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: There is one kind of champion with a concept I most undoubtly want to be in the game.
leshin ?? ol there's already a thread and concepts for it going around and yes we would like to see him in league (ps hes in monster hunter worlds, the perfect place to fight him)
: Q: Pretty similar sort of hitbox to his current e. It launches multiple projectile spikes in a box in front of him. They're launched one after the other, but very quickly so they'll all be getting where they're going within like.. 0.5s of the first one landing. The spikes don't all shoot out from the same place, they will start from his side and fire one after the other moving across him (it's a tail swipe that shoots them). They all travel the same distance. The spikes will stop when they hit a unit (minion, champion, monster) and become embedded in them, damaging and slowing them. Otherwise they will embed in the ground at the end of their range. After a delay, the spikes explode, dealing damage in an area and rooting all enemies hit by the explosion. ----------- E: The initial hitbox would be similar to the first swing on Aatrox Q but with shorter range. Every enemy caught in this AoE takes damage is marked for a few seconds. When Cho'Gath basic attacks a marked enemy, the mark is consumed, dealing high damage scaling with Cho'Gath's maximum health. Marks have a ripple effect similar to Ryze EQ combo, so it will also deal the same damage to all nearby marked enemies. When Cho'Gath basic attacks a marked enemy, some of his E cooldown is refunded. The idea here was to replicate the way his current kit has progressively shorter range but higher threat as you move from Q to R. He wants to run you down, so his E goes from the extra range to basic attack range (and next comes his R, the shortest ranged spell in his kit) Thanks!
ok cool i pictured the E as more of a double slash type attack eg imagine him raising his arms over his head and swinging they down fully extended so it hits a boxish area around his sides and front still its not far from what i imagined thanks
: Marquette- The Watchman of the Grove
EezMath (EUNE)
: League of legends expansion in wrong direction
lol just wait for the next blizz movie
: Cho'Gath VGU Concept #2: The Great Maw
bravo as much as i dont like the art, ( its unrefined so no worries) your concept works well at keeping chos theme at heart (ironically yours is better than the original and would almost be thought as the basis of the current) but i would like some more details on how you envision his [Q] and [E] to function that aside great work hope riot takes notice {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: So far this is what I got for champions/regions[] About 24 of the pictures shouldn't be recognized, 1 of which is because I recently got a pic for Conrad(card game champ) and he was posted months ago. Looking good though. Cintem Aris currently d-d-d-dominating in champion count.
Cool then that leaves just junglers then but what isncintem aris? The blige water substitute ?
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: You really think highly of yourself, don't you?
By all means {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Szutik the Hierophant
umm so a hirophant who used to be a mage is using a bow and has a bionic arm?? dude really try to get a better concept together this guy sounds like he was in a desert war and got his arm cut off so he cant use a spear anymore lmfao smh redo this and he might be good i guess but still seems like a version of my concept [Aigor]( the Hierophant familiar please dont be a thief i understand How cool it is but stealing is not cool try changing the fact of his transformation or the long range attack, sigh you even took the passives try to make a spin of that is further from the original that said try giving him a teleport or stealth instead of the transformation >if you want ill pitch you this hes a vampire like being cursed because he was stripped of magical powers as part of exile and now is forced to walk the world for the rest of eternity. he has whatever you want as a passive vampire theme EG if his health drops to 20% he becomes a pool of blood and is untargetable and cannot attack or use abilites but deals damage and restores health and resource iv enemie units passthrouge or walk over him. q can be a dash dealing damage and slow but e can recast it to backdash and return to where he was standing. w is like a close range grab/stun where he drinks the blood of his target to regain health / resource. e ..... can be what ever ult etc .... you get the point right ^ is actually some good original stuff that am just giving you so make the changes
: If you ever learn how to materialize then let me know xD I currently have 4 champions I haven't/probably won't post, because similar to Rito having nobody know what the next champ is I'd also like to have some surprises, where people can't just look on Rito boards to find the next champion's skills. Working on the 5th, gotta have more ADC's so that's my current goal. I want around 15-ish champions for each role to add options, or at the least 12 (10 banned leaves 2 options, so you can't ban all traditional ADC's or Supports). Of course, I imagine 10 bans with only 60-75 champions might be too high to start, but incorporating champs from other users(You, Chaos, Reksee, etc) adds a fair amount more so it'd be feasible at that point. I'm also now trying to balance roles with regions, so making every region have an adc/top/mid and whatnot, which with my current map would grant like 13 minimum champions per role. If I add in the Maelstrom Isles then 14. As the world itself is counted as a "misc" region. I'll have to see what roles each region is missing, and see if someone already has a good concept to fill that spot. Currently I am at: Top = 17 Jungle = 8 Mid = 14 ADC = 8 (soon to be 9) Sup = 17 Or something like that. Then there is Terunis with all options opened up. So I need more ADC's and JG's.
lol i agree i think ive got about 7 concepts in the works yet to be posted and am thinking of moving my concepts to a more personalized space for safe keeping am still slacking on finishing my world and lore's but if i have to put it all together id have about 3 continents and at least an archipelago as for concepts i have now umm an not even sure there a bit scattered tbh
: Honestly not a fan of hers at all though :P The entire idea behind changing elements is cool, but should be done more like TF card, or even just a 3-way toggle with no CD resets. It's pretty stupid to have parts of your kit locked out if you aren't in the middle of the map. Hence why my champion Kra'Abrul doesn't solely get bonuses while in water, but instead while wet(caused by his own abilities for a duration). I think they didn't put enough thought into this new champion. And now we have a new faction, yaaay, instead of just making it Kumungu or whatever the jungle name is, tsk tsk tsk. But alas I've basically given up with Rito making good champions, and I've focused more on my own map/champions. It's pretty handy not having to worry about copying an arch-type or certain parts of a kit xP
ikr and if only i could just materialize our concepts into a fully working game there'd be no point in us ever worring about what this Riot ppl are doing or even think ( honestly i don't acre either way but ...) Also kra'Abrul is a great concept its a very nifty idea for you to be able to create a resource instead of having to wait for it or find it somewhere. (i might make a similar concept with this mechanic) but iv been busy so until when i cross that bridge
: I know it may just be you saying you posted a concept "similar" to Qiyana and want recognition, but unfortunately you do not have copyright status on anything you posted to the league of legends forums. Just because it has been posted to the league of legends forums does not automatically put the idea into your ownership. In fact it actually puts it out as open source for everyone to draw off of without regard to your well being. So please, stop saying you have copyright unless you can provide the copyright registration number. What you have is the knowledge that you posted intellectual property to a public forum, no longer making it your intellectual property. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the last bit of your post, but I don't like seeing things like this. Also, it is **copyright**.
Sigh dude your a kill joy (but the fact that you stated this throws off the point of change) think it this way what if i do have copyright or since its still being processed whats the point of him then placing his concepts on a public forum ? That said my objective was to deter the likely chances of this/my concepts being stolen even though they were disclosed on a public space owned by said company/faction. While still being able to share them with the/other members of said forum and its community members. Further more am well aware of the boards polices and conditions, thus the reason am even reiterating the copyright (also copy write came out as a typo ended upnhitting space and never bothered to change it.. meh) plus it would only apply ifnthey actually take any of her abilities, as it stands the gender of the concept had changed as well as the addition of elements but like i stated > the new champion looks cool and am waiting to see what she brings to the table. So ill drop the formalities and say that my copyrights are being processed because am listing these ideas for a project that am currently working on and i wanted to share them with my fellow designers from leauge to get constructive criticism and feed back to better balance/tweak their possible flaws based on leauge logic.
: She not he put the link let me see
> Aguni is his second form and id still say that your is lacking in a lot of areas
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: Sounds like me when I used to try and play {{champion:82}} xD So many counters since he dies in 0.5 seconds if he is stunned, and is the slowest champion in the game, with NO innate CC or mobility outside of his W which requires another unit to be in front of you. Last time I played him I remember the minions moved faster than me. Just absurd. At least he is getting reworked though, I hope it is a good one like Warwick and not Akali (RIP). So where exactly do you think Shen is lacking right now? Tank stats? Crowd Control? Mobility? I find that Morde right now is lacking in both of the latter(mobility/cc), which causes him to lose his unique tank stats. I like how his tankiness requires him to be upfront and fighting, but he literally can't get upfront in his current state so it makes his tank stats not viable and essentially makes him useless in fights. Duels are okay until your opponent walks away at 5% HP and you can't catch them, AND they heal faster than your R damages them... It sounds like Shen right now is taking a little too long to teleport to his allies for not offering much outside of a big shield. His R is designed as the ultimate protection spell more or less, given the unlimited range it is better than Kayle/Zil R most of the time. But you need to be safe while casting it and a lot can happen during the channel time, not to mention the LONG cooldown. I think stunning as he appears/teleports would help most, as it gives him time upon arriving to set up a good play. And makes enemies more cautious while attacking the shielded ally. So like a 2 second stun upon arriving, to finish off the 5 second shield timer. I think the problem with a lot of the additional buffs is they are just stat buffs, Crit+Lifesteal, so it makes itemizing as him weird. Making things buffed the other way around is better, like letting his Q apply on-hits and crit when it passes through units(not changing the empowered attacks, just the active part of the ability), so building crit can increase his damage but is only optional. The lifesteal in general shouldn't need to be included if his W lasts langer and heals for up to 50% of damage blocked. This gives him great sustain. Maybe instead of blocking ALL damage the W briefly blocks spells cast from outside? like 1/2 duration and then continues blocking all basic attacks?(1.5 seconds blocking spells, 3 seconds for attacks) So less time for blocking spells, and more time blocking attacks, that way it isn't a huge op shutdown during teamfights. Idk there's a lot they could do with him.
hahaha hey dude does this new qiyana champion look familiar check out her weapon i want money
: [New Champion Concept] Agni the Tyrant of Doom
seriously Aguni ?and hes still a fire based champion dude that's plagiarism even if its just a small part i have copy write
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: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
am serious there be 25- 33 year olds looking like snacks even after 2 kids and am 23 speaking from experience
fifek900 (EUNE)
: this is far more endgy than Black Star would ever be also whats wrong with cute teenage boys?
?? what? for some reason i doubt you read the post and from the image its still arguable that he is attractive but not cute. imo league is pandering to females a bit too much with all the star/pajama guardians and frmale concepts being bade neeko,yummi, etc
Skoo (NA)
: I'm Pretty Sure Lux/Ezreal Are "Teenagers" I don't know their exact age tho. Edit: Nvm bout Lux.. But APPARENTLY SHES A Witch Because No Way is Lux 27 and still looking like a straight snack.
: Can we finally get a teenage kid Champion?
pfff way ahead of you > and this is just 1 but none of that lame cute teen boy gay shid. hes a Black star inspired champion so personality is about the same but less obnoxious and loud like how the perfect version should be that's if you ever watch [Soul Eater](
Haziv (EUW)
: Blood Moon Gangplank skin fan concept
so a blood moon pirate? why not just **lost souls** skin line
: I wouldn't quite say finished. This is a difficult concept to balance. having this "ritual" type champion who doesn't have full, immediate access to his spells is a pretty strange concept already as it's not really anything that fits the current meta. Besides that, it's also not really in the flavor of most people who'd play him as a support, since as the discord pointed out, supports are generally supposed to be able to quickly adapt to the situation. At this point, I'd almost want to gear him towards being a top laner anyway. With the updated lore, being The Hermit sort of fits him better aesthetically anyway. Though that's gonna make a lot of people who want mages out of top lane really angry, he's almost like an AP Trundle at this point, especially if I end up making him melee (my next step if I cant seem to make him work as a ranged champion)
yeah i can get that especially getting his portal to work properly far less for the flash casting one would have to really watch how they use spells which is not a big deal but i thought he was a mid lane champ? your focusing too much on league logic's conceptually this is fine thus the reason i said "finished" but if you still want to tweak it its your choice but making him melee would be kinda back treading for a unique champion as this one. so in all honestly am against making this a melee cuz in the same way an adc or {{champion:238}} would save their attacks and spells {{champion:134}} and{{champion:7}} would save their abilities for that exact moment i see nothing but a + here for doing this.
: now just his ult. :P His Q is the key to landing pretty much all of his combos - in order to use it well, you have to get accustomed to how far it's gonna go, how long it's gonna last, and how to effectively chain it with the rest of your kit. You can use it near max pressure as a zoning/disengage tool that pushes the enemy away and keeps them there, you can use it with no pressure for just a quick but smaller displacement into your pool or ult, or you can use it to wall your enemies off your carries (or to let your carries jump away from the enemy and into the relative safety of your other abilities) so they can keep doing their jobs. Keep in mind it affects *all* units, so already some people are going to look at it and think "this is gonna be more troll than getting Anivia walled!" but when used properly it's a very strong and versatile tool. Its biggest weakness is its really short cast range.
lol am not gonna say his q is broken but id just max pressure blast and pin an enemy to a wall for free damage and so that my team can just beat them down and if anyone tries to attack me id just stay in my w then pop my ult death combo if done right but it'd be hard to do since you need max pressure and to properly time this + i think i just made going it sound easy lol its a really cool concept am imagining this guy building {{item:3193}} {{item:3083}} to go with his passive to out live any one who tries to kill him
: Can we fix Low priority Q
dude i 100% agree with you something like afk is to simple for such a ridiculous punishment back when i had a low spec pc the game would cause it to reset randomly or overheat then id be stuck in this q for days like wtf riot i might as well quit your game since you dont want me to do anything. i mean not even access to the store? really ?
: Lightning Dragon
so a static shiv? theres already a post circulating from a couple years on the general boards try there
: Champion Concept: Denma - The Runic Ritualist
ohh yeah i remember this ha so you finally finished it. that's good so now hes like the watcher of Ozhirim? Ok well lets see if over time he'll become changed by the power of the star or if hes going to build a bond with the natives
: There's always going to be some sort of thing that feels average at this point. But I'm trying to make up for it in essentially making the strength of his kit lie in the adaptability of his passive as well. The pool is actually his longest ranged ability - the center of it can be placed up to 500 units out (a 250 radius from that point is the pool's size), and for the next 3 seconds it does a little damage over time in its area before effectively exploding like a Gragas barrel. Pressure makes the DoT more powerful. Though at the moment there's not a healing factor on the pool, I was debating changing his E to give him a shield based on his pressure instead of increasing the knockback distance...may do that still, cause it's better consistency. His basic damage combo for the moment is W/E/Q (with the Q jet pushing his target back into the pool.) but that being noted, he can choose to expend his pressure to focus more on disruption than on dealing damage. His Q is a persistent push effect - the higher your pressure, the longer it lasts. Meaning if you cast it at max pressure, you can use it to pretty much push and wall off your opponent from their cs while you step up and free farm for a moment (or keep them off your adc). His ult is more than just a charge - it's also a huge zoning tool. You can use it instantly of course and keep the charge for later (which is good for a teamfight), or you can pop it with almost nothing and just use all your spells with bonus effects with the added threat of "this ult is going to explode soon" (which is good for securing a pick). As for lore and appearance...not entirely sure still. Once I find a picture I think looks cool, I'll end up adding it and making lore. My original idea (before deciding on Ozhirim) was to make him a Demacian mage who escaped to Shurima, before learning his power was over water and heat and finding Taliyah in the middle of the desert to teach him magic stuff as they looked for RekSai, who's still terrorizing caravans. >.> But Ozhirim is a much more open space, and I'd like to make something more original lore than what I currently have. I've basically took all my actual lore for the guy, and threw it out the window...and the appearance may change depending on the lore, so I'm trying to just flesh out the rest of the numbers and focus on that at a later time. I also confirmed [Denma]( as someone in Ozhirim - though he's a migrant who's there protecting a world rune and waiting for Ryze to figure out he's not another Brand, essentially.
hmm ok cool this reminds me of valir from ml and how he pushes ppl into his ult but this is different and its unique and theres not much for me to say
: Idea source for mordekaisers nee ult
like anyone would admit to it lol
: Selene Champion Idea
Not a bad idea its like shen if he was ap based support the global presence makes her very useful
Persis1380 (EUNE)
: Well I'd like to have my champ to be in the game but I don't know how to make him more attractive and good enough for other players so yeah I need help. Btw nice ideas I went through some of them
Ok so since your a starter you should remember. The key aspect to creating a good concept is how can i make something new and fun to play as or against. After your focus should be on how well you can creat a kit/passive that brings that out. >Eg Was my first ever concept and if you look at his kit you'll see that hes an adc focused on repositioning and hitting hard far off enemies. To this day leauge has no champion with this type of play style. So just have a look at the champions in leauge and see how you want to make something different. you can always use my concepts as inspiration or as a reference/guide **but remember No Copy writing**
: Champion Concept: Fluvis - Guru of Geysers
HMM WELL am flattered this is a great concept i like the idea of him being like this walking geyser and truth be told i dont even have any suggestions. his passive is good (id probably give his some resistance though but you gave him regen to compensate so thats even better. his q is on point and one of the abilities i like the most on him his w is the only thing i might be unsure about. does his pool move with him? or is it a aoe at where he is like nunu ult and does this tie in his passive am thinking that after triggering this that he would heal, is that a yes or no? appart from that its a cool ability like he can ult use this and still q someone but who'd push away the ppl your trying to kill his e feels a bit empty though a dash with knock back is still league lvl average and his ult again this i like he can use it to charge up resource and still cast and use resource even while its charging this is a cool mech. so what does he look like? ive been thinking about this since i read his kit is he like a steam punk? or rocky/lava type? >Nasu...I gave up on trying to get a working code/example of this, so I have a different treat. Idk lore yet, or how to make it connect, but I dedicate this champion to Ozhirim. Have a blast. :P lol lore for ozhirim is easy just go from the landscape and build a concept from that or for the true beauty of ozhirim read the > i try to show the growth and development of the area in each concept i create from here
: Dragon Trainer Illaoi
umm why not dry bones? the whole skeleton theme
Persis1380 (EUNE)
: The Undead Commander: Dagnar of Demacia(fixed and balanced)
umm am kind of on hiatus right now but do you want some tips/pointers for this concept? in case your wandering or have doubts browse through this >
: It's an interesting and simple kit, looks like an interesting champion. Two questions though, why Demacia? They hate mages there. And what lane or role do you see him filling?
sword + shield is auto top lane plus the stun in his kit means that hes viable as a support but his lack of sustain makes him very weak in duels and team fights so he gonna need a bit more work before this can even be considered a complete concept
: > [{quoted}](name=nasu010,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iq2xz42J,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-25T22:40:17.954+0000) > > Hahaha wow ithink you should brush up on the live champions kit cuz theres nothing iadded to him thats that bad most of what your actually saying is bad is actually basic shen smdh Your proposed Q, with the % cooldown reduction inspiration rune and 40% cdr, ends up at a 2.75 second cooldown while giving Shen 2 seconds of complete immunity to damage and spells. Before factoring in his W your proposed changes make Shen spend 73% of his time **literally unable to be damaged, harmed, or CC'd**. If we factor in a optimal W usage (with a rotation of QWQQWQQW etc.) that gets to **91%**. If you somehow think Shen spending a total of 91% of the match post level 13 immune to anything is fine you aren't remotely fit to try and design anything.
>If you somehow think Shen spending a total of 91% of the match post level 13 immune to anything is fine you aren't remotely fit to try and design anything. yes well sir you seem to have some keen insight. considering his previous passive id like you to explain to me how it is that shen was viable. let me explain in the event its not apparent with my changes shen can only get these buffs (...... oh right ) > ok so befor i continue id like you to got to the original post on the c&c boards where i made the appropriate changes, so let me fill you in shen only blocks physical vector based damage eg( skill shots & AA's but can be hit by {{champion:75}} e and the like) ___ shen only blocks ( physical vector based damage) when he recalls his sword Eg recast Q so your whole QWQQWQQW makes 0 sense from any stand point since he has a cool down on recasting his q in the first place so please before you comment think before you post or at least look over you post and edit. now with that said what is the difference between 1.75 seconds and 2 secs flat? the .25 seconds? might as well be 2 secs. and at no point in time did i mention him being immune to cc. _____ But as a mature Adult ill end the argument here. if your a shen player you would realize that the changes implemented are not going to greatly affect how shen is played nor how frequently he can take damage though you did raise a good point on the cdr but considering his updated passive he can only get 1 empowerment at a time.
: > [{quoted}](name=nasu010,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iq2xz42J,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-05-22T19:46:38.533+0000) > > Really? Is that what your getting from this. Smh am trying to keep his old passives play style alive while giving him more gameplay mechanics look at his kit with out any judgment and give a real review That is a real review. Being as nice as I possibly can: you completely lack any understanding of ability design. There's no helping you if you somehow think giving him a Fiora Parry with triple the duration and an instant Taric ult on an 18 second cooldown is okay.
> [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iq2xz42J,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-22T20:07:43.290+0000) > > That is a real review. Being as nice as I possibly can: you completely lack any understanding of ability design. > > There's no helping you if you somehow think giving him a Fiora Parry with triple the duration and an instant Taric ult on an 18 second cooldown is okay. Hahaha wow ithink you should brush up on the live champions kit cuz theres nothing iadded to him thats that bad most of what your actually saying is bad is actually basic shen smdh
: Strange, you'd think they'd make him a little more reliant on energy like the other energy champs. Low CD abilities and decent energy costs is the norm. Otherwise why even have a resource?
ikr but i guess its cuz hes so lame atm its only fair to just give him access to his full kit to at least survive i mean just his q without my addition imo was overloaded and still ineffective whats the point of the sword if i cant properly position it but only call it to me its just stupid i've been playing shen for the last few months and i like the idea of being able to help any lane in an instant but its stupid the way they built his kit why is the slow only activated on ppl running away from shen when most times he can only survive if hes in his w which only lasts for 1.75 secs any way its like a fizz troll hop but i can still get bursted down by any non basic attack (flips table) its really ineffective they way they designed his kit an i wholly believe that my new kit for him addresses that while keeping his core elements and play style unchanged. i mean its not like i just did this on a whim, i might have well have just made a new concept but i legitimately like shens play style its my kind of thing an, all in diver but he is just soo lacking smh lol i think that just turned into a rant lol but yeah i reset his numbers to whats live outside of my personal add-ons which give him that extra skill aspect to any newbe shen would be stupid to play as is but with this they would soon begin to understand how to use him the q for fleeing champions just like any skillshot but if you time how you use the sword/ what you use before picking it up it completely changes the options for your next move ( i gave him crit on the dash for real assassinations, life steal on his w/ team heal for all those who are there and he has his only real cc the slow on his q but its more for dueling which sticks to his basic setup. the stun on his r is because too many times i r to a team mate and get bursted down before i can even move seriously shen in game rieght now is r%%%%%ed ( ive tried a bunch of builds played almost all lanes (mid is the olny one i havent played shen) and not once have i gotten more than 5 kills the best i can see shen rn is a support he loses to almost all toplaners but again this depends on their skill lvl with their champion cuc i dah this game where i was tormenting a {{champion:164}} top lane.
: Hmm... I think the Q might be a bit overloaded. And even tanks need some outplay potential, so blocking all damage instead of just basic attacks might be a bit much. It'll also make enemies just ignore him during teamfights. I think making Q just move the blade and deal damage and slow anybody it passes through and recall the blade to empower his attacks is good enough. However maybe lower it down to his next 2 attacks. As he uses energy so long lasting abilities don't work well(no point if he can't drain his energy down to 0). And scrap the enhanced enhanced autos(interesting in concept but not that fun in practice, they already take more damage from having the sword pass through them). Increased damage to monsters is probably fine, to encourage lane diversity. Change his W to having the knock away effect upon blade collection, so it pushes enemies to the outside, since E taunting enemies while pushing them away is very strange. Make the W only block basic attacks, for longer like 2-4 seconds depending on rank, as this is more unique than invulnerability/spell shield imo, and this gives him some downsides/counterplay. Healing effect SHOULD be fine, I suppose. Raptor camp will heal him quite a bit :P Just make E reduce all basic cooldowns by 25% if he dashes and collects the blade, with the taunt + damage + range this should be enough for play making. Make him passively restore energy whenever he collects his blade, like 10-20 per time. To help him manage his energy which he should be using more often now. R should stun AS Shen arrives, it is already pretty good for instantly helping someone survive so it doesn't need an instant stun at their location as well. *** If it is changed to something like this then I think it'd be good. Not overly familiar with Shen right now though, hardly see him get played.
>Not overly familiar with Shen right now though, hardly see him get played. exactly if you have a look at shens abilites on mobsfire most of these are what he already has and thats the 3 autos the empowered empower the slow the shields there all already whats in his kit i jus did a few tweaks but i do understand that theres a bit much going on right now and that he would need to be toned down. funny enough his energy recharge is good i play shen fairly often and ive never had a problem with energy consumption since hes a basic attack focused champion thus the reason for all the empowerment. i gave him the ranged q/ skillshot cuz he has 0 range for a ninja and the only real "ninja" skill he has is a short dash (E) and imo this kit i created is the core or his playstyle dash in to guard allies, draw his sword and become a truely badass ninjalike in the movies where this 1 guy comes out of nowhere to save his friend at the last second. but thanks man appreciate it
: Stop spamming.
Whats spam if i post the same post in 2 different sections of the boards smh at least try ro remember what spam is
: Judamogu, The Fungal Giant(Champion Concept)
Hey bro have a look at this and tell me what u think
: You're basically trying to give him 2 instant Taric ults. . . No.
> [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iq2xz42J,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-22T18:24:05.712+0000) > > You're basically trying to give him 2 instant Taric ults. . . > > No. Really? Is that what your getting from this. Smh am trying to keep his old passives play style alive while giving him more gameplay mechanics look at his kit with out any judgment and give a real review
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Infernape (EUW)
: That's too drastic. Shen would just be abused in pro play and nerfed to Kingdom come.
did u even have a full look at it? considering the cool downs between drawing and throwing the sword the empowerment's are within defined time periodsand each ability triggers a specific empowerment but in writing this i realize that i should place a cooldown on his passive as well
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: I guess only 4? Cintem Aris, Vislom, and then the South/North mainland. Separated by a river. Runeterra has its mainland and then Ionia and The Shadow Isles. Bilgewater is so small I don't know if it should be counted. Also you could count the North Pole and the land next to it that don't inhabit residents. But... well they don't have anybody living on them. I'd give it 3 continents versus my 4, Mine could potentially have 5 if you count Voyager's Rest as a Barbakor main island, but like Bilgewater it is rather small. So a mealstrom/whirlpool in the center of a broken up continent? Possibly making the island pieces rotating around it? And a large underwater city swallowed by it? Sounds pretty cool in my book.
>So a mealstrom/whirlpool in the center of a broken up continent? Possibly making the island pieces rotating around it? And a large underwater city swallowed by it? Sounds pretty cool in my book. ikr and it can be host to all sorts of seafaring/aquatic/etherial/mythological concepts all having some tie as to how,why,when it all happened. am thinking a rift opens beneath the ocean / ground sucking in major land masses and either reaching the water table or pulling the land below the waves into an infinite vortex where ppl fall in and things come through. this can be like a battle ground being closest to the vortex and like outlying settlements for the survivors and armies and can even have various factions who fight over resources and are unaware or have forgotten of the outside world. honestly i could really make a legit game from scratch but the code is legit the only challenge ( unless am mistaken and id need to revise some physics mechanics) but hey going from 0 -100 is never easy except for Blizzard Ent. (Overwatch {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} )
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: Well I might've taken it a bit too far. I made a world... I made the map into a literal sphere and made it spin.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} what Lol thats great But how many contenints are on there ? Looks like a great place fornsea monsters so forget my sky sea idea add a melstrom but get itnin a frame sonits like there was this entire civilization that was swollowed by it and now its a city/contenint in ruins + + # + + something likenthis but to a better effect
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: Little Demon Tristana looks nothing like the concept art
and y blue and not red ? is this a chroma?
: {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Just me doing my thing. *** *** We've all been doing pretty good. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Not including any reworks, or meme-intended champs. **Mr Voidling** = 60 **nasu010** = 43 **Reksee** = 36 **ChaosReyn** = 26 **Iron Jarvis** = 10 **Gilgayu** = 7 **Chikaku** = 5 **4 Step Cadence** = 4. Probably intended. **Stacona** = 100+ I stopped counting after 100, however I'm pretty sure I saw the name Lily like 5 times as different champs xD From when I started there have been 55, so like 9 a month roughly. Spanning 5 years would be somewhere between 270-540, averaged at about 400-ish? Probably made like 50 Soraka reworks as well from what I saw :P Given these are mostly similar in dynamics, being the cute/fluffy types, and only so many can exist within a MOBA, so we could probably just grab like 20 cute and maybe 20 non-cute(if they even exist). Total = 231(191+40 Stacona) *** I've been trying to get some more balance for my regions, I have like 35+ pictures for champs in my retainer right now but I'm probably not gonna be posting any champs made from them. Gotta have SOME new releases if a new MOBA comes to be. Right now I have 12 regions: Abyss, Barbakor, Cintem Aris, Durakt, Ipathex, Jut'Sura, Krifton, Leawyn, Nomalona, Segineld, Tierthez, Vislom. And then a 13th as just the world itself, for champs who don't fit into a faction/area. Basically the same as League for now, as the concepts I made were designed that way, however Bandle City's equivalent doesn't exist, and Ionia's doesn't either. Barbakor(Bilgewater equivalent) is instead just a giant ship city made out of ships that travels to different ports. I'm gonna make an old-style map of the world soon, for reference.
>I'm gonna make an old-style map of the world soon, for reference. cool id like to see that and am not jumping ships or anything but Ozhirim can be a place (pff if you want ). hmm if i had to create a world? hmmm..... never really gave it thought hmm azterix was always a cool city but land wise its like a dimensional rift between 2 research labs, then theres the crystal pine forest where all the mages gather, tolverot acerate the city of bankers (not dissimilar to bilge water) but its just a floating island, nexirumas (floating citadel/shadow isles) the arid badlands and its desert dwellers. chhi damn ive got a lot to write down so am just gonna end this here ---- but here's an idea for a place if you don't already have one imagine an underwater city but this water is floating in the sky and there's a runic lift taking people from the ground into this floating ocean (sky whales)
: I was considering the full 100% heal which also makes the concept writeup easier, but I was worried that would be too strong, especially considering that there are quite a number of champions that do AoE heals and/or can instantly heal A LOT, causing 1 heal from those kinds of champions to become an almost guaranteed kill. But I can at least bump up the ratios to something like (15 / 30 / 45 / 60)%. I'm also planning to make a lot more changes, almost like a small rework for this concept later.
cool ill have a look again when your done but do remember that critical healing is a thing{{champion:16}}
: Judamogu, The Fungal Giant(Champion Concept)
>60th Champion oh sshhiitt gg bro {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} it takes a llot to get here but for keeping constant you deserve a prize (no idea what though)
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