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: Game crashing
smh yall need to fix this game. this also happens to me. tried hextech repair tool, nothing. fix. this. game.
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Jeezz (NA)
: Just a rant about toxcity something leauge I guess never fixed.
ok i get and don't get your rant. 1. /muteall 2. bots can't tell the difference between you leaving to get food and leaving for you mom's funeral. 3. reports 4. fucking /muteall
: To Anyone Who Tells Me "Your Bronze, Your Opinion Doesn't Matter"
"ME DIAMOND SO ME OPINION MATTER MORE THAN YOURS IRON SHITHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i hate people like that irl and in league too
: i swear to god if im perma banned for trolling
i hate the people that flame you for dying 2 times like IT IS JUST 2 TIMES. IT IS NOT LIKE I'M RUNNING IT DOWN MID AND JUST BUYING REJUV BEADS
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Jaspers (EUW)
: So what you are saying is: {{champion:45}} With 6 Hats?
So, teemo with all rabadons and his mushrooms insta kill you?
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: How come there is no Brightness/Contrast/Gamma options available?
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