zDeanz1 (NA)
: PBE ARURF Black Screen After Champ Select in loading screen
Same bug happens to my friend on Live servers: If anyone finds a fix let me know.
: Connection bug in ARURF on PBE
The same bug also occurs on live; at least it did on NA.
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: Wait I thought the Wukong and Malphite mini reworks were coming this patch. Also lmao not a single item change
They were all reverted while Riot looks at feedback. The Wukong one was stated that it was early rework look and that it was unlikely to go live any time soon.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'll never understand people who ban ''none''
Banning none is useful if you want to improve you ability to play against champions who are strong. I.e. you'll never improve you ability to fight a Jax if you ban Jax every game.
: Unpopular opinion: Rage quitting games makes you fundamentally an unskilled player
> [{quoted}](name=Odyssey Sona,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ceef0Voi,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-14T23:51:12.627+0000) > >Winning games while you're losing takes some actual skill. > I've had plenty of games I've "won" where I wanted to just rage quit or ff out and instead went through with the full 50 minuet match. Doesn't mean I had fun proving my "skill" in waiting for the enemy team to make enough mistakes for us to just end the game.
: Unpopular opinion: Rage quitting games makes you fundamentally an unskilled player
> Winning games while you're losing takes some actual skill I've had plenty of games I've "won" where I wanted to just rage quit or ff out and instead went through with the full 50 minuet match. Doesn't mean I had fun proving my "skill" in waiting for the enemy team to make enough mistakes for us to just end the game.
: I cannot get over the fact that Zac got reverted before Skarner
I just want a Skarner that doesn't feel useless if every fight happens outside the JG.
: Jungle is incredibly broken right now, literally our cs gives 20% less xp. Even if you are the lead in kills and cs for the entire game by a wide margin, you can be 1 or 2 levels behind top. It's stupid bat-shit level insane, and it shows in queue. My account is jungle main, I haven't been able to select another role in at least ten games straight. I queue for top/jg, I get jg. I queue for support/top, I get jungle. Over and over again. Queued for jungle? *Haven't been autofilled in at least 600 games now...* Riot says: No problem all as intended. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HLxCASV.jpg[/IMG]
I'm not saying you are wrong about the Xp thing but I want to point out two things that make it seem worse than it is. The first being the fact that kill XP gives a bonus based on their level and a negative if you are a higher level than them. Meaning you could of gotten less XP per kill than Riven making the extra 2 kills have less impact than expected. The second thing is that CS is not a good way to track XP gains. Cannons are only 1 cs but give you more XP per CS than Blue buff because it's 4 cs per blue kill. You also have the fact that if Riven fails at last hitting at any point she still gets the xp from the minion; which if you don't stop to think how many minions she's missed will inflate how much xp you think she's gotten from actual CS.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: I'd rather wait longer than play with premades.
That's just kinda the nature of blind pick and not much Riot can do about it, other than reporting the trolls. I'd honestly suggest just doing normal draft instead. You get your primary about 90% of the time and, at least in my experience, if you do run into a bot premade and their support got put into another role they are less likely to troll if you don't want to give away your role.
: Good point, I did make an edit pointing out my understanding that its passive stats provide more AP, but it still doesn't make much sense to lose base stats upon build completion. Arguing whether or not it should is really moot, but it just looks a little silly on the surface.
>Good point, I did make an edit pointing out my understanding that its passive stats provide more AP, but it still doesn't make much sense to lose base stats upon build completion... but it just looks a little silly on the surface. Well now that you know it's not a bug you could change your wording a bit and post it as a general discussion instead.
: [GAMEPLAY]+[ITEM] Athene's Unholy Grail Drops 5 AP upon Completion
You forgot about Athene's unique passive Dissonance. While the item itself only has 30 ap listed, due to it's unique passive and 100% base mana regen you actually get 50 ap from Anthene's alone. Edit: and this is an increase of the mana regen from the chalice of harmony {{item:3028}} that built into Athene's.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Boots of mobility give only 109 movement speed out of combat
It's not a bug just a lesser known feature of the league movement system. League has soft caps that if you go over you get less from your move speed items. With Base + Mobility Boots you have 445 raw movespeed which is above the 415 cap but below the 490 cap. This means your move speed is actually (445* .8) + 83, the 439 you see in game.
Ekhasm (NA)
: Why are tanks so broken in this game?
Amumu is a bad example due to the nature of his kit. He takes less damage from autos due to his E and applies a debuff that makes you take 13% more damage from magic damage as true damage. Allowing him to hurt a lot while tanking without items. If you ever want to shit on tanks pick a bruiser that abuses conquer and you'll just laugh at them as you shred their hp and heal all of your own.
: So why are we leaving {{champion:150}} In such a bad state? I love him but hes nearly unplayable. You simply cannot play him and expect to win.
I'm on a 10 game win streak with him right now. It's great.
: ***
It's a buff to a Yi with just {{item:3006}} for move speed (+20 units after soft caps) and a nerf to a Yi who get multiple move speed items/buffs.
: So why are we leaving {{champion:150}} In such a bad state? I love him but hes nearly unplayable. You simply cannot play him and expect to win.
I may not be the best person to give my opinion, seeing how I barely play ranked and was only gold 4 last season, but Gnar seems just fine if not a little over-tuned. I think the only real issue Gnar faces right now is if your team ignores you when you get a good ultimate and the skill cap required to win the really hard matchups.
: The fact that the individual ARAM buffs and nerfs aren't delineated anywhere else, except for the patch notes is indefensible. As it stands, the information is to be tracked per patch indefinitely, and presumably, either stored by the user or committed to their memory. As it is, the information is not accessible anywhere in game(e.g. not found in tooltips, etc.). Games have never been more lopsided than they are now. It turns out for these nerfs/buffs, which function contrarily to the purpose of the gametype as a whole, to stand any chance at inflicting positive change the user requires some way of accessing that information within the GUI reasonably. Bare minimum each champions current buff/nerf status, if any apply, should be listed each patch. Not, just the ones that were altered specifically to that patch. These current circumstances are frankly, alarmingly amateurish.
When they first rolled out these experimental buffs/nerfs to champions Riot games put those changes under your Howling Abyass aura, the buff you get every ARAM game to help you remember whats different than normal. That info is still shown there and it's really easy to hover your mouse over the buff to see right at the top the changes to damage and anything else. Next time you go to complain about something actually look into it.
Khiva (NA)
: So when's Yuumi's ACTUAL release date? Next week? {{champion:16}} **800,000 Mastery Point Soraka Main On Changes** {{champion:16}} I like that you recently (and still continue to) buff Starcall, but she's still missing the one thing that made her unique. She was the only champion that could give mana back to a teammate. It would be nice if you could give her that back in a way. I propose making her Equinox give a little bit of mana regen to allies while they stand in it. It would make for a more interesting kit, and it would bring back the one thing that she had, that no other support had to offer. Also the mana regen doesn't even have to be huge. It can be like "Mana regen for allies is increased by 1%" or something and make it so she can't benefit from it herself. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
At most she should be live by next week, but if they don't find anything game breaking on their own she will probably be available within a day or two.
: When is the patch coming out?
Riots done a good job at keeping to a set time lately, that time being 3am on Wednesday the servers go down as they patch.
: you got buff Gangplank right but you missed the mark on where to buff him. his kegs and cannon don't need buff. it his damn Q. *4 Q shots later* "fuck out of ammo (mana)". either increase his mana pool or decrease the mana usage of Q.
Considering his first item is often sheen and a lot of people go kelptomancy his mana problems are not too bad. It's only when you start spamming W you run out fast.
iiGazeii (NA)
: I agree. The enemy should be at or below 50% HP to even proc Dark Harvest. Bringing them from above 50% to below 50% shouldn't deal the extra damage or harvest the soul, and DoT/AoE damage shouldn't proc it. I think the threshold should also be a bit less than 50%. 33%-40% would still be reasonable, but would require a bit more effort to reach.
> [{quoted}](name=iiGazeii,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JTZslW5a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-25T21:30:31.835+0000) > > I agree. The enemy should be at or below 50% HP to even proc Dark Harvest. Bringing them from above 50% to below 50% shouldn't deal the extra damage or harvest the soul, and DoT/AoE damage shouldn't proc it. As it stands DH only procs if you damage a champ below 50% hp or if you outright kill someone. The only times DH triggers to someone when you hit them from above 50% to below 50% is due to DoTs or delayed damage that triggers after the ability like scorch.
: Please refer to my comment bellow.
This is just me saying do control+f and then just type this guys username, Kairoptra, to find his comment if you don't want to scroll through looking for it.
: Why do you guys close it then not accept applications from years ago especially accounts that actually play champions like the ones you guys are testing?
It was closed to fix all the issues with this signup page at once instead of a temp fix.
: Why are the signups closed as soon as the new bad ass champ comes out i want to try him xD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It's been closed for 3 months now. "PBE signups are closed until further notice. The website has been in a poorly functioning state for a while now and we are trying to address all the problems at once instead of throwing a band-aid over it." -Riot Seri
MistyOG (NA)
: I got accepted into PBE awhile ago, how do i get the client?
you could of just googled "pbe client download league of legends". It's the first link for me...
: could someone get me a download link I got a new pc and I was on pbe before hand but now there is no download link -_-
http://lmgtfy.com/?q=League+of+Legends+PBE+download Literally the first non advertisement link in google...
: New free champion rotation: Draven, Thresh, Teemo and more!
Around when does the free rotation change again?
: Patch 7.4 notes
The practice tool is a really great addition for practicing champions that I own. Is there a plan to allow you to practice any champion even if you don't own it?
: All champions and minions stop moving
It seems to me you are experiencing packet loss. I would do a ping test to the League of Legends game servers and see if you loss packets when pinging it. If are in fact losing packets I have no solution.
: Why is my ping better in the EU west over NA
The best guess and most logical answer is you are having an easier time sending and receiving data with the servers over the ocean in the EU west, than you are sending data over land to the Chicago servers for NA.
: Practice with purpose
Can someone answer this question for me: Do I have to own the champion I want to use in practice mode? The reason I ask this is that there are a lot of champions I want to try and waiting for free week takes way too long.
: That would be an extreme edge case for any role that would never happen consistently to fret over, realistically.
It's an edge case for Normal games, but I feel bad for the pros as they will want to learn up to 6 or more champions in case of extreme target banning.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: when is urf coming? {{champion:17}}
: please stop teaming 3 man premades with single player in one4all. they dictate the game and its very frustrating. Its supposed to have a fair chance of voting but when everyone picks the same boring champ that no one uses well or is weak vs opponent its a lost game at 0:00. Also please unban teemo if you are going to leave shaco, eve, sona and everyone else perma banned.
When you log in it says what version you are using in the bottom right corner, and after you log in, it's still there showing you what version of league are using..,
: Rip. I was hoping at least we could have a position exclusion for everything but support. Haven't jungled in forever...
Jungle Mid is a good option at least in my personal experience. When I do Mid Jungle, I get Jungle 7/10 games.
: When will the skin launch?
I would expect next week on Tuesday. This is an educated guess as most skins that unlock during a patch happen halfway through it, which is next week Tuesday the 30th of November
: Oh, I didn't know! Thanks a million!
and Riot does a lot of the patches on Tuesdays.
: Patch 6.23 notes
Hey Riot if you drop big Raptor xp and give it to mini Krugs without changing Ancient Krug and Krug you are stright up removing xp from Ivern's overall clear putting him even more behind another jungler who does a full clear...
Eunson (NA)
: "First, we’re planning to launch Flex Queue with an IP bonus that will run through the first week of the season. If Flex Queue doesn’t attract enough Solo/Duo players through the weeks, we will test other incentives, like higher-weighted position preference for solos, windowing Flex Queue timing, or just plain limiting Flex Queue to pure 5-person premades (this is already in place in some regions)." If people wanted flex queue you shouldn't have to bribe them with extra IP to play it... You're generating false stats off this. People will play it for the free IP at the start (which is when you'll gather your stats) and it'll be false information.
Have you ever met someone who says "I hate Sushi" for example, but never tried it? The same can apply to a new queue. By adding the IP boost you can get people to test the new queue to see if they like it or not, and those who do will continue to use it just like how you might have a new sushi fan. Also a key part is the "If Flex Queue doesn’t attract enough Solo/Duo players through the weeks" meaning that they will be able to compare overall Solo/Duo players playing the new queue without incentive vs with incentive.
: Would it be possible to get a guarantee on your preferred role when in promos? I know they give you "one of your two preferred," but I think if you're a mid main you should 100% get mid if you're in a series. I would absolutely be willing to wait extra time for this feature.
I'd prefer if the chance of getting your preferred role was just higher overall until say you have been in queue for 7 minuets for Gold and lower (as an example as higher ranks have a longer queue time overall). As a Top, then Support main, I'm not a big fan of 98% of my games being support even with it as my secondary preference.
Minarde (NA)
: 1. Winning purely due to champ select doesn't happen that often, as player skill is still a large factor. 2. Winning due to champ select wouldn't be an issue in the long term, as randomness means you should lose just as often as you win from champ select. It'd be like someone blaming AFKs and feeders for their inability to climb.
I'll give you the short hand: ARAM isn't truly random as it's based off champs you own, and if you buy champs strong on ARAM reduces the true randomness of the game EDIT: forgot the other half (oops) That means that if you have an account built purely for ARAM your skills is not as important if the enemy has a bad champ for aram.
Jinxd Up (NA)
: What about Ranked Arams :) Everything still random. But Ranked.
If they did that they should also change ARAM so that instead of a random champ based on what you own, it should just be random from all the champs that way ARAM only accounts don't dominate the Ranked ARAM ladder.
: You may as well bend over and get ready to get Fucked! The placement games are a JOKE. I went 9-1 got BR 5. This was on my main account that was perma banned. RIOT and most kids these days can't handle being told any truth. I have had the same attitude towards RIOT now for several years! FUCK YOU!!!
The first time you do placements where you have 0 ranked games and even more so if you have barely played Normals in the grind to 30 then I totally agree, placements are a joke, but after a whole season of games placements work great at putting you around the MMR that actually reflects your skill.
JPP90 (NA)
: Team Builder was amazing no clue why it was taken out of the game
Because Riot thinks that players rather get into games faster than actually play the role / champion they wanted... I just love not getting top when all I want to do with my life is play {{champion:240}}
: Agreed, i hate blind, i hate calling my spot, hate mirror matchups, hate that there are no bans.
I like mirror matchups in the same sense of why I like watching other people play a champ I love. It let's me see how different people play different champions and possibly gives me a new strategy to try.
: I thought so, but seriously, if between combo spells i add random intervale, lets say ranging from 10-25 ms there is no goddamn way they can detect it. I mean, what solid proof can they find? on what basis could they ban someone?
Well to put it simply all it takes is enough reports so it really just depends on how many people think you are using a macro vs how many think it's skill.
Emojay (NA)
: I might need to BUY Yorik so I can get the classic Yorik skin. They better have it, anyways..
I like the new look, but then again I just love Riot's art style for champions and skins.
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