: I don't use a Mac, but i've been reading that the newest macOS release has been pretty riddled with issues, more so than the average one. Given the compatibility issues it has with some major game titles, that could also be an issue as well.
Yeah, it really does have it’s issues. It’s really good for editing, whether it be photoshop or film edits, and business based tasks, but gaming is definitely not a strong point for Mac. Unfortunate since I really dislike PCs...but now I am honestly debating on getting a PC just for gaming to relieve the stress and problems off my Mac, at least until I can afford a newer model. :/
: If stuff's crashing that often it could be something more serious, the ram might be bad or something on the mother board is going bad.
Perhaps, but that’s the odd part, it doesn’t happen any other time other than when I’m opening or playing League. If it happened all the time with other stuff too I’d definitely know it’s a general computer issue, but it’s that League connection that has me frustratingly scratching my head. However, I shall bring this up to the repair guys today and see if they can check those areas out.
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