: The same system that spots people telling others to "kys" would spot you quoting them and not know it was a quote. You can contact support and ask them to review the situation and provided there wasn't anything else in your behavior that would get you in trouble with the system it's a pretty good chance that they'll reduce/remove the punishment. As a heads up though, you don't need to get other people to report someone for what they did. It literally doesn't help and, as you found out, you can end up tripping the system yourself if you quote rule-breaking stuff or if you disrupt the game by spending a lot time accusing others. All you need to do is report them. A single report is all it takes for the system to look over the behavior and additional reports doesn't make it any more likely that their behavior will/will not be spotted.
Thank you , I will be submitting a ticket when I can. I am still getting over the initial shock as this account had everything on it and I doubt i'd ever make another. I appreciate your response greatly!
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