Helmight (NA)
: This is one of my biggest concerns with TFT. As more characters get added, it's going to be harder to actually find the synergies you want to go for. I feel like Riot are going to have to have the game pull specific synergies at the beginning of a game and leave out all the rest (i.e. Glacial/Shapeshifter/Elementalists are excluded from the pool, everything else is in) in order for it to still be possible to hit second- and third-tier units.
yes and they have to know it. but deciding how to handle it must be difficult, theyre too used to adding new things just to stop that now. but i do believe the problem can be mitigated somehow, perhaps a 6th character slot per round or a preference % increase, etc.
: Yeah Riot really took a lot of skill expression out of the game with the new champ additions. It's much harder to hit 2stars and the correct champ for ideal synergies. Because it's generally just better to push levels and hit random OP 4s and 5s instead of trying to transition into a new comp. For example i had a 4 knight+3noble comp earlier and instead of transitioning into some late game synergies i just pushed 8 hit a random 2s Jinx and 2s Yasuo and just slapped them in the comp. Ended up winning with like 0 synergies 4knight 2gs 2 hextec was really stupid IMO.
yes well said, build diversity took a major hit.
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Alyën (EUW)
: Cho'Gath Tactics
irregardless of effort in this post, the point is accurate. void/brawler meta will sink this ship. cho is a disease
Xhandel (NA)
: The problem is not the cho, is the void bonus, true damage on a high damage spell thats a huge AoE is pretty nasty, but at least they addressed some things alike to that, at least no longer a 1 start karthus on every comp will kill your entire team, now to wait for a draven nerf and a void nerf and thats it.
im sorry, but no its cho. cho is what breaks the entire game open. you can play him brawler/void/ or just sorc. and all them will stomp most other comps i dread him immeasurably more than karthus.
: Here's a Thought
i dont think ive ever seen a full glacial team win, atleast not vs me in the final match. the problem is braum, he can hold your entire team at a standstill while the rest of his team wins.
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