draw than you, I have so many upper tier shards. Just hit 40 got a lucian, Ivern and poppy... along with some emote
so u just highlighted he problem... geting a caspule shouldnt be about rng... such a cop out. you should get a garenteed reward for your time. and trying to justify this by saying you can get lucky is just stupid. i put time into the game and becaues of that i should be rewarded.. i should not have to put hours into the game to level up and get 3 shards worth 450 ea TOTAL BS.
: i still feel so unrewarded with the new BE anyone else?
i agree, ive stopped playing completely becaues of how little progress i see.. i got level 30 already. im not looking to level up to earn champs! i want to get in a game and play! this update hurts all the people who grind this game... basically people who support riot... there trying so hard to get more casuals there starting to lose there hardcore fan base... me and my friends have played since season 3 and this b.e update killed the game for us.. it just so greedy, its a ploy by riot to try and get people to spend money on champions instead of earning them.. which is complete poop. i will probably quit all together if it doesnt go back. This update makes it even harder for new players anyway if you actually look at the math and REAL charts. not the bs riot gave! i feel like with every preseason they lose players... and this preseason is the one they lose me and my friends. its sad bc the core game is fun but im not being penalized for being somone who likes to grind a game.. no thanks ill take my money and time to other mmos.
: Leveling and Rewards - Early Impressions and Adjustments
ive played league since season 5, and i must say the runes didnt do it for me. but this new BE system did me in. To me and all the people i play with this update killed the game for us. you say this doesnt punish new players... but it does.. it punishes anyone like me and my friends who play for 3-6 hours a day and have a blast doing it.. I cant buy any new champions, WHY? because in the last 3 days ive gotten 600 BE thats right in 3 DAYS Ive gotten 600BE! and dont tell me that MATH is off! in the old system in 3 days i would colllect about 2000 IP so please somone tell me how? becaues according to these charts i should be amassing thousands of BE, which i am NOT! riot, i will not play until this is fixed. I dont want to play to "LEVEL UP" im already setting goals to unlock champions. do ur players a solid and LISTEN! becaues this update i promise will be the start of the downfall of this game. Atleast for me, and im sitting here trying to comment becaues i want to keep enjoying league. but if this doesnt change to where i can actually afford to have champion goals that id like to buy, then i will leave. ill put my time and MONEY(which you want both) into a company that has a great game and understands there community! just because you are on a high horse doesn't mean you cant fall riot.
: bubby we know you're lying. you get atleast 820 every level.
actualy not true i just got 2 nunu shards a ryze shard and a lulu shard thats not 810 and im 32.....
: I still don't understand what's so hard to grasp. You get 810-1260 BE per level up, which can take about 10 wins or 13-15 mixed results at worst. That translates to 81-100 IP on average per average game in the long run with is very consistent with the old system (using the non bugged IP gains) If you aren't hitting a minimum of 810 per level, contact support. What individual shards you get is fucking irrelevant, since the net result should be within that range.
becaues it takes 10 games to get a levevl up... and even then LIKE RN! I JUST LEVELE DUP AND GOT 500BE 2 nunu shards with 2 like 250 shards so 600BE BUT STILL WTF 600 BE for 2 days work!??! comon!
: > [{quoted}](name=Okuma,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eXZUFpEb,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-17T09:12:27.274+0000) > > I've figured that much, but it'd be quite nice if they gave us a tiny bit of BE tho :p They will give you 50 BE per FWOTD.
still isnt enough... they need to give 50Be per game as a minimum REWARD! TAKE AWAY THIS LEVEL UP CRAPOLA!
: I like lists. If you ever need to lure me into a thread, concise lists are a good way to do it. Lemme try and ramble a bit about each of your points and you can call me out if I'm talking nonsense. > **1. The blue essence system is very unwelcomed.** We've definitely seen a lot of feedback around the new leveling system. Some of the things you mentioned (like being just short of the BE for your next champion), we're planning on addressing next patch by [adding BE to first win of the day and reducing the grind at higher levels.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments) In regards to how leveling feels, we're keeping an eye on this as well. We do think leveling is a better long-term system for league, so we're probably going to spend some time seeing how the 7.23 changes feel before making any additional changes - but we're watching. > **2. Turrets are ridiculously weak.** Turrets have a tough job. They need to balance between being defensible areas of the map while at the same time not being so strong that the whole game revolves around turtling underneath them. That said, [Maple Nectar mentioned that they will be getting a small buff in 7.23. ](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/PXqgGQss-riot-why-are-turrets-made-out-of-wet-toilet-paper?comment=000e) > **3. Games are too short/snowball too quickly.** [Meddler talked a bit about this in his most recent gameplay thoughts post. ](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/5yv0tj2J-quick-gameplay-thoughts-november-15) TL;DR - Preseason always has the chance to mess with average game length, especially with the Runes changes this year. Average game time hasn't changed too much, but that doesn't mean game pacing is necessarily where it should be. We'll check back in after gathering more data. I would like to hear more about this from you guys though. Sometimes when I see this feeling expressed on the boards it's in a super exaggerated "All games are decided at 10 minutes" kind of way - which isn't the case (at least in my games, but maybe that's because there's no lead too great for me to throw away.) If you'd like to talk a bit more about what your ideal pacing of a game of league looks like - I'm all ears. > **4. New runes and masteries have everyone doing too much damage.** Probably true! Preseason is always a bit unbalanced, since so many changes are happening at once. We haven't seen too many extreme outliers this year, but there's certainly more tuning to be done. A lot of people are also running squishy assassin comps without a real tank, which could be supplementing this feeling. > **5. The Riot company feeling like it's becoming more and more neglectful.** I'm really sad if that's how you feel. The reason most of us were drawn to Riot in the first place is because we care about players, and wanted to work at a company that reflected that care. It's certainly more challenging to keep in touch with players now compared to the early days- chiefly because there's so many of you! But we're still here, and we still care. I hope we can keep finding better ways to show it.
can u stop rewarding players who play one dang game a day? if i play 5 games compared to somone who plays one i should be walking away with me B,E now! not when i hit my next level! and if anything me playing more I should be rewarded with grinding the gam to get champions! for some reason i feel riot thinks that once somone unlocks all the champs the game is over. This is by far not the case at all! unlocking all the champs opens so many doors! becaues at this point you can master any champion you want play them however you want! so please! start rewarded people who play and grind your game! i think 50BE should be given every game whether you win or lose! ( should be higher if you win!) becaues unlocking all the champions is just like hitting level 30! it opens a whole bumch of doors and new gameplay styles for the player!
: A summary of all the issues (according to the players) for Riot.
good read, becaues of the new level system i find myself playing one game a day. i have about 20 friends who do the same thing. we used to grind together and have loads of fun. but becaues none of us feel rewarded for playing a game we just play once a day and thats it to level up for B E. in the mena time we have played a bit more dota. and while its not my first choice its much more satisfying to play when you actually feel everygame gives progress to the grind. hopefully riot rewards players for playing more games..
Jivewolf (NA)
: Can we bring back Rerolling Champions
i agree, im at the point where i think im done with league... only thing i liked about the game was i can earn champions and skins with hard work. and with this new patch i feel like they punished the people who dont want to pay for skins and champions. i might add a majority of palyrs agree with me. i wouldnt have a problem if be wasnt so hard to get.. this is just sad they better fix this or me and atlast 30 of my online friends will be gone... ik so many people who are sick of riot being so greedy...


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