: nah, flame or no flame you'd be a jerk either way, congrats on wasting your time though
Not wasying my time if im enjoying myself : )
: Why should anyone take you seriously. You're not even posting on your main account. I'm sure these support changes would be fine for someone who doesn't play support or ADC. If you don't play that role and can't come up with an argument then yeah, your opinion is going to be unpopular.
What does posting on a main acc have to do with anything? U mental? Did you even op.gg the account? your slow man.
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: Now that CONQUEROR & SANGUINE BLADE hit live servers we need to have GRIEVOUS WOUNDS on OBLIVION ORB
I actually want grievous wounds removed from Ignite, feel like mor ehealing should be in the game ( obviously if ur vs a mundo or vlad u gotta get grievous ) but feel like life steal such a useless stat the minute eneny has 3/4 ignites
: I'm not touching support till they do something about the gold gen.
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: dude has a sub par 50% winrate in gold games. and is toxic and is surely not above gold. and lieing about smurf, with plat mmr i have 2 accoutns with 75%wr and was carrying him every game while he claimed he is way higher elo and is >50% wr and was getting counted jungled and tilting and toxic in gold
What r u talking about? R u mental?
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: Unpopular opinion: Aphelios isnt as hard to play and master as riot thinks.
: im not idc what u say. i just dont understand how your "smurfing" and barely winning gold games.
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