: I think ideas like this are pretty cool. Early on, we considered systems like this. One of the designers on my team kept referring to the pitch as "Position Reflection" which drove me insane, but basically the idea was you'd have position ranks that would update and you could see them in your profile, but they wouldn't have LP or promotions. The advantage of this system is it mitigates all the potential competitive intent risks since you still have a single rank with LP and all that. The disadvantage is it requires basically all the same ongoing work/upkeep/complexity and probably isn't super useful to players. We think players are most motivated by high stakes achievements and rewards and I think this would end up being more akin to something like stats. Not to say it wouldn't be cool. Personally I would love something like that, if we roll back position ranks I'm not sure we'll do something like this. It might be more valuable to invest our time in optimizing the core experience and trying to keep positional matchmaking or something.
Yeah, I could definitely see how that could be the case. Doesn't seem like it would be easy to add and maintain an entirely new ranking system alongside the classic one, and still keep the stakes high enough to draw satisfaction from it. This is some tough stuff. I know you guys work as hard as you can to improve things for us, so I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to some feedback and ideas. Cheers!
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #3
@Riot SapMagic, what are your thoughts on bringing back a single ranking system, while adapting the position rankings into something still visible to the players, but with less of an impact on LP gains? Perhaps the way those position ranks are determined would be slightly different than the overall position rank, to avoid some unsatisfying situations that might come up if someone is for example ranked higher in their most prioritized role than their overall role (say, high gold in mid while overall ranked silver). Maybe the ranks themselves would be called something different to reflect mastery in a specific role rather than overall success in the ranked queue. It might be appropriate in that case to change/remove promotion series and LP (or whatever it would end up being called) gains/losses in the position ranks. The benefits to this sort of system to me seems like it would still be satisfying to see your progress and success in a role that you main, while still having off role games matter for your rank. I like positional matchmaking and mmr a lot, and think those could be adapted into this new sort of system as well, where games on your main role (or highest ranked role) would give you the biggest LP gains/losses in your overall rank, while off role games give you slightly (important that it's only SLIGHTLY so that it's still considered important to win and try) less. I'm thinking like a game that would give you +20 LP on your main role would give you +16 LP on your main role. That sort of thing. I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter. **TL;DR: Bring back single solo queue rank, keep position ranks but change them to be slightly less visible/impactful than your overall rank. Thoughts?**


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