: idk chat seems fine to me, ur griefing playing that build though, but that isn't why you were banned obviously. Riots chat ban system is super dumb and gl in this forum dude, people just down vote and tell you that your a bad person for putting you logs up here lol
FYI I went something like 10/2 that game somehow lol but thanks for the heads up
rujitra (NA)
: Threatening reports, arguing about reporting/punishments, etc. are not appropriate uses of the in-game chat feature. As such, you were punished for doing so in game. It very well could also be because of the sheer *amount* of off-topic chat lines - while a bit of joking around is fine, if you're using chat a ton and it's not doing anything helpful, it may be considered spam. That all being said, I'd be curious what Riot Support says when you ask them why you were punished off this one game. Either there's something else involved, or they've gotten a lot stricter on "younger" accounts.
Oh I didnt know talking about reports was punishable.... That does seem kind of silly as if someone is just being toxic in team chat, the other team wouldn't know they were toxic, also why would threatening a report be punishable.... I mean i get its not appropriate use of chat but like. have you seen bronze chat? lol they talk about what they are going to eat.... ranked games! xD. To be fair though I was typing alot just for having fun, but what is all chat a thing for anyways if not banter?
: I...I think I have 7 forms of cancer after reading these logs. And this is coming from a guy who regularly does low-effort furry RP. Let...Let me get my eye bleach, and see if I can sort through this. What I'm seeing is this: >pAgJay: teemo thinks hecarim is g0oing to get reported for toxicity >pAgJay: k ill actually report >pAgJay: but ima report This is all I can see that might justify a punishment. Asking for reports is, indeed, punishable. The only other possibility I can see from this is that it detected spamming. Were there any other games?
There were no other games and those lines were after hecarim on the other team flamed me so i said that first line, right after the enemy team asked me to please do casue he was flaming in team chat so i said ill actually report then hec said i wasnt toxic??? so i said then you wont get banned, but ima report. Also yeah i was feeling a little talkitive/role play like that game xD
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