: you left out azir's q cd is 15 seconds now at rank 1 now btw how would you try to buff tryndamere/lucian so they aren't some of the worst champions in their roles? should we give jhin attacks that do 50% of his ad while reloading so he's not vulnerable? what else can you do with him besides buff his damage so he doesn't have a 46% winrate.
: Doesn't list numbers for damage buffs Lists damage nerfs with numbers Complains Riot always adds damage ??? Inb4 hivemind rejects opposing opinion and downvotes Edit: I'm not surprised
Completely ignores the fact that they're buffing damage at all given the state of the game. ??? Inb4 the no-mind rejects the truth and downvotes.
: Will Frozen Mallet even be worth it on Gnar after those nerfs?
Why the fuck do Ranged champs need a 30% slow on-hit? Especially one like Gnar with built in long-range spammable slows anyway
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: So you can't Transcendence stack so easily.
If they're worried about Transcendence stacking then maybe they should think of: #NOT ADDING 20% CDR TO EVERYTHING?
: "Riot, League is too spammy atm. Please do something about it"
CDR with the same named passive so that increased cost they're giving them makes it even more clunky {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: Varus is looking a little...strange...


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