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: Hoping for a family members deaths should be bannable
its a guy saying dumb stuff in a videogame chat, just mute him. but of course inting feeding etc should be a more consistent reason to ban people, to much people gets away after feeding and going afk
: > [{quoted}](name=ChrisBrownze,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=swRqEuAA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-07T22:30:12.417+0000) > > No you just have to be good to use ranged tops, proper spacing is a skill most low elo players dont know. > > Pantheon is perma-banned because his damage numbers are broken af from the rework. He doesn't represent the majority of melee tops. LoL NO ONE IS PLAYING RANGE TOPS AT ALL. Like vlad and ryze but no one else and that is what I mean by are you watching worlds? Since they're not being picked pantheon, renek,and GP are the 3 most banned or picked tops in worlds so far and guess what none of them are ranged. Also if you look at high elo NO ONE IS PLAYING RANGE TOPS. They suck they're easily ganked and killed, and they don't do much after landing.
GP isn´t ranged? hmmm i gues jayce neither, renekton and pantheon are broken yes, thats no secret for enyone but that means melee is fine? and the only one is "easy" to gank is GP, and i repeat "easy". they dont do much damage, looks kennen and vladimir oneshoting the entire team, looks GP landing a barrel combo , looks vayne killing the other guy in 3 autos, looks gnar solo killing and being range abusive despite being a tank and having massive cc on his ult. picking melee just makes the lane harder, getting behind and therefore hurt the entre team (even being as irrelevant as toplane currently is) wonder why mostly worlds teams pick even ezreal or tristana
: Please explain what kind of magic Darius has
hes a character from a videogame, i think thats the aswer
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: Really? I see first item Hex Drinker in the mid lane a LOT from AD Midlaners. Also if you're an AD into any form of supression you should build Mercurial. But you're totally okay with GA? Cause it used to give 0AD, then they felt that AD should be rewarded with more damage for building the item.
thats what i said, you buy hex dinker, but not maw till pretty late on. and i didnt play by the time GA was like that but i say the same, when i would buy GA as first item? never, plus when you buy GA its for the revive pretty much, not for stats. do you feel GA is busted? again is not an item i see everygame
: Let's compare AP and AD. AP for Banshee pays 3000 for 60MR, 75AP, 10% CDR and the shield. AD for Maw pays 3250 for 50MR 50AD, 10% CDR, and a 350dmg shield as well as 20 more AD, 10% lifesteal and 10% spell vamp. OOOOR AD can take Mercurial 3400g, 50 AD 10% lifesteal, 35MR and a click to remove any CC even supression. OOOOR Wits End 2900 for 50% attack speed, 50 MR, 5% movement speed and the Maw passive. Being as Banshee can be popped by a luden's proc or an AoE I'd say AD has the better defensive damaging items, as you have valid options across the board, and can even buy TWO if you want to be tanky and still do all your damage against AP sources. Mercurial and Maw? Your loss in damage is almost non-existent for a lot of resistance. How about Armor Zhonya costs 2900 for 75 AP, 10% CDR, 45 Armor, and a 120s cooldown golden (shorter if you ingenious hunter). AD GA is 2800 for 45 AD, 40 Armor, and come back to lifeon 300s CD. This one I'd say yes is in the AP favor, though coming back to life can be crazy powerful but raw pound for pound Zhonya is probably better.
i could seem reasonable but it ist nearly as efective as that, how many times do you see zhonyas or banshees baing builded compared to maw and mercurial? theres almost a zhonyas per game and isnt weird seeing two or even 3 in one game. of course there is damage loss and mercurial or maw are not likely a second item you want to build, while ap can pretty much go for anything and it will work, deathcap void staff spellbinder, build order is not even close as restrictive compared to ad characters. most off the times you buy hexdrinker or qss and upgrade them pretty late in the game and wits end is not and option for many character, as zhonyas banshee pretty much goes well into everyone. also yes, my big concern is about zhonyas, why does it gives so many ap? why does it gives cdr? i found that ilarious, the only item i found as nonsense is shojin
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