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: The Q is now the most useless ability in Summoner's Rift. They needed to add something to it to make it worth casting after tribute.(Autos are more useful for that than the Q is) The E is very 1 dimensional now and actively punishes you for using it on an non AD. Every other support in the games does not get punished from using their support capabilities on other champions. She lost skill expression as well, there is hardly any difference between a good Yuumi and bad Yuumi now. She is the Support you play if you really suck at support now. Wouldn't be surprised if Bots started using her tbh.
Pretty sure bots were using her like day one just because the champ was made for them basically/// the the Q duration being short kinda hurts because I have to relay on the positioning of my host way more. E overall a good change but you are right works best on attack speed champs. I feel the only difference between and good and a bad Yummi is the brains to w our and attack. over all I like what you wrote
: > [{quoted}](name=neonhelium,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LKfyXn7P,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-12-16T15:46:11.953+0000) > > I agree with your first portion but I am seeing more Yummis sit afk inside now a days which I think is the wrong play still for her The problem is that theres no real big payoff for not doing that or punishment really. The adaptive Force is all you really need and the heal itself is so much overkill now, why even bother trying to proc the shield you may lose trying to get it in the first place. The E also has a very short CD and her core items give a ton of mana regen {{item:3174}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} with Presence of Mind. Heres the worst part, even with these changes her WR is still bad, she is still the worst support in the game. They are very limited to how they can buff her without her being a problem in the LCS again. This was not the right direction to take her at all.
God you're prolly so right I know the WR is still shit. I guess they can't fix her for the mentally ill players
: > [{quoted}](name=Garson211,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LKfyXn7P,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-13T08:29:39.316+0000) > > I dont feel like champion with so low kill cap should not be that strong like before.She was completely elo booster same like ivern some time ago. > For me whole that "go inside temmates" are toxic to play vs.Good chane will be a timer as well that kick yumi after X seconds and block attach for X sec. > What change like this can do? Skillcap increase because players have to think how to use it to dodge skillshots by attach,yummi are not so dependent on her teammates,and give enemy chance to play around it (this is called counterplay but riot not include it in many champs and forgot that even exist) Yuumi had a hgih skill cap actually, its just assumed that her skill cap was low because of her W. Theres a reason why her performance was so different between people who mained her and people who casually played her. All the change did was dumb her down to a low skill cap champion but before then she took a lot of skill to effectively use her entire kit. Any ADC before this patch would tell you there was a huge difference between a good and bad yuumi. Now though? if you have the ability to see your ADCs hp go down and can press E then you can play the new Yuumi with great success.
I agree with your first portion but I am seeing more Yummis sit afk inside now a days which I think is the wrong play still for her
: Okay, no. Yes, Yuumi CAN be played with low skill, but here's the deal. People look at Yuumi and think oh, she's an afk champ. You literally sit on someone and just heal, heal, heal, move your mouse a little for a q. Boom, you're playing Yuumi. No. If you play her as an afk champ, you will not do well. That is a bad Yuumi. That's not how she needed to be played. She had a beautiful, unique play style that actually had to be mastered. I main support, duoing with my bf. He's been playing league since season 4, he's an excellent adc, pretty damn good at the game, and he tried Yuumi. After playing her, he told me that he didn't like her, because he couldn't play her well. He realized she wasn't an afk champ, and that he didn't know quite how to utilize her. It took me a while to get the hang of it. People that think Yuumi had a low skill cap, in my opinion, have either never played Yuumi, have never seen a good Yuumi player, or are new/shit at the game. Now, absolutely, she has been made r%%%%% friendly, in that you literally just have to leech onto a champion, period, because now you can't do shit on your own. The ONLY way it would ever be a good change to put hindrances or nerfs of any kind, including what they just did, on her W, is if they made her much more independent. More damage, NOT LESS and much more survivabilty. Because as it stands, more so than EVEN before- She. Is. Useless. On. Her. Own. Malix is so fucking accurate here!
I agree and disagree with your statement I feel like you are right about not playing her afk and if you do you're terrible player. That being said I am not hating the changes it seems the way I built her with the runes and items still works extremely well even for chip dmg. The only thing im seeing is at early levels before I get real mana flow I cant save my adc from shit decisions like I used to. That being said I am way more aggressive now early with the shield buff and the mana back so If they focus me instead of the adc I call that a win
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: The changes wre absolute fucking garbage. Yuumi is now 120% dependent on her carries not being shit as she does fuck all damage herself.
As a support I dont think she was too far off of this. But with the runes I take as long as im above 70% health I am chipping dmg well still
: It feels worse but numerically is better. A lot of the skill was taken away. Now you just afk on whoever is fed and become an AFK steroid.
It does feel a bit more afk in the late at least early with the passive change it makes you get out more. I played a few more games and I honestly have to say I am not hating this the channel on the w though people need to get used to that
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