: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Yes lets give more poke range to a champion that is already absurdly difficult to trade effectively with, that sounds swell.....The last thing he needs is more range. The damage is fine, but the range just makes him utterly obnoxious to deal with as a melee. This is a top lane MU, not mid or bot where his opponent likely has range. You are giving a huge range to a tanky champion that is already beyond difficult as a melee to not get poked out of lane by a supposed melee tank.
: Welcome to the Mid-Season Trials
So I have to spent RP just to earn tokens for a chance at stuff? LOL Fucking No.
: New ways to earn Prestige Points
Oh Goodie...More f$#%ing missions to clutter up my dashboard and irritate me with popup's. I CAN'T WAIT!!! /Sarcasm Want me to Spend RP Riot? I would absolutely spend RP for an option to turn emotes, missions and all that other garbage off. I mean it was great I could disable enemy emotes, but why on earth do I also have to mute them individually for every single person on my team every single game? FFS.
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
Any chance we are ever get the option to disable these things? I honestly don't care about icons and I'm sick of all the stupid crap I have to click on after a match. It has honestly hit the point of stupidity how many things I have to click for crap I don't care about. I want to click 1 button after a match, Play again or Quit..that's it. Please for the love of league give those of us who hate this stuff a simple option to turn all this nonsense off.
: Legacy Client Now Retired
I guess I'm on hiatus then until the new one is actually a release candidate build. Really a shame management pushed this terrible decision. I'm unsure who the project manager of this development cycle is, but I'm jealous of him. I would have been fired for trying to shove something out the door this unfinished and force eliminating legacy support where I used to work.
UpooOnMe (NA)
: As important as business may be, I think "players" is a more important aspect to the company than customers. If you've happened to read the Riot manifesto, it's about creating a superb player experience which isn't restricted by money. It's a small distinction which probably doesn't quite address what you mean, but my point is that being able to focus on exclusively the new client will allow Riot to get players what they want faster.
Players and customers are one in the same in this particular context. Forcing customers on to an unfinished product doesn't "improve" the experience for anyone.
: It does kinda suck. The good news is that item sets are still there—just not the item set creator tool. So all of your item sets still work and you can set up as many as you like between now and the 24th using the legacy client. We also support third party devs using our API and some of them have built tools that'll let you tweak your item sets. I personally like this one: http://lol.item-set.com/#!/editor I know it's not perfect, and some people just don't like using third party stuff, but that's why we are rebuilding the item set creator tool, so it won't be a problem for long.
As someone who has spent years working in software development groups I have a suggestion. How about you don't eliminate the legacy client until the new one is 100% feature equal? I mean honestly as someone who literally does this for a living this is one of the most mind blowing announcements I've read from you guys. I cannot imagine for the life of me a single competent developer approving this kind of move. This sounds like impatient management and is going to create strife in the customer base. In case Riot has forgotten we are customers as most pay at least some amount of money to play this game.
: Intro to Midseason 2017
RIP Sejuani Mains like me..holy kit gutting. Good god I feared it was going to be bad, I never imagined it was going to be a complete fucking. Her ability to completely change a teamfight if you didn't position well was what made her. Now I get to stun 1 target? In what universe is that an improvement to her kit? That doesn't target her fantasy of being a barbarian war leader or heavy cavalry in the slightest..that is just a straight up gutting of her kit and quite possibly one of the harshest nerfs I've seen. With the absolutely insane amounts of mobility newer champions are getting a "Slow field" is about the dumbest idea possible. "Oh you created a slow zone? That's cute I'll just hook shot right out of it". Seriously..what the actual fuck Rito?
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: Unanimous surrender (5/5) at 15 minutes is the version we were looking to test. That slipped as a priority relative to the new client and pre-season work. We'll be getting back to it soonish most likely though. Probably going to start off with a test on one region only, then assess whether it's working as intended or not and whether we should roll it out wider.
Why not 10 minutes and what would it matter? Honestly most of the time when an early surrender is needed it is needed well before 15 minutes. Furthermore requiring 5/5 isn't helpful when the reason we need to surrender is because that bot lane duo rage quit and are sitting in fountain not completely afk, The person who is tilted off the face of the planet from last game who gave up first blood and is afk and or running it down mid isn't voting yes. There are a plethora of scenarios where I find myself just counting the minutes down from 10m-20m just wanting it over. This is a "Team" game as Riot likes to shove in our faces all the time when it benefits them. Yet when we have a "Team" who doesn't want to play, we are currently forced to put up with them for 20 minutes. I mean that might work for kids who have all day everyday to play, but I get at most a couple hours.


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