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: Riot, just make a new Collection tab for Eternals. The new champions tab looks terrible
Don't worry, pay to win will destroy this game for the final blow. I said in s4 this game was dying (it was and still is, but rito stopped showing the average numbers back then so no one would see the drops), and now rito is attempting to gouge more out of their playerbase. I dont even have to go into details, as there are plenty of posts detailing why this game has failed its' players. I'm all for changes and updates, but I've spent 1200$ on one account on skins alone, I should not have to pay more to buff a champion. Completely sad.
: So Many People Say League Has Become trash
just shut down this game. I have spent well over $1000.00 USD on this shit and I'll never spend again. Riot has ruined this game using mine and your $ to do so.
: @Riot I am a 1 million Mastery points Teemo main, I think he really needs a rework
I don't mean to be "that guy" as I'm low elo as well, but you _are_ low elo. You can watch players like ipav who use Teemo effectively and realize he is completely viable. maybe small changes if anything. I will not argue about a visual update only, no spell changes. my happy elf could use an update :D
: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
Please no Rito. I don't want your new game-crash simulator. :'[
: How do you equip a Chroma?
Yeah even now, a whole year later, cant use them in aram. pretty dumb.


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